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Thread: "networked interpolation" made things worse for me.

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    "networked interpolation" made things worse for me.

    Before the update, i had no issues, but since "networked interpolation" has been added, players move a lot worse than me, they first go faster for a second, than go slower if they are in a sprint. I also noticed that melee is absolutely not working at all anymore for me, im stabbing but nothing happens. One would say its my ping, but i also see both issues on a server with low ping.

    Video of the issue where you can see them go faster one second, than slower:

    *edit* seems im not the only one as i also see it happening in General Cody HD's latest video:
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    Hi there!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The interpolation settings are continously being worked on - they will be updated in the next patch as well.

    What you’re seeing are players, more forceably than before, being moved to their correct location.

    This is one of the tradeoffs (we are investigating other issues such as an apparent increase of players that seem to be flying) of a roughly 300-400% more accurate interpolation system.

    Before, a player could easily end up being 2 meters behind his actual position (hence getting stabbed from a huge distance when melee fighting). This would also cause players to become stuck in tight spots such as when entering a house or even entirely miss the doorway, leaving their player model outside while they actually are inside.

    Now that is all fixed due to the players staying roughly 20-50 cm behind their actual position.

    Note that the distance to actual position has no relation to shooting a player. If you hit a character on your screen then you hit him on his as well.

    We will probably create a video that compares the new with the old interpolation to show just how much more accurate the new one is, but as I said, still a few things to tweak, look into.

    - Trusty

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