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Thread: 12th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry [NA/EU]

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    12th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry [NA/EU]

    12th South Carolina

    Are you a South Carolinian ? Looking for a regiment ACTUALLY lead by a South Carolinian ? Well look no further ! The 12th South Carolina is looking for men to fill our ranks !


    The 12th South Carolina is an active and organized Confederate regiment with in the Carolina Army or "CA" as you see in game. We are open to anyone no matter what. However we do have an age limit on enlistment and NCO ranks ! As of now, we are an NA/EU regiment with a dedicated Danish Platoon within our EU company. We are very chill and laid back when it comes to rules and enlistment. It is in my best interest to make sure everyone in the regiment is having a fun time and is enjoying themselves !

    Company A - "Jawn's Reapers"

    Company A is our largest and most active company with 56 enlisted and eager Yankee killing machines ! If you're NA and are interested then Jawn is the man to talk too !

    Company B - "Manx's Vikings"

    Company B is our European company led by a very unique guy from the Isle of Man ! In Company B we are very diverse having Czechs, Romanians, Poles, and Germans ! It currently has 32 men enlisted and ready to kill yanks !

    Company B (2nd Platoon) - "Dansk Rekruttering"

    This is our dedicated Danish Platoon ! Danish ? Vicny is the man to talk too !

    Company C - "Highway's Highwaymen"

    Company C is our active skirmisher/scout company ! Like to snipe or scout out federal positions well then this is the company for you !


    The 12th South Carolina was mustered into service July 1861 and was one of the first South Carolina regiments to answer the call to war ! We were mustered in Columbia but many of the men in their ranks came from the Piedmont region of South Carolina. These areas are York Country, Lancaster Country, Union Country, and Chester County. The 12th first saw action at Gaines Mill and fought all the way to Appomattox Courthouse. After the liberation of Union uniforms at Harpers Ferry the 12th South Carolina used the Union uniforms to confuse Burnside's men for Union reinforcements and the 12th in turned flanked Burnside. You can find our unit in War of Rights on the map "Hill's Counterattack".

    Join our discord:

    -LtCol. Duck, 12th South Carolina
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    Nice working with ya'll good boys to fight with!

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    We're still going and looking for new recruits! If you're in NA and want to play with an organized CSA regiment, hit us up, we'd love to have you!

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    Welcome to the CSA! ! !

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    This Company still active? Im new and would like to join but the discord link is expired.

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