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Thread: South Mountain needs more maps to its rotation

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    I would absolutely love having Crampton's Gap. I posed that question a few months ago, mostly to get regiments of the Vermont Brigade to be playable. Agree on NJ as well. Thanks, Saris for bringing it up again and in such a detailed manner!
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    Battle of Shiloh ?

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    Battle of Shiloh was not in the 1862 Maryland Campaign...

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    Fuck it.

    1st Maryland is pretty cool, ya know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinkel View Post
    Compared to South Mountain, also recreated in 1:1 on a 4x4 kmē map, Cramptons Gap does not fit on the map layout and is outside the map border, since its way down south of the actually map size. For Cramptons Gap, you would need to create a new battlefield itself, which is still an option for the future development
    Is 4km the maximum dimension for a map in the editor? Why not utilize a 8km x 2km playing field and retain a 16sqkm playing area? Or 5kmx3km for 15sqkm? Engine limitations? Or is the 4km on the east-west axis actually utilized in a meaningful way? Because from the maps that im looking at the battlefield seems to have had a depth of a little over 3km. Would it not be possible to trim the margins on the east-west axis to allow for more playing area on the north-south axis?

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    Agreed, it would be amazing.

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