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Thread: Cannot join a specific server

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    Cannot join a specific server

    I cannot join this specific server at all. I can join any other Wor server, regardless of population or password. but no matter what, i cannot join this one specific server. the server in question has been reset several times, and i am not banned on it or anything. Ive verified file integrity, but not matter what, i always get the error message that i failed to join. I have good internet, and have never really had trouble getting into WoR servers before

    does anyone have any ideas as to what a fix might be?
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    Which specific server would that be?
    Does it have a name?

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    It’s the 1st Massachusetts server. I’ve talked to the admins and I’m not banned or anything. i even have admin rights on it.
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    2nd Lt. Szalai Mihaly, 1st New Jersey, Company A

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