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Thread: 4th North Carolina Co.B-"Scotch Ireland Grays"-"The Bloody 4th" NA/EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaHound4 View Post
    Good luck and lookin forward to seein you on the field!!
    Thank you for the kind words sir!

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    Huzzah for the bloody 4th NC!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A. P. Hill View Post
    Huzzah for the bloody 4th NC!!!
    Thank you!

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    Merry Christmas to the 4th!!! And all of your families!!

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    Good Old Reb!

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    EU Drill Friday at 1pm EST.
    NA Drill Saturday 7pm EST

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    Congratulations Private Viktor on completing your initial basic training with us. The Private went through at least 10 hours of training sessions with us to earn his promotion to Private.

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