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On behalf of the IVR I am proud to announce the Antietam Campaign is complete and ready to start in the near future. We have worked on this for a long time and we are very proud to offer this new board game companion to the WoR Community, as a commander you will fight on a highly detailed map of the Antietam battlefield. You will notice familiar landmarks such as the Dunker Church , Mumma Farm (Burning), Burnsides Bridge, and many more fine details. We have designed an entire deck of custom role playing cards to add another dynamic level of immersion to our campaign.

Each battle is high stakes and the results of one battle in WoR will be reflected immediately on the board game. Our campaign will utilize both skirmish areas and picket patrol to settle engagements. At this time we would like to extend an open invitation to the greater WoR community Commanders to take up an open command position and attend the campaign with your group (Public players are welcome to attend but must fall with a group for the events). Below are some screenshots of the board game and a list of current and open command positions still available. The events will take place on Saturday nights at 9pm EST for NA and for EU Sunday at 2pm EST. Tabletop Simulator is a requirement if you intend on filling a command role in the campaign. If you're interested in a command role or attending please join the IVR Discord:
https://discord.gg/SpVtgBj Thank you and see you in Antietam!

Command Positions

The following positions are open to unit commanders and officers.


Corps Commander - [3rdUS]Maj. Xbwalker

>>1st Division Commander NA- [3rdUS.B]Cpt. Yuu.gov
>1st Brigade- "Regulars Brigade" -[3rdUS.A]1stLt. Mr John Smith
>2nd Brigade-“Brooke’s Brigade ,[6thSC(K)]Cpt_Fluffy
>3rd Brigade- “Rud’s Brigade” ,[4thNJ(A)]1stLt. Rud
>4th Brigade- Vacant
>5th Brigade- Vacant

>>2nd Division Commander EU- "Suwarow's Division" [7thWV(F)]Cpt. SUWAROW
>1st Brigade- "Hagman's Brigade" [4thNJ(A)]Cpt.Dan Hagman
>2nd Brigade- "Degor's Brigade" [7thWV(F)] 1stLt. Degradatus
>3rd Brigade- "P1Exel's Brigade" [4thNJ(A)]2ndLt. P1Exel
>4th Brigade- Reserved
>5th Brigade- "Irish Brigade" [28thMA(B)]2ndLt. Gold

Corps Commander - “Hound’s Corps” [33rdVA]Col. Hound

>>1st Division Commander NA- Willpic’s Division [33rdVA(F)]*Cpt. Willpic
>1st Brigade- "Stonewall Brigade" [33rdVA(C)]*Cpt. Bucket Ball
>2nd Brigade-"Jenkins' Brigade" [6thSC]Lt. Col. Dishonor
>3rd Brigade- “Hampton’s Brigade” [1st NC.A]Cpt. O'Connell
>4th Brigade- "Tarheel Brigade" [4thNC(B)]Capt.Raider

>>2nd Division Commander EU- [2ndSC(D)]Sgt. Mjr. JumboClarkie
>1st Brigade- "Jenkin's Brigade" [5thSC(D)] Maj. CrohnX or
[FONT="][5thSC(D)] [/FONT]1st Lt. Zawwin
>2nd Brigade-Reserved
>3rd Brigade- Vacant
>4th Brigade- Vacant

resume examples

Sounds like fun.