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Thread: 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

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    23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

    23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment

    Recruiting for Company B, H and K!

    Newly Mustered H and K companies, seeking eager volunteers!

    Lt Col. Sheep
    Cpt. Flankers – Company B
    Cpt. Tiger – Company H
    Maj. Tequila – Company K

    Join Here (Company B)

    Join Here (Company H)

    Join Here (Company K –Ladies only Company)

    23rd VA has members from the UK, EU and North America.
    Proud members of I Corps.

    Historical background -

    Part of the 23rd Virginia Infantry regiment of Col. William B. Taliaferro.
    In late May of 1861, the 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment was organized and began a program of drill and instruction at Camp Lee, located on the "New" Fairgrounds, Richmond VA, before transferring to Camp Laurel Hill (now located near Beckley, WV). The 23rd VA comprised one company from the city of Richmond and nine companies from counties West of the city.

    The 23rd Virginia infantry regiment participated in Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign and took part in Jackson's Valley operations. Forming part of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia under Jacksons command. The unit was involved in the campaigns of the Army Of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, then moved with Early to the Shenandoah Valley and ended the war at Appomattox.

    Ten companies enlisted for one year -

    • Company A- Louisa Rifles. Enlisted May 15, 1861 at Thompson's Cross Roads in Louisa county, Benjamin J. Walton, Captain.
    • Company B - Jetersville Grays. Enlisted May 16, 1861 at Jetersville in Amelia County, John E. Perkinson, Captain.
    • Company C - Amelia Rifles. Enlisted May 15, 1861 at Winterham in Amelia County, Andrew V. Scott, Captain.
    • Company D - Louisa Grays. Enlisted May 23, 1861 at Trevillian Station, Louisa County, William Seargeant, Captain. Mustered in June 30, 1861 at Camp Laurel Hill.
    • Company E - Brooklyn Grays. Enlisted May 7, 1861 at Brooklyn, Halifax County, William Haymes, Captain.
    • Company F - Goochland Grays. Enlisted May 21, 1861 at Manakin, Goochland County, William F. Harrison, Captain.
    • Company G - Fredrick's Hall Grays. Enlisted April 21, 1861 at Fredrick's Hall, Louisa County, Clayton G. Coleman, Jr., Captain.
    • Company H - Richmond Sharpshooters. Enlisted May 14, 1861 at Richmond City, Robert A. Tompkins, Captain.
    • Company I - Prince Edward Central Guards. Enlisted May 21, 1861, at Prince Edward Court House, Moses T. Hughes, Captain.
    • Company K - Keysville Guards. Enlisted May 2, 1861 at Keysville, Charlotte County, Armistead W. Bailey, Captain.
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    Good luck!

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    Thank you! Happy to be part of this fantastic community.

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    Good to see us on here now gentlemen

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    Awesome to see a regiment with a community first all women company! Well done folks!!

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