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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    Italy Feb #2

    Foedere et Religione Tenemur

    Greek Conference

    The Italian government has the same thoughts as the Greek government, why would the United Kingdoms Leadership schedule a conference to coincide with the Greek led Balkan delegations. Italy would like the Greek's to know they have the ear of the King, who sees the only possible solution to stabilize the Balkans as having the Balkan countries lead their conferences. Another Great power intervening and claiming to be the head of the conference is a lackluster attempt at trying to secure hegemony in the region.

    Carnevale Invititations

    All members who asked to come are accepted, including Denmark, Romanian, and Serbia. As a forewarning though, it would behoove the other delegates to pick their words carefully. Do not expect the King to be so gracious in accepting the request from nations who do not ask for an invite and instead claim they are going. His patience runs thin with those who would.

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    United Kingdom - February #1

    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    The Balkan Conference:
    There has been a lot of miscommunication regarding the United Kingdom's wishes to meet with the Balkan Nations. Britain clarifies this by explaining that Britain wishes to meet with the Balkan Nations separate from the Balkan Unification conference. It is the opinion of the United Kingdom that no nation other than the Balkan Nations should be at the Balkan Unification conference, as it is nobody's business but the Balkans. Britain wishes to meet with the Balkans about an entirely separate matter from their unification, and it is no business of the central powers, who have shown their unwillingness to engage in diplomacy with Great Britain. The United Kingdom issues a diplomatic protest to the King of Italy in this regard.

    The Scandinavian Question:
    The Scandinavian nations have formed an alliance with Germany in January, and Sweden barred France from attending the conference where this agreement was signed, showing the world that this was pre-planned. A month later, Norwegian spies were caught drugging British military officers to steal military secrets, and a German spy was captured in Verdun. It is clear that Germany and the Scandinavians are plotting war against the British Empire and her allies, and this will not be tolerated. The British Empire hereby issues trade sanctions to Norway. Closing off the Suez Canal, the Gibraltar Straights, and the English Channel from Norway and Norwegian movement, trade, shipping, ships, sea travel, etc. entirely. The United Kingdom of Great Britain demands that Sweden issue a public reprimand to Norway for their actions, or the trade sanctions will extend to Sweden as well. The movement of weapons between the Scandinavians, the spies, and now the mobilization of the Austro-Hungarians, is proof of their plotting. The British Empire demands a stop to it.

    - Britain explains the conference with the Balkan Nations.
    - Britain issues a protest to Italy.
    - Britain issues trade sanctions to Norway.
    - Britain issues an ultimatum to Sweden, with the punishment of extending trade sanctions to them as well.

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    "Ἐλευθερία ἢ Θάνατος"

    Balkan Conference
    With the conclusion of the Balkan talks in Athens the nations of Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania & Russia have come to agree on the following.
    1. The members of the agreement pledges to protect one another from any war of aggression declared towards them.
    2. The members of the agreement will have strong military cooperation with collected military exercises and shared military intelligence.
    3. The members of the agreement will remove any standing tariffs between one another and open a free trade cooperation.
    4. The members of the agreement will allow free movement of armies by rail, river, road, etc. through another member nation's land.
    5. The members of the agreement will standardize ammunition amongst our armies so each nation has the ability to resupply others if needed.

    The mutual defensive alliance will continue upholding the name "the Balkan League".

    London Conference

    Against strong opposition from the King and his supporters members of parliament have voted infavour of sending a few dignitaries to the conference in London. As a compromise the dignitaries will act soley as observers and have been given no rights to sign agreements.

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    "С вером у Бога, за Краља и Отаџбину"

    Serbia applauds the diplomatic actions of Greece
    The Serb government extends praise upon the government of Greece for being willing to be the proverbial "bigger man" and de-escalate the disagreement they had with Britain by taking a middle of the road and decidedly dignified approach. Other nations could learn from this sort of behavior.
    2nd Lieutenant Eoghan O'Cobhtaigh

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    Endangered Diplomats

    The current events in regards to the Swedish embassy in Paris are of grave concern to the German Foreign Secretary and his office. The news of a violent and aggressive mob besieging a foreign diplomatic mission with no intervention by police forces should be severely disturbing to all governments that maintain an embassy or consulate in France. As an extension of a country’s sovereignty abroad, any attack on a diplomatic institution is an attack on the greater country itself and ought to be condemned as such. The fact that the French government does not treat this situation with the appropriate concern and determination and has not condemned the behaviour of these brutes threatening the embassy personnel is a prime example of their irresponsible behaviour on the international stage, with no regard for others’ interests or rights. Simply advising embassy staff to use the ‘backdoor’, which will be no safer than the main entrance, and moving aggressors to the other side of the street is not sufficient and does not offer adequate protection for said staff. While the Foreign Secretary has not studied ballistics, he is confident that the velocity of a thrown rock is more than enough to cover the width of a street. Police must do better than that.

    The Foreign Secretary must reiterate that the Swedish nation and all its institutions, domestic or abroad, stand under German protection and that actions that undermine their safety or purposefully attempt to threaten and intimidate Sweden will draw the ire of Germany as well. If the French government fails to address this situation with sufficient effort, their German counterparts will. If innocent observers of birds spending their vacation in France are considered a greater threat to national security than such a dangerous diplomatic incident, the French Republic is in an even worse state than assumed.

    Embargo on Britain

    After identifying and arresting foreign party agents, the British government has seen fit to issue a trade embargo on the Kingdom of Norway and threaten the Kingdom of Sweden with the same fate, should they refuse to be coerced onto a course of foreign policy as desired by the United Kingdom. We strongly protest this decision. While it is unfortunate that party officials within Norway have undertaken such subversive operations, the Norwegian government has already pointed out that Norway, like the majority of the civilised Western world, has a multi-party political system and is not ruled by a single supreme party. As such, it is, at this time, not the right course of action to attribute blame to the government of Norway. They have already pledged to investigate this matter, with an unquestionably just and lawful ruling awaiting the orchestrators behind this act. Until then, however, it is entirely unproportionate to embargo Norway and severely hinder its trade abilities by locking down important public waterways to the country’s merchant fleet. Meanwhile, attempting to force Sweden to adopt a stance beneficial to the British government is entirely unacceptable and will not stand.

    Such drastic and unwarranted escalation must be responded to in equal measure. Until the United Kingdom lifts her embargo on the Kingdom of Norway, the member states of the Stockholm Agreement (the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the German Empire) will respond in kind and place a full trade embargo on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. All land and sea travel through the sovereign territory of the Stockholm Agreement will be suspended and attempts to traverse said territory will be repelled, if necessary by force. The embargo will include but is not limited to: foodstuffs, oil, iron, steel and other vital minerals and materials. In all, the embargo will include all products subject for trade. The German government advises its British counterparts not to seek a further escalation of this incident. While they may be used to pushing around minors in tune to their ‘divide & conquer’ philosophy, this approach is outdated and will see no further success.

    Expanding the Berlin Stock Exchange

    With significant changes in the European balance of power, the economic and financial centres of the continent also shift from decaying former capitals to new, rising beacons of trade and exchange. To facilitate this development and to provide traders and financiers with an alternative to the ways of old, the Berlin Stock Exchange will experience an extension of its capacities and equipment to ensure it provides the best environment imaginable in the stock exchange business. London may have reigned as the capital of this trade for many years, but these days are over. The current British government carelessly risks relations with foreign suppliers, as evident with the recent embargo, and undermines the trade business in the process.

    London is no longer a beneficial base of operations. Berlin, however, has an unprecedented appeal in this matter. Beneficial new trade relations with important mineral suppliers, such as Norway, Sweden; access to vast food markets like Denmark, riches from the colonial possessions of Germany herself and the Dutch East Indies; these benefits and many more make the case for Berlin as the new financial capital of Europe and the world. This has been a steady process over the last decades and the significant economic victories achieved by the German Empire in these recent months and years underscore the positive development. Come to Berlin for better business!

    The Kaiser's Vacation - The Yearly Nordlandfahrt

    Every year, His Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II embarks on a journey to the beautiful and serene fjords of the Norwegian countryside. While the view and nature of the fjords are most stunning, it is not just this beauty that draws the Kaiser to the area every year. It is also the Norwegian people that manage to inspire His Majesty year after year. Their sense of loyalty, patriotism and devotion is a prime example of the attributes all of the Germanic people have instilled within them. The Kaiser put his admiration on display in 1904 when he dispatched four fully loaded aid ships in response to the Ålesund fire.

    Now, there is yet another incident that encourages the Kaiser to prove his friendship with the Norwegian people yet again. As a show of support and solidarity in light of British aggression towards the Kingdom of Norway, the Kaiser has decided to expedite his Nordlandfahrt and take it on late February already, lasting until late March. Additionally, His Majesty will not, as per usual, travel there via his private yacht, but instead will use the SMS Kaiser; a ship that is part of the Kaiser-class dreadnoughts; the most modern and capable ships currently traversing the High Seas. To enable a public show of support by the German people, the SMS Kaiser will start her journey with a public event in Kiel; with the public invited to watch the ship depart for Norway. Destinations for the Nordlandfahrt include the Alesund and the Balestrand fjords, as well as other well-known and beautiful fjords along the Western coast of Norway. Regrettably, this means the Kaiser will not be able to participate in Carnivale, but the Italian invitation was, nevertheless, received with great gratitude.

    The Ottoman Empire joins the Central Powers

    The friendship between the German and the Ottoman people is well-known. The Ottomans are a hardworking, cultured people, similarly to the Kaiser’s own. For many years now, both nations have cooperated in mutual agreement, as shown in the Berlin-Baghdad railway. To cement this strong bond and to counter the dangerous push by an expansionist Russia into the Balkans, the governments of the Triple Alliance and the Ottoman government have come to the following agreement:

    1. The Ottoman Empire joins the Triple Alliance
    2. Reduced trade barriers on low-value goods, such as foodstuffs

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    "Plus Ultra"

    Spain and France sign the Franco-Spanish treaty.

    This are the official terms of the Franco-Spanish treaty:
    1.Spain shall join the Entente.
    2.The colony of Morocco shall be given to the Kingdom of Spain after a 4 year transition period.
    3.A separate military alliance with France
    4.Unrestricted access to French nationals in and out of Spain
    5.Unrestricted use of Spanish ports by French shipping
    6.Lowered tax rates for businesses of each nation that wishes to operate within the other
    7.French ministers shall be given access to Spanish directory meetings on military matters that do not include internal politics
    8.Spain shall join under France in the formation of a joint naval staff.

    Reforms in the Army.

    The army will reduce the amount of officers, change the promotion system taking out the buying of comissions so now they will only be able to be promoted based on merit or appointed by the military junta, the army would undergo efforts to become a professional and modern fighting force thru training and military cooperation with the Entente powers.

    Economic Corporatism

    Due to the instability brought by the economic policies of the previous liberal government, the Spanish military directory has decided to establish a new type of economic policies that will bring economic stability to Spain by building a economy based on the ideas of corporatism.
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    "Бог е с нас"

    The government begins to provide chemical fertilizers for the farmers
    With the loss of southern Dobruja, the agricultural sector has taken a hit, and as we get closer to spring, some kind of action is required. Therefore the Bulgarian government has decided to provide chemical fertilizers for the nation's farmers. This is some exciting technology, which will surely provide an exciting outcome. It will most likely take some time before all farmers have been provided with chemical fertilizers, but the government hopes that the majority of farmers have been given these by the middle of July.

    Parliamentary election to be held on the 23rd of February
    The nation is looking forward to the parliamentary election, which is going to be held on the 23rd of February. Though the Tsar does not have a lot to say regarding the election, he has stated that he is confident in each political party's ability to govern.

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    "För Sverige – i tiden"

    Sweden rejects the British Ultimatum

    The Swedish people and the Swedish government are rejecting the ultimatum as blatant nonsense. Sweden is not accepting politics driven by racketeers! And is not tempted to do so in the future!

    Sweden joins the embargo on Britain

    Following the Stockholm Agreement, Sweden honours the pact and expresses an embargo on Britain with the same conditions as our German ally. With immediate effect.

    Sweden issues a protest note to France

    With the shown incompetence of French security forces, whom are apparently busy arresting tourists, Sweden is protesting the violation of the diplomatic code! As a result, Swedish security forces are ordered to create a security cordon around the British and French embassies in Stockholm. In a speech, His Majesty King Gustav V. addressed the Swedish people, that everything will be done to provide any security measures needed to protect the employees of the embassy in Paris and that any demonstrations in front of any embassy of the involved nations currently trying to threaten our freedom are counterproductive.

    Annually Military Drills

    It's that time of the year again. Young Swedish men are following the call of duty and are moving into the barracks to get their military training. Due to the hostile behaviour shown of France and Britain, the Government decided to enhance the period of service of the current and now coming recruits in order to perform extended military drills. The recruits will be compensated with a higher salary and support after their service has ended in terms of finding jobs or a place at a university.

    In the meantime, parts of the Swedish Navy moves to harbours of our new ally Norway to celebrate the new formed alliance. The naval high command is issuing a
    letter to Norway to conduct a combined manoeuvre.

    The Svenska marinen, the Swedish Royal Navy, is put on a higher alert

    Due to the threats received, the Swedish navy is issues to prepare itself to react to any hostilities shown by any foreign navy. Orders are given to actively protect our Swedish royal waters.

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    Russian War Games
    After fighting in both Balkan Wars, our soldiers are experienced and battle hardened. The Kingdom of Montenegro will join our close friend Serbia and our new ally in participating in the Russian war games (if the invite is still open).

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    "Alt for Norge"


    The Norwegian fjords and folk await excitedly their guests. While taken by surprise that the Kaiser decides to visit this early in the year, the Norwegian people are delighted to know that they can count on German protection even in times such as these.

    British blabbering

    The Kingdom of Norway would like to thank the British Empire for their sanctions, as this action proves that policy makers in London have truly gone mad. While throwing almost as many irrational accusations as young men to certain death in the second Boer war, the British Empire seems to overlook or forget certain events.

    First of all, the Kingdom of Sweden never "barred" anyone from attending the Stockholm Summit. Secondly, the Norwegian spies caught in Britain have acted either independently, or on behalf of a radical party within Norway. While it is very regrettable that such a terrible thing could happen, Britain, instead of cooperating and potentially speeding up the process of catching the perpetrators, decides to act impulsively and immediately jump to the conclusion that all of Norway must be at fault. It is also regrettable that Great Britain, as well as the French Republic accuse German tourists of being spies. It seems to us that we are not dealing with civilized diplomats, but rather with patients showing traits of a severe case of schizophrenia. If all of these weren't enough already, they then try to bully the Kingdom of Sweden into submission with empty threats and accuse the Austro-Hungarian Empire of "mobilizing".

    We think that the actions of Britain speak for themselves and that we are dealing with a great threat to peace and stability in not just Europe, but the whole world.

    Embargo on Britain

    As stated earlier by the German Empire, the Kingdom of Norway will also be joining the embargo set against the British Empire.

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