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Thread: 7th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company A

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    7th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company A

    7th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company A

    About Us
    We're a brand new mil-sim company, focusing on historical accuracy where possible. We're open and friendly to anyone and everyone, so long as people can abide by the Company rules and the Chain of Command. We try to have Company events and/or training at least once a week on a rotating schedule on evenings between 7PM-9PM, Eastern Standard Time (see "Event Schedule" for more information). As we're new we have numerous vacancies within the Company and are seeking to immediately fill these positions. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to join the Discord and/or send a DM via Discord/Steam to the Company Commander.


    (Pulled from Wikipedia)
    The 7th Maine was organized at Augusta, Maine, and mustered into Federal service for a three-year enlistment on August 21, 1861. After organization and training, the regiment left the state for Baltimore, Maryland, on August 23. Subsequently, it was attached to Dix's Division and assigned to duty in the city until October 25, 1861. The 7th was then assigned to Davidson's Brigade, W. F. Smith's Division, Army of the Potomac, until March 1862. It moved to Washington, D.C. and was on duty at Georgetown Heights until November 7. From there, the 7th camped at Lewinsville, Virginia, until March 1862. It was then part of the brigade's advance on Manassas, Virginia, from March 10–15.

    The regiment was then assigned to the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, to May 1862. It subsequently returned to Alexandria, Virginia, and thence moved to Fort Monroe on March 23–24. It took part in the brigade's reconnaissance to Watt's Creek from March 27–31.

    The 7th was reassigned to the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 6th Army Corps. In the spring and early summer of 1862, the regiment participated in Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan's Peninsula Campaign. Specific engagements included the following:

    -Siege of Yorktown April 5-May 4
    -Battle of Williamsburg May 5
    -Advance up the Peninsula May 9–13
    -At White House, Virginia, until May 19
    -Battle of Mechanicsville May 23–24.
    -Seven Days Battles before Richmond June 25-July 1
    -Battle of Garnett's & Golding's Farm June 27–28
    -Battle of Savage's Station June 29
    -Battle of White Oak Swamp and Battle of Glendale June 30
    -Battle of Malvern Hill July 1

    With the end of the unsuccessful campaign, the 7th remained stationary at Harrison's Landing until August 15, when it moved to Fort Monroe. Subsequently, it was stationed at Centreville, Virginia, until August 31. Although it did not directly participate in the Second Battle of Manassas, the 7th assisted in checking Pope's rout at Bull Run on August 30 and covered the army's retreat to Fairfax Court House on September 1. The 7th then took part in McClellan's Maryland Campaign that September and October, seeing action in the Battle of Crampton's Gap on South Mountain on September 14. It also was present for the Battle of Antietam on September 17.

    Their ranks thinned by the almost continuous campaigning, the 7th Maine was ordered home to recruit fresh troops in October. It remained in Portland, Maine, until January 21, 1863, when it was transported back to Northern Virginia. The 7th joined its brigade and division at White Oak Church on January 25. It then took part in the operations at Franklin's Crossing from April 29-May 2 during the Chancellorsville Campaign. It was part of the successful attack on Maryes Heights during the Second Battle of Fredericksburg on May 3 and the fight at Salem Church on May 3–4. The 7th participated in the great Battle of Gettysburg on July 2–4, and engaged the Confederates several times during their subsequent retreat to Virginia (actions were at Fairfield July 5 and near Funkstown, Maryland, on July 10–13). During the autumn, the regiment was involved in the Bristoe Campaign from October 9–22 and the Battle of Rappahannock Station on November 7. It then participated in the Mine Run Campaign from November 26-December 2.

    After spending the winter stationary in its camp in Virginia, the 7th was part of Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign from the Rapidan River to the James River between May 3-June 15, 1864. it fought in the Battle of the Wilderness May 5–7; Spotsylvania May 8–12 (including attacking the "Bloody Angle" on May 12). It was then part of the action along the North Anna River May 23–26 and was on the Federal line along the Pamunkey from May 26–28. Other actions included Totopotomoy May 28–31, Cold Harbor June 1–12, and the Siege of Petersburg from June 17-July 9, as well as the Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road on June 22–23. The Maine boys then moved to Washington, D.C., July 9–11 and helped repulse Jubal A. Early's attack on Washington on July 11–12. They were then a part of Philip H. Sheridan's Shenandoah Valley Campaign from August 7–21.

    The regiment was mustered out at Charlestown, Virginia, on August 21, 1864. The veterans whose enlistments had not yet expired and the recent recruits were transferred to the 1st Maine Veteran Infantry. Those men whose term was over returned home to Maine via train.

    Company Rules

    Company Rules
    1. Be considerate and respectful with what you say - this includes sensitive topics such as politics/religion. Avoid symbolism of extremist ideologies such as Communism, Fascism, etc.
    2. Doxxing of any sort (revealing other people's private information without consent) is strictly forbidden.
    3. Members are required to abide by the chain of command.
    4. Maintain battle comms when in-game.
    5. Realism is expected where possible:
    - Names must be realistic given the time period. Era-specific names can be provided upon request. Company Command reserves the right to have a member change their name.
    - Try to avoid using modern anachronisms in-game, such as dude, bro, homie, etc.
    - Deliberate team-killing in-game is absolutely prohibited.
    6. Individuals that are intoxicated are prohibited from any in-game activity or classroom exercise, please partake on your own time.
    7. No NSFW or similar content (this includes in #memes-and-picture-chat).
    8. No insults / harassment / toxic behavior of any kind will be tolerated.
    9. Repetitive or spam-like content will be removed/disciplined i.e image spamming.
    10. Do not PM/DM Staff without their permission - your questions can be asked and answered in #member-chat or a respective platoon channel, and if it's important enough tag a staff member first.
    11. Ensure your content is in the correct channel (#members-chat, #memes-and-picture-chat, etc).
    12. No self-advertisement or other Discord invite links.
    13. 13+ Age requirement as outlined in Discord ToS.
    14. Remember that you represent the 7th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company A, so ensure that you’re respectful to other Regiments/Companies and their Chain of Command, and that you’re respectful to all members of the WoR community in general (both Union and Confederates).

    Misc. Rules

    Tagging Users
    * Do not use @everyone or @here, they are disabled and won't work unless you're staff.
    * Do not over excessively tag users or Company Command staff.

    Voice Channels
    * Voice Channels are to be used as indicated by their name .
    * Don't join a Waiting Room channel unless you have a valid reason.
    * NCO's and Officers have permission to mute/deafen for violations as they see fit.

    * We tend to be more on the lenient-side with rules, and we understand that mistakes happen, so ensure your due diligence.
    * Company staff are prohibited from unjust/unfair punishment practices. Use common sense and reason.
    * Any member of Company Command may levy charges against another member. Company Command will then convene a Courts-Martial to determine innocence or guilt, and if the charged member is guilty to order a reasonable punishment, up to and including termination/ban from the Company. The charged member will be updated on the status of their Courts-Martial.
    * Members that are currently Courts-Martialed are prohibited from in-game activities or classroom training until the Courts-Martial is finalized.
    * In the case of a guilty verdict, a member may appeal the decision to the Company Commander within 48 hours. The Company Commander will decide if an appeal is granted or denied.
    * The Company Commander specifically reserves the right to deal with issues as they deem fit, including demotions, kicks, and bans.

    Event Schedule

    Events are scheduled on a rotating basis, once a week during 4 weeks of the month (if a month has 5 weeks, the 5th week is considered off/special event). The following schedule is currently in effect:

    1st Week: Wednesday @ 7PM-9PM EST
    2nd Week: Thursday @ 7PM-9PM EST
    3rd Week: Friday @ 7PM-9PM EST
    4th Week: Saturday @ 7PM-9PM EST

    Current Strength

    7th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company A

    -Company Staff-
    Captain Bill Groom, Company Commander

    Positions Vacant

    1st Lieutenant - 2nd Platoon Leader
    2nd Lieutenant - 1st Platoon Executive Officer

    Company 1st Sergeant - Company Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
    Sergeant x4 - Section Leader/Squad Leader
    Corporal x4 - Assistant Section Leader/Squad Leader

    Contact Information

    Discord DM: [7th ME-A] Cpt. Bill Groom#4075
    Steam Group profile:
    Steam DM:

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    Best of luck!

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    Best of luck from the 1st New Jersey!
    2nd Lt. Szalai Mihaly, 1st New Jersey, Company A

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