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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    دولت ابد مدت
    "The Eternal State"

    Declarations of War and an unlawfull Blockade
    The news of foreign agression have reached Constantinople and an emergency meeting has been held. "The Kingdom of Italy seems to have no regard for International Law as demonstrated again by its announcement of a Blockade in the Adriatic Sea" one Ottoman politician comments afterwards. The declaration of War by the British and their Ally the Portugese Republic also do not come as a surprise. The repeated attempts by the British to spark false romance have begun to slightly annoy Ottoman Diplomats, their use as a lure and scanning device beeing quite obvious and inelegant. Diplomatic staff in London will leave immediatly for Belgium.

    As a result of the developments, the Ottoman Empire in the aforementioned meeting has decided to take action and declared Martial Law. Also it will take steps to limit threats to the Ottoman Empire. "In these times" says Sultan Mehmed V. and Minister of War Enver Pasha in a speech in Constantinople "we call on the Skill, Bravery and the fierce Determination of the soldiers and the population of the Ottoman Empire, as now they are the only thing standing between Ottoman society and British colonial cruelty. The Ottoman Empire will, together with its Allies, fight off these British and Portugese Agressors!"

    - British, Portugese and Russian Nationals in the Ottoman Empire will be called to a check by authorities and if suspicions of espionage, sabotage, agitation etc. arise, they will be put under further investigation.

    - Diplomats and diplomatic staff of hostile nations still on Ottoman territory will be arrested.

    - Ships of British, Portugese or Russian origin will be ceased along with their cargo, their crews will be arrested. Italian vessels will be blocked from leaving port, crews will be arrested. Vessels of Allies of any hostile nation will be blocked from leaving port and their crews have to leave their ship. If orders of port authorities or the Ottoman Armed Forces are not followed, force will be applied.

    Enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy
    The Ottoman Empire will enforce the Terms agreed upon by the Kingdom of Italy in the Treaty of Ouchy with immediate effect. It therefore asks the Kingdom of Italy to honor the Treaty and peacefully hand over controll of the Dodecanese Islands to its rightfull owners, the Ottoman Empire. This handover will be assisted by members of the Ottoman Armed Forces.

    -Declaration of Martial Law
    -Announcemetn of Actions to ensure Ottoman internal security
    -Enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy

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    "С вером у Бога, за Краља и Отаџбину"

    To the Austro-Hungarian Leadership
    You have no leg to stand on in the argument that the way Bulgaria was treated was somehow worse than the way that our land was invaded. Bulgaria was not warned in much the same way that our Kingdom wasn't. To continue as such is the pot calling the kettle black. The Italian dignitary was correct in stating that making such easily debunked claims is simply the whining of a morally bankrupt empire not getting its way and shall be treated as such. Maybe a relaxing walk in the mountains will clear your head and calm your turbulent emotions. That is, of course, if you can take them from me.

    To the Bulgarian Leadership
    It is unfortunate that you must reap what your allies sowed. In light of this, Serbian diplomats stand at the ready. Should you wish to come to an amiable solution to the current conflict, please consider reaching out to them.
    2nd Lieutenant Eoghan O'Cobhtaigh

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    "Съ нами Богъ!"

    The St. Petersburg Uprising

    The Brave Soldiers who demolished the futile uprising of the Grand Duke are to be met with the greatest thanks by the Tsar. He shall personally visit them to thank them for ensuring a future for the fresh, but strong new Russian Spirit covering the Country. The Grand Duke is now imprisoned and shall await a fair and just trial in a remote location.

    The Austrian Question

    The Russian Ambassadors find it amusing that a country that argues that it is essentially fighting a defensive War against Serbian Aggression, now has to define War Goals to justify its uncalled aggression against the Slavic People. The Russian Empire shall not look away as its brethren and friends are attacked and threatened by the Austrian Monster.
    Instead, we shall free the oppressed people who are currently suffering under the Austrian Rule. They are systematically held back, because the Austrians fear what a united Slavic Empire can accomplish for Europe!
    They shall get what they deserve!

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    France Recalls Diplomats from Istanbul
    With the Ottomans outrageous and uncivilised internment of British foreign diplomats, the government hereby closes it's embassy to the Ottoman Empire and recalls it's diplomats from Istanbul before they too are unjustly interned and subjected to goodness know what sort of cruelty and conditions . The government also whished to extend their sympathies to those British civilians who have been interned and will pray for their safety and demands the return these poor souls to their motherlands.

    Run Fishy Run!
    It must be acknowledged that the combined flotilla of the Scandinavians and Germans successfully accomplished an astounding feet over the Royal navy during the passing month and this of course is something that will shake the world if somewhat briefly. However the real question that is upon the worlds lips now is "What now?" Yes it is an admirable feet to dupe the rulers of the wave and claim victory but what did this really prove, that a bunch of substandard naval powers relying on German technology and cowardly deceit managed to sink a few old cruisers before scampering off into the mists of the Atlantic Ocean and removing a vital piece of structure from the Germany's naval command. What do you hope to accomplish now, to buy goods from the United States or resources from South America? Well we're sure that will do all of your currently failing economies a world of good when it is set ambling about the oceans aimlessly with no hope of returning to home waters, that is if those brave ships and sailors of yours do not become fast friends with the sea floor beforehand.

    -Police station officers around Ottoman embassy
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    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    "The Turk Reveals His Treachery"
    The Turkish Sultan in Constantinople has fully revealed his hostile and treacherous nature. Despite multiple peaceful overtures, and amicable measures taken by His Majesty's government in their declaration of war, the Turk has imprisoned His Majesty's ambassadors and immediately begun encroaching on the sovereign rights of unrelated countries, notably Italy. Within a short period of time, the Turk has proclaimed anti-trade measures, denied waterway access to merchants, proclaimed an irredentist claim on the Italian Dodecanese Islands, and even declared a state of Martial Law. It has become clear and obvious that His Majesty, King George V, and the Prime Minister were absolutely correct in their judgement that the Turk was hostile and is to be considered an outright enemy. It has also become clear that the Turk's ways are medieval and backwards, and only force can bring Him to heel. We started this war to protect our interests and our protectorates, but now we proclaim our aim of total defeat of the Turkish Sultan and the end of Turkish hegemony in Arabia. His Majesty's government believes, in due time, fortune will reveal that God favors the Sultan no longer. The fact that our empire has more Moslems than the Turk has subjects only further proves that providence is on our side. We call upon all good Europeans to see the Turk for what he is: a medieval and treacherous cripple that must finally be put down!

    "Birds of a Feather"
    The action and death of one of our esteem Admirals is regrettable. All true Britons know that the man died only with love for his country and courage in his heart. Through this misfortune, however, a new beacon of hope has emerged. Our esteemed Portuguese ally has proven to the world that it must be respected on the high seas. We congratulate the Portuguese Navy for its performance near Iceland, and officially present and gift to it a mascot to pair with our own: a clever Pink Flamingo named "Herculano"! We look forward to further service and actions with our noble ally. Together we shall rule the waves!

    We also officially present and gift to the French Navy their own mascot: behold "Cyrille", the Gallic Cock! Fiery and without fear, he shall be the perfect embodiment of good French values and a symbol of French courage and fearlessness, no matter how threatening the Teutonic Hawk may seem!

    God Save the Empire, and God Save King George!

    - The United Kingdom urges Europeans to see the Ottomans as Hostile
    - The United Kingdom gifts mascot birds to Portugal and France
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    The United Kingdom declares war on the Ottoman Empire.

    Italy Blockades the Adriatic and bans Turkish Imports.

    Portugal declares war on the Ottoman Empire!

    The Ottoman Empire Demands the Enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy.

    Paris remains at a stand still as the government fails to address the protests

    Sweden avoids crisis with the introduction of food stamps.

    The War only Grows

    The morning was crisp and clean that fine June morning in Istanbul as Louis du Pan Mallet headed towards his meeting with Said Halim Pasha. He walked flanked by two other men, an assistant and a guard. Clutched in his grap was a briefcase that he knew ended his job, but that he must deliver. As he entered the beautifully built Yıldız Palace, he drew a deep breath and strode towards the office. The British declaration of war on the Ottman Empire on the 4th June sent shockwaves through Europe. Many in the Entente High Command were baffled by the choice to declare as they saw no reason to expand the war into the Middle East as things stood. There were many in Parliament too who saw the declaration as unjustified and needless. Whilst there was no love lost between the Ottomans and the British, the removal of the UK’s mission to Turkey and the withholding of the Ottoman paid Dreadnaught had only soured them, outright war had not been on many people’s minds. Now it was on the table, it seemed some did not have a taste for it. Some however saw the war as inevitable due to the ever worsening relations and saw it as a chance to rid the Ottman threat to Egypt once and for all. This heavy split in the Entente and British parliament was not to bode well for the future. Some allies though were more attentive than others. Italy swiftly placed a blockade on the Adriatic and a general blockade on Ottman goods, whilst Portugal took it a step further declaring war upon the Ottomans on the 7th in support of her allies. The Ottomans were swift in their reply, however the reception to their reply was lackluster. Demands to Italy for the enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy fell on deaf ears as the Sick man began to gear for a possible last hurrah. To go out in glory or to once more crush the enemies Islam under the mighty boot of the Ottomans.

    In Paris, the situation was deteriorating. The protests from previous months were still ongoing with landlords demanding an answer to their issues. The city remained at a near snails pace as Police struggled to keep the order in the city. Whilst things remained peaceful, the protestors continued to cause delays in the capital and demanded an answer to their complaints. With no answer forthcoming from the government, the situation and tension in the capital were only getting worse as the days passed. In Sweden, though, the crisis has been somewhat diverted. With the Government's new food stamps and a public announcement that Sweden would reep the benefits of the Polish harvest, panic buying was diverted for now, but the fall in trade had not yet been met. Vendors were struggling to maintain their stocks and falling supplies were only helping to fuel fears in Sweden. Denmark and Norway were also feeling the pinch of food supplies and fear was also starting to take a hold. News of the possible failure of the Dutch convoy only helped to fuel the fire. Germany too was now starting to feel a wee pinch. In Berlin, agricultural advisors to the government feared that if the blockade held and the war went on, Germany would start to struggle to support themselves. However, Naval high command maintained that the submarine efforts around the UK would suffocate the British into surrender before Germany felt anything. This was to be seen. The month closed with the war only getting bloodier.

    Bucharest Falls
    The Austro-Hungarian Empire finally saw the success in Romania they had been hoping for this month. The constant pressure before enforced by the 1. and 2. Armee had been causing cracks in the overstretched Romanians since the off set, but now these cracks had become great fissures, and the KuK hammered into them like a sledge hammer. There was little that the Romanians could do anymore. Even with the aid of the Russians, the Romanians had been pushed to the brink and now they broke. On the afternoon of the 5th June, the Austrians launched their grand offensive to capture Bucharest. Initially the Romanians held valientally with Russia’s aid. They stood their ground before withering artillery barrages and brutal offensives of what the Austrians were now calling “Stoßtruppen” units. Volunteer formations that would get close to enemy lines as shells kept the Romanian heads down. It was an extremely risky tactic as one bad shell could land in a staging trench killing many. As the artillery lifted and before the Romanians could get their wits, the Stoßtruppen would rush the trench lines with bayonet and grenade. It was savagely efficient and on the 8th, the Austirans got the breakthrough they needed. Smashing into the breach with brute force saw the Romanian lines break and finally wither. Driving their prey before them the Romanian Armata a 2a were simply unable to consolidate themselves under the pressure they faced and day by day were driven back. By the time the 2a had reach Bucharest, they were in no state to mount any worthy defence and though an effort was made by Regimentul 5 Călărași to stall for time, the Austrians were simply in no mood for a prolonged fight and the city was surrounded by the 10th, which started shelling by the evening without hesitation as their Stoßtruppen started to dig themselves closer and closer to the city, ready to crush the beleaguered defenders. The assault was never to come though. The overnight shelling was enough to convince the defenders to surrender, to save the remaining civilians from facing what was to be a brutal city fight. It wasn’t until the Austirans ran into Russians of the 7-ya Armiya that the offensive was finally halted. The 1. and 2. Armee saw no reason to waste time and effort attacking their prepared positions, partially with the pressure that was being allied to their North.

    As the Russians learnt of the development with their Romanian allies, they realised that there was little they could do now. Their own offensives by the 11-ya, 6-ya and 12-ya were only days away from being launched when news reached General Aleksei Brusilov in his HQ of the fall of Bucharest. General Brusilov had two choices, to go on the attack and to draw pressure away from the Romanians or to simply sit on his ass and dig in. Brusilov thought of his options as he chewed his lunch on the 12th, and gave a simple nod towards his Chief of Staff. At 13:00 on the 13th the Russian guns all along the Asutrian lines opened up a cacophony of destruction. There was to be no way that the Russians were to simply leave their allies on their own, and the offensive was launched with a new aggression that had not been seen in previous attacks. Driven by their determination to save their Romanian allies, the Russia offensive was to be one of the bloodiest the war had ever seen and also one of the shortest. The Russian Southern Army Group threw themselves on the Austro-Hungarian lines with shot and bayonet. For five days the Russians attacked unrelentingly and each time they were thrown back. On the 19th, it seemed as though the Russians might manage a breakthrough. Such was the aggression of the offensive that it simply seemed that brute force would work. However it was not to be, an attack by the 12-ya was repulsed with such losses that the offensive simply broke, up and down the line Divisions were simply unable to maintain the aggression needed to mount a breakthrough. It was not in vain though, the pressure taken off the Romanians and the Southern offensive had permitted the escape of the Romanian Armata a 2a. The losses though, were still heavy.

    Romania was not the only battle ground in the Balkan front this month. The French incursion into Bulgaria was not going to be left to its own devices and the Spanish made their entry into the war with a bang. The Bulgarians had been passive so far in the war, this was not continued. Though the French had managed a breakthrough, their foothold was tentative and they knew it. As did the Bulgarians. The counter attack came on the 14th as the French also attempted their own offensive. Both sides smashed into one another like two colliding hurricanes, but from the offset it was clear that the French were at a disadvantage. Outnumbered and in unfamiliar terrain, the Bulgarians showed that their passiveness so far did not mean they were without teeth. Out played and out gunned, the French started to give ground day by day being pushed back towards Serbia mile by bloody mile. By the 22nd it was all over, the French had been forced out of Bulgaria in a humiliating defeat and the Bulgarians were happy to leave them in Serbia. Whilst pressure was not stopped, it was elevated as the last French formations were pushed back into Serbia. It was clear that Bulgaria was to be a harder nut to crack than the Entente had hope, as Spain and Greece were also to discover. On the 14th, in unison with a planned French offensive, the Ejercito Real Español and the Greek 1o Stratós Stratoú launched their own offensive into Bulgaria in what was meant to be a coordinated effort. It was an unmitigated disaster. Spanish soldiers were ill equipped and lacked experience in the new war they were fighting in. The Bulgarian trenches were not what they were used to and were to prove a hard learning curb. Spanish soldiers were not without their courage and the attacks onto the dug in foe were heroic, but without any success. The Greeks however got close, so very close. The 1o Stratós Stratoú managed to break a section of Bulgarian lines on the 18th only to be thrown out hours later. This failure was only exacerbated by the Spanish inability to coordinate properly with their allies. The damage done to the officer corps by years of poor training, over funding, and over manning, had left the officer corps utterly unable to work as a proper officer corps should. Whilst the Spanish government had made claims of reforms, it was clear that the only way that the Spanish were going to learn was with brute force and a pile of bodies. As the month closed the body pile in the Balkan theater was high. 18,000 Austrians, 9,000 Romanians, 23,000 Russians, 7,000 French, 15,000 Spanish, 5,000 Greeks and 11,000 Bulgarians had become casualties in one form or another.

    Still silence, for now

    Absolutely bugger all

    Swedish Aggression

    Through the economic situation in Norway and Sweden was not looking too hot, this month saw military success in a way they had not expected. Following a buzz of naval activities off the Finnish coast by Svenska marinen, the Svenska armén supported by their Danish and Norwegian allies, began a 3hr preliminary bombardment of Russian positions on the morning of the 21st. As the bombardment subsided, Swedish forces began their attack, only to face minimal to no resistance. It was as if the Russians had left. As the first Swedish and Danish forces successfully crossed the Russian border, the mood and memory of the failure of their last offensive was all but forgotten. The push into Russia though was not to go unimpeded. Minefields, boobie trapped villages, hiding Russian marksmen and other patrols ambushing formations as they advanged and other such traps slowed the progress to the crawl. Ground was taken though, but at a price unexpected and with every tree, every house, every rock now being seen as a threat the psychological damage being inflicted was clearly doing its work. Further to the North the Norwegians faced the same problems. 2,400 Swedish, 9,00 Norwegians and 1,800 Danish were down or out for the count.

    No Rest For Bavaria
    Another bloody offensive was launched by the IVe and VIIe Armée this month as the French refused to let up pressure on the Southern border with Germany. The loss of the surrounding of the Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II was a serious setback in the efforts to take Mulhouse and to push to the Rhine. Gone now were the red and blue of the previous attacks, with 80% of units now clad in dark blue from head to toe. Not gone yet though was the rugged belief that French force would carry the day. And it was close to being proven correct. The IVe Armée's preliminary artillery barrage was devastating, guided in well by air assets. But the Germans had not gone without making their own plans to prevent another breakthrough, deep dugout hid the men within the positions from the worst of the barrage whilst their hard efforts were set skywards, they and their weapons and ammunition did not. As the bombardment alleviated the Bavarians, bolstered now with Dutch reinforcements from last month, manned what was left of their positions and took the French head on. It was extremely bloody, with the first day’s attack being held back and the French not letting up. As the days dragged into a week though, weakness bagan to show. The VIIe Armée’s attack into the Vosges Hills had had no success either. The ground proved to be less than ideal for cavalry scouting missions and skirmishers being driven back by German pickets. On the 23rd, the German’s launch a limited but successful counter attack. Pushing across the border and driving the weakened but not defeated French armies before them. Belfort came under heavy assaults the 29th by the Bavarian III. Kgl. Bayerisches Armeekorps. The Fort city, held by the French IIIe Corps withstood the offensive, but not without taking some hard hits. This bloody back and forth saw 7,000 Frenchmen fall and 9,000 Germans.

    Austrian kick back
    The initial success of the Italians was not to be seen again this month. The Alpini and Bersaglieri once again clashed with the Austrian Gebirgsjäger in the high peaks. The Italians kicked off the month with a sizable, but well scaled offensive, probing for weak points and testing the lines up and down the front with scouts and artillery. Across the whole front this attack was the same with efforts being made to pierce the Austrian likes, but to no success. The I and II Corpo d'Armata were simply unable to dislodge the Austrian 14. Armee from their strong points in the high mountain passes and no amount of courage or bravery was going to change that. The Austrians though were not going to sit and be passive whilst their lines were probed. On the 19th, the center of the 14. Armee launched a daring counter offensive into the Italian lines that caught the Armata di Savoia off guard and drove them back. In the daring offensive, Gebirgsjäger managed to penetrate the lines of the 14 ° Brigata Alpina forcing a general withdrawal from the initial forward gains. The confusing mess of a front settled by the months end, with the Austrians regaining some of their previously lost territories, and the Italians beginning to scope out the Austrian front.

    The Sick Man Strikes
    The Ottoman entry into the war naturally opened a new front to the war this month, though it was initially quieter than expected. British forces in Egypt braced themselves for what they thought was going to be an immediate attack and manned their positions in the Sinai, only to be disappointed. The Ottomans didn’t come. For five days they stood at high readiness expecting an attack that didn’t come. Finally as orders were given to begin to expect no Ottman attacks and to prepare for their own attacks, they struck. In an extremely well organised assault the Ottman forces concentrated their offensive against the 2nd (Australian) Division of the British ANZAC forces in the Sinai. Caught on the back foot, the Australians were sent reeling backwards under heavy artillery and Infantry assault. As the Ottomans exploited the breach and started the spread out, the Indian, South African and other ANZAC forces were forced to redeploy or face being encircled. This menovour was not without losses and on the 18th the Agra Brigade found itself out flanked and surrounded in their positions by the Ottomans. They had been able to withdraw and now were cut off from the rest of their Division. They were not to go down this month though, holding their ground they refused to surrender or give any more ground to the Ottomans. The success of the month though was soon halted by a well organised defensive action by the ANZACs. Though ground has been lost, it was nothing but desert. The british had the last laugh though. The 2nd and 3rd (Indian) Divisions successfully landed in Mesopotamia unimpeded sizing Basrah on the 28th with little opposition aside from Garrison forces, the shock of the landing catching the off guard and unready. The Ottomans also made their entry to the wider war and launched an invasion of the Italian held Rhodes, Kos and Karpathos Islands in their enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy. The Islands, left unready, were in Ottoman hands by the end of the month with minimal losses. Alongside this was a successful offensive into Caucasus driving the Russian defenders before as the defenders fell back deeper into the mountains rather than taking the fight head on, yet. As the month ended 1,200 British and Commonwealth, 2,000 Ottomans. and 800 Russia were added to June body count.

    Submarine Mayhem

    [FONT=Times New Roman][I][SIZE=3]German Submarines in the Atlantic made their presence known this month sinking 87,917 tonnes of British and allied merchant men this month. Whilst previous attacks had been limited, now the U-Boats opened up upon the allied merchant lanes. It wasn’t just German submarines though that dealt a lethal blow this month. In an attempt to break the blockade, a large Germano-Dutch task force sailed from Wilhelmshaven on the morning of the 9th in pursuit of the Task Force of British Warships that had been sited not hours before by aircraft. The large task force was a behemoth to behold with no less than 29 Battleships of different quality forming its core close to 200 other vessels of differing classes. This was not a subtle Task Force and Admiral Scheer knew it. But he had his orders, and he was going to follow them. Only 3 miles out of Wilhelmshaven though, disaster struck. At 07:03 the SMS Ostfriesland’s port side erupted in a plume of water and metal as a torpedo struck her from the portside. Not seconds later a ploom flew up from the side of the SMS Vineta and Roon alongside 3 smaller destroyers. The great lumbering Task Force has run straight into an Entente Submarine group of some kind. Eyes began to scan the clam waters for any signs of submarines. Without warning the SMS Gefion’s guns opened up and sent plooms of water high into the sky as they smacked back down. All eyes were drawn to the target area and sure enough, a periscope of sighted withdrawing back into the water. 5 other vessel’s weapons were brought to bear upon HMS A9, and a shell from the stricken SMS Vineta found its mark, sending A9 to a watery grave as the shell managed to hit the conning tower before she got deep enough. Shaken by this and with the SMS Ostfriesland listing violently to her portside, Admiral Speer ordered an immediate return to Wilhelmshaven. As the lumbering mess of a Task Force attempt to turn about, another torpedo struck the SMS Ostfriesland. This was too much for her. Already listing heavily she now dipped violently to her port and began to rapidly go under. By the time the Task Force got itself back to the safety of port, the SMS Ostfriesland, SMS Vineta and 2 destroyers had gone under. It was an embarrassing setback for the Kaiserliche Marine and one that Speer would likely never live down.

    Who’s done what?

    Damn, you guys are getting nutty roles

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