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Thread: Youtube self-destructing.

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    Youtube self-destructing.

    If you're unaware, Google/Youtube has become increasingly militant in demonetizing channels, seemingly randomly. At first it was 'extreme stuff.' All the Syria War footage disappeared, an entire conflict's visual history erased. Then the 'controversal stuff' was taken down or demonetized. Louder with Crowder was literally told one day they would not be demonetized and then demonetized the very next day with no explanation whatsoever.

    The executives have proudly boasted that they have automated tools targeting videos. They're wreaking total freaking havoc.

    It seems like they're targeting anyone successful at all with anything. Armchair Historian got demonetized, just to put things into perspective. So have a number of channels doing the work which the TV networks stopped doing long ago.

    Even worse, some morons in the FTC can now fine Youtube creators (at least in the U.S.) if you make a video 'for kids' which you did not declare was 'for kids.' If it's for kids it can't be monetized. Who get's to decide if it's 'for kids?' Bureaucrats. It's demented. It's likely that gaming content will suffer horribly under the 'for the kids' mantra.

    So on the one hand they're targeting 'extreme' or 'violent' videos. Now they're targeting the super safe children stuff, you aren't allowed to monetize it. If you think you're safe and you try to monetize gaming footage, some middle-aged douche might disagree assuming you even get past the censorship bots. The fine is $42,000 per video. The entire platform seems untenable as it is.

    Google is also gradually trying to turn the platform into another Hulu or Netflix. They're front-loading 'official' channels. All the trash that people cut their cords for and stopped paying for cable for. They're taking over Youtube again. Indie creators are being forced out. I never witnessed such a good concept get so mismanaged before in all my life.
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    Not even bureaucrats decide, a bot made by bureaucrats decides and -maybe- somebody takes a look at it if you're lucky. I've long since moved to Bitchute.
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    WTF is YouTube?, and why waste time and resources worrying about it?

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    It's really sad to see such amazing channels being hit for such petty reasons. I'm really glad to see the new website that The Armchair Historian has launched to help historical content creators support one another and for us as views and fans to help directly support them. I'd suggest adding it to FP Poorlaggedman:

    Hill....honestly really unhelpful and uneeded comment.

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