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    The Northern Aggression

    Union Army Corporal, 1862

    The Nothern Aggression has no Commander. Each regiment is led by its own leadership. The purpose of the TNA is to cooperate when on the battlefield, and to work together in training and other events. In TNA battles a commander may be elected as the situation arises from amongst the Regimental leaders.

    In addition to this, The TNA does not enforce any sort of rank schemes on any army regiment. New Members retain their already entrenched ranking systems of their regiment. However, as members of the Union Army all members will be expected to act with discipline on and off the field and a standard will be enforced within the regiments. All must represent their regiment and TNA well. We run a mature atmosphere, and will not tolerate any sort of childish behavior. Having said that, trainings and line-battles are always an enjoyable experience when there are other regiments to work with. It will be up to the regimental commander to enforce the standard of discipline within their unit.

    The Northern Aggression is open to all types of regiments, with priority given to Infantry. Any Union regiment who would like to get involved with the The Northern Aggression will be encouraged to message a Regimental leader of an already serving The Northern Aggression regiment for discussion between all leaders before a decision is made.

    All of these events are weekly events and occur at the same date and time each week. Attendance is not mandatory but TNA members are always invited to attend, even if their regiment does not have a large enough showing to constitute a separate line.

    North American Events:

    Friday Linebattle 11pm EST / 4am GMT
    Satruday Linebattle 8pm EST / 1am GMT
    Sunday Linebattle 8pm EST / 1am GMT
    Monday Linebattle 8pm EST / 1am GMT

    European Events

    Friday Linebattle 8pm GMT / 3pm EST
    Saturday Linebattle 8pm GMT / 3pm EST

    Address of the The Northern Aggression:

    Union Army Cavarly with Guidon

    Companies E and F, 2nd Battalion, 42nd Pennsylvania, are well-trained and -disciplined realism units for War of Rights. We have one or two events a week and one on the weekends, as well as one training session each week, for a total of three events weekly. Armed with Sharps breechloading rifles, the battalion fights in both line and skirmish formations, as an homage to the historic unit's disregard for the rule book. Battalion officers hold a pool of knowledge and skills, and the NCO corps walks their own path of specialization. This winning combination creates a team able to train men in all forms of combat. Players are recruited from all across the community with a wide range of different abilities; all are welcome in the 42nd Pennsylvania as long as you keep to the rules.

    The unit was founded on the 30th October 2015, by then Captain Roy Stone. Starting with only Company F, the unit soon gained enough with NA players to form our NA Company, Company E. The oldest unit in the community both on founding and on activity the unit has strived for perfection. We hold our men to some of the highest standards in the community, resulting in a small but elite body of men with strong camaraderie . Initally without an organisation the 42nd join BRW before moving on to join TNA. With both an EU and NA Company, the 42nd is able to bring our marksmanship and professionalism to all engagements the TNA is in

    Thread :

    2nd United States Sharpshooters [2ndUSSS]

    The 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters are a well-trained sharpshooter regiment specializing in reconnaissance and skirmishing in the game War of Rights. Drill will occur once a week with 2-3 events per week. During drill we will work strictly on field tactics, and sharpshooting and because we are sharpshooters, we will emphasize and practice our shooting skills on the move, while standing and while kneeling behind cover. Armed with the Sharps Rifle, superior marksmanship will be our ultimate goal and through that we will find the most success on the battlefield.

    We are unique in that we will not fight in line formation but rather will fight as skirmishers in looser formations (for the most part) and look to work closely with other regiments when the strategy calls for it. At other times we will work independently specifically in the areas of reconnaissance and a general harassment of the enemy wherever we can.

    Thread :

    7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry [7thWI]

    The Iron Brigade and the 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry proved to be a backbone for the Union throughout the war. Though the costly and excruciating battles were difficult to overcome, they earned the distinction built on discipline and determination and the men of the 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry led the way to glory! We stand for our own, and we fight for the union! We fight in the Iron Battalion along side our fellow union companies and we drill at least twice a week. We are a serious company looking for those who are willing to carry their weight and will fight till the end.

    Once recruited you will remain a recruit until you have undergone Basic Training (Takes place on a Saturday or Sunday and the length of time varies depending how many show up and need to be trained) Once you finish boot camp you will be assigned the rank of private, sent to a platoon and will join in on training sessions, both battalion and company, that we assign.


    23rd New York Volunteer Infantry [23rdNYV]

    The 23rd NYVIR is one of the newest Union Regiments to muster in War of Rights as of late and we look forward to fighting along side our brothers in The Northern Aggression (TNA) and all other reasonable groups. We aim to create a fun environment to be in when not in game; but maintain a serious, winning oriented regiment when in events/public matches. We intend to work with the community to help it grow on both sides to foster a welcoming environment for new players and old alike. We will strive for excellence on the field but will not try in any means to be politically correct in the down time, this is a video game people play for fun. Hope to see you on the field!

    Formed in early October of 2019, the 23rd New York is the “youngest” regiment in TNA. That being said leadership has experience from a prior group and Maj. Deckhart has been playing since quarter 1 of 2018. Over the course of a few months the company has mustered 50 men from scratch and are one of the few active Zouave units in the game. With a age range of 16 to 71 the group is a great mix of New York’s finest. The 23rd has a wide mix of players with a good amount of active / retired military members. They focus on comprehensive line infantry tactics and training their men to be extremely proficient at shooting and marksmanship above all The 23rd is looking to stay innovative and evolve over the course of early access and through final release and are proud to fight alongside the brave men of TNA for years to come.


    1st Maine Volunteer Cavalry [1stCav]

    The 1st Maine Volunteer Cavalry — colloquially known as the 1st Cav — is one of the most unique regiments in the War of Rights community. Most companies fixate upon tight formations and line battles. In contrast, we function as a dismounted skirmisher unit and operate in tandem with Union infantrymen serving as their pickets. We also specialize in hit-and-run tactics with the express intention of delaying and confusing the enemy. Although the ranks of the 1st Cavalry primarily consist of North Americans, our roster includes Australians, Irish, Norwegians, Kiwis, and other nationalities spanning the globe. Common to all, however, is the possession of good horse sense and the grit not to skedaddle under fire.

    The 1st Maine Cavalry was Created in May of 2018. Quickly developing ties with other companies and regiments, both Union and CSA we now host or attend four events every week. Starting out with only two members we have grown to over 200. Currently we have members on 6 Continents and more then 15 countries. Our two largest groups being American and Austrailian. Organizationally the 1stCav is set up in 4 companies. (A/G/H/M) Each company is divided into 2 platoons. The 1st Platoon in each company has a specific role /specialization.

    1stPlatoon Company A: Sharpshooters:
    1stPlatoon Company G: Cavalry:
    1stPlatoon Company H: Artilliary:
    1stPlatoon Company M: Infantry:

    1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry [1stMN]

    The 1st Minnesota Volunteers were the first body of troops raised by the state for Civil War service, and it was among the first regiments of any state offered for national service. The regiment won a reputation as a hard-fighting regiment, particularly after its dramatic, sacrificial action at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. The 1st MN promotes a mostly laid back atmosphere but plays hard to win the day. We drill once a week and play events on the weekend. Our players have a passion for the game and love to work with the rest of the regiments in TNA to overcome the rebels in the large events we play in. We are here to work with members so they can have the best American Civil War experience that there is in gaming. If you show up, work hard, and are respectful then you will be shown the same. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then I welcome you to the 1st Minnesota Volunteers.

    The 1st Minnesota was just recently formed in the Spring of 2020, though the regiments members have been playing together for over a year in previous regiments. Our members range from age 15 to 60 and we we have many veteran players of the game that have enjoyed success playing War of Rights in numerous skirmish events over the last several years. The 1st Minnesota focuses on line infantry tactics and we try and out smart and out shoot our opponents while working in tandem with the other units of TNA. We are known for our shooting ability and regularly punch holes in enemy lines.


    1st Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry [1stPA]

    The 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment, more commonly known as the 1st PA, is a regular line infantry regiment. We participate in every NA TNA event on Saturday and Sunday and we regularly do Pub Stomps throughout the week. To the 1st PA practicality is the most important thing we are laid back and casual regiment. We don't waste time with useless activities. At the end of the day though what we want is just for everyone to have fun. We also understand that people will not always be able to attend every event, so events are not mandatory and there are no punishments if you cannot attend the events, but we are always happy to see familiar faces.

    The real 1st Pennsylvania Reserves were formed on June 9th 1861 and would serve until June 10th 1864. They were part of the famed Pennsylvania Reserve Division which saw combat in the eastern theater and would be apart of almost all major battles including Antietam, Fredericksburg and Gettysburg. At South Mountain they would play a pivotal role at capturing the summit, and at Fredericksburg the PA Reserve division would be the only division to break through rebel lines and captured CSA colors. They were a proud unit who fought valiantly in the war and we do our best in carrying their legacy of fighting for the union.


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