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    88th New York, Company A

    About us

    We are a newly formed Company for War of Rights, we decided on the 88th New York due to its interesting history and part of the Irish brigade. We are a realism Company aiming for realistic formations, commands, chain of command and roles within the Company. We are set in the time period of 1862, during the Maryland Campaign of the American Civil War. As a unit we have scaled down the sizes to correspond with the current restrictions of gameplay however aim to operate and train in a realistic manner, as the game allows. We are a US/EU based Company and play on servers in those areas.

    Please be sure to check out our Steam Community as well as our Teamspeak server at We welcome all newcomers, provided you are willing to have fun and are a team player. Our main events are on Saturdays and all training will be provided and takes place on Saturdays and every other Wednesday by a professional reenactor, our 2nd Lt. James Wesley.

    History of the Regiment

    The regiment was mustered into service in the autumn of 1861 at Fort Schuyler in New York when the government approved the commissioning of an Irish Brigade. Its men were gathered in the states of New York and New Jersey from the various Irish masses of those states.
    In the beginning, the 88th was not one regiment, but two. One regiment was originally the 2nd New York Infantry, the other, the 4th, respectively under command of a Colonel Baker and Colonel Thomas F. Meagher, future commander of the entire brigade. The two colonels finally reached an agreement that the two regiments should be combined into one.
    When the issue arose of what number the regiment would be given, many arguments began over it. The men eventually settled on the number 88, in honor of the British Army's 88th Connaught Rangers, a unit composed of Irishmen, also where many of the now American troops received their training.
    In December of that year, the unit left Fort Schuyler for Virginia. At the time of departure, the unit contained 880 men and officers. Once in Virginia, they made camp for the winter until the next year.

    In 1862, the 88th officially joined the Army of the Potomac and fought in the Seven Days Battles, Antietam, and Fredericksburg.
    At the Battle of Antietam, the Irish Brigade was one of the many brigades to charge the famous "Bloody Lane," a road that was sunken down into the ground over years of use, now held by two Confederate brigades. The whole Irish Brigade was armed that day with M1842 .69 caliber smoothbore muskets loaded with buck and ball. The Irish Brigade did not break the Confederate line at the Bloody Lane, but fired round after round of the deadly buck-and-ball into the Confederate troops until exhausting their ammunition. The 88th and the rest of the Irish Brigade suffered 60% casualties that day.
    Again, the 88th New York and the Irish Brigade would storm a heavily fortified position, this time being the hills above Fredericksburg, VA, known as Marye's Heights. The brigade was led forward by Brig. Gen. Thomas Meagher and sent forth upon the Confederate works. The 88th and their fellow Irishmen were some of the men that made it closest to their objective of the Confederate works. The 88th and the brigade were sent reeling back down the hill under unspeakably devastating artillery and small-arms fire. The Battle of Fredericksburg was again a grim day for the 88th. They suffered dozens upon dozens of casualties.

    By 1863, the regiments numbers had greatly decreased. The men had gone from nearly 900 men to about 50 in only two years
    At Gettysburg, the 88th fought with the rest of the Irish Brigade, at that time under the command of Patrick Kelly in John C. Caldwell's division of Winfield Scott Hancock's II Corps. On the second day of battle, General Hancock ordered Caldwell's division to reinforce General Daniel Sickles's III Corps at the Wheatfield, Devil's Den, and the Peach Orchard. The 88th New York and the rest of the Irish Brigade took up position at the Wheatfield and held against several attacks from Confederate General James Longstreet's corps. The 88th and the rest of the brigade eventually broke, but were later considered heroes for holding for so long.

    By 1864, the 88th had fought in many battles and their men were depleted. They launched a recruiting campaign that year and gained 400 more recruits.
    At the end of the war in 1865, the men had mustered out. The 88th was then known as the "Wolves of the Army of the Potomac."


    Saturdays @ 8pm GMT / 3pm EST - Training's, skirmish and battle events.

    Wednesdays @ 7pm GMT / 2pm EST - Training's

    Company Rules:

    1. Fundamental
    Racism, Homophobia, anti-semitism or any form of discrimination is not allowed and will result in immediate removal from the unit.
    No display or sharing of extremist political beliefs such as Communism, Fascism, Nazism, etc.
    Intoxicated people are not tolerated.
    Personal attacks on members, guests or any other individual are not tolerated.
    No publishing of personal information, it is not accepted to publicise anyone’s contact details, including address, place of employment, telephone number, email address, private photos etc, without their consent.[/li]
    No display of sexual content as in full nudity.
    No toxic behaviour (being a negative influence on the community, excessive foul language, etc)
    Breaking one of these and the following rules could lead to termination from the Regiment.

    2. When Joining the Company
    Your name choice is up to you, but keep in mind that it should be authentic, fitting to an American soldier during the civil war era. A list of period names will be provided upon request. All non-traditional names are subject to scrutiny. A surname which is already taken by a member will not be confirmed.
    After applying to the Company for the first time, it is necessary to do an interview with one of the designated interviewers or platoon/company staff members. The interviewers can decide if the new member can be accepted or not. If a denial was based on personal vendettas (some issues that carried over from personal life or another game), the platoon/company staff can take care of this particular case, just make sure to report it.
    Every new member starts with the rank of Recruit. Exceptions can be made if this particular person was a member before or has extensive experience.

    3. Membership
    Every member represents the 88th New York Infantry - Company A. Do not just respect our members but also respect other Regiments/Companies and their members (this includes both the USA and CSA factions).
    Recruits will be able to earn the rank of Private after they attend a training session and one event.
    If you cannot make an event please submit an LOA and contact your superior officer.
    All members have a rank depending on their function, skillset and contribution to the Company. The upper leadership decides these ranks.
    In case of a cause for a complaint, it is possible to make an anonymous complaint to your designated CO it will be relayed up the chain.
    Membership can be lost at anytime due to long term inactivity or breaking the 88th NY or WoR community rules and/or ToS. The decision to remove for violating the rules will be made by the platoon/company staff and comes without any further consequences to those making said decision. If removed for inactivity, you may reapply and ask to be reinstated if you become active again.

    4. Teamspeak
    The username must match the full realism name. Exceptions can be made.
    Choice of avatar is free, as long as it does not break any of the points laid out in rule 1.
    Shouting or constantly making odd noises is forbidden. (Exceptions on shouting is ingame due to people need to hear orders).
    It is not allowed to disturb players in the gaming lobbies (including temporary channels created for a specific game).
    Soundboards are forbidden on all channels.
    Recording of voice and/or gameplay is not allowed outside of our official events. This rule may be waived if everyone in the channel agrees beforehand.
    If you are away, use the appropriate channel rather than cluttering the server. If you have your speakers muted for longer than 5 minutes, you can be considered away and may be moved to the correct channel.

    5. Steam
    Nicknames can be desired, however company tags are required during events for all members.
    Every member becomes a member of the 88th NY steam group and WoR company tool to be able receive reminders and notifications. Please check these often.
    It is not allowed to leave the steam group as long as you are a member of the unit.

    6. War of Rights
    It is mandatory to change your in-game nickname to match your realism name with our proper company tag and rank. (ex. Out of Server: [88thNY(Co.A)] Pvt. John Doe | In-Game: [88thNY(A)]Pvt.Smith)
    The 88th NY server can always be used for training or skirmish, if there are no people on the server and you want it to be changed to a drill camp or skirmish just let someone in the platoon/company staff know and it will be done.
    During our events it is necessary to obey orders of the upper ranks. Always know what Platoon you are in and who your superior officer is!
    Cheats, hacks etc. are prohibited in any form and will result in immediate removal from the unit as well as reporting to administrators.
    Breaking the rules while in the 88th Server will result in a kick or ban and possible action up to removal from the Company as a whole.

    Company A Muster Roll

    2ndLt. - James Wesley

    1st Platoon, 1st Section -

    Corporal AvAndy
    Private Drew Rogers
    Private Henry Morgan
    Private Frank Mason
    Private Panface21
    Private Bubbles
    Private Hound
    Private Crisnahmi
    Private Hunter Grayson

    Contact Information:


    Company Tool : 88th New York Infantry Company A

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    I played with the 88thNY Irish boys once. The next day I woke up, and a leprechaun was standing next to my bed. He didn't grant me any wishes though. Just threatened me if I ever ate his lucky charms and then ran off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xbwalker View Post
    I played with the 88thNY Irish boys once. The next day I woke up, and a leprechaun was standing next to my bed. He didn't grant me any wishes though. Just threatened me if I ever ate his lucky charms and then ran off.
    Oh my, well only bad people don't get rewards.
    2nd Lt. James Wesley, Commander Company A, 88th New York

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    Congratulations to AvAndy for promotion to Cpl!
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