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Thread: 1st Georgia Regulars - Companies A & B

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    1st Georgia Regulars - Companies A & B

    History of the 1st Georgia Regulars - This regiment completed its organization at Macon, Georgia, in April, 1861, and soon moved to Virginia. The men were mostly from Atlanta and Brunswick, and Glynn and Montgomery counties. It was brigaded under General Toombs and in April, 1862,contained 367 effectives. Transferred to G. T. Anderson's Brigade, the unit fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Fredericksburg. It then was ordered to Florida, assigned to G. P. Harrison's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and fought at Olustee. During the summer of 1864, it was stationed in the Charleston area and later saw action at Savannah and in North Carolina. The regiment reported 3 killed and 19 wounded at Savage's Station, had 27 killed and 77 wounded at Second Manassas, and lost 3 killed and 25 wounded at Olustee. Only 45 officers and men surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The field officers were Colonels William J. Magill, Richard A. Wayne, and Charles J. Williams; Lieutenant Colonels E. W. Chastain, Miller Grieve, Jr., and William Martin; and Majors E. R. Harden, A. A. Franklin Hill, William D. Smith, and John D. Walker.

    Stationed at Fort Pulaski

    The Regiment was then sent north and occupied the area around Manassas following the battle, then moved toward Richmond and participated in the Peninsula Campaign.

    Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862.

    The 1st Georgia Regulars can be seen to the southeast of the town alongside Hampton's Legion driving the 28th Massachusetts back toward the creek

    1st Georgia historical flags


    Regimental Command: Col. Fubar
    Battalion Command: Lt Col. Chickymauga
    Company A: commanding officer Maj. Vulcarin
    Company B: commanding officer Cpt. Cheeto


    Company A
    Company B


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    Good luck!

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    Join up fellas!! Or get drafted by me in game! Either way its a good time!! Join the single biggest regiment fighting for the CSA! 90+ members on during skirmishes between the companies of Able and Baker.. And always 75+ on during the weekends for matches! Come have a good time, relax, drink a beer and enjoy the game with us!

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    good job boys

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