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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    "Esta é a Ditosa Pátria Minha Amada"

    Portugal Answers the Call!

    The German and Austro-Hungarian Empires have destablized Europe. Portugal proudly answers Britain's call to support the war effort against the Central Powers In a speech given this morning President Arriaga spoke to cheering crowds calling for war today, so tomorrow the world may see peace. A state of war now exists between the Republic of Portugal and the German and Austro Hungarian Empires.

    Portugal Expels German and Austrian Ambassadors

    This morning as the President was giving his speech, police have escorted the German and Austro-Hungarian ambassadors and embassy staff out of their respective embassies. They will be given 48 hours to leave Portugal and must surrender all documents in their possesion.

    - Portugal declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary!
    - Portugal bans German and Austro-Hungarian ambassadors.

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    One Step to Liberation
    France roared in cheers and applause upon hearing the news of the complete rout of the Bosch from lower Alsace as of last month. After 32 years of oppression under the heel of the German brutes our lands are slowly returning to us. Street parties and celebrations were held across the nation in an impromptu holiday, banners of "France put the kibosh on the kaiser!" and "Victoire est a nous!" written upon bed sheets hung from windows in Paris as effigies of the tyrant Wilhelm II were burned in the parks.

    While celebrations were in full swing memorials were also being held in remembrance of the brave souls who died across the front with the President himself leading a grand procession along Champs-Élysées and vowed to not allow these mistakes to happen again to which the crowds cried out in chorus the Marseilles as the President entered a motorcar to, no doubt, attend meetings to further our most righteous cause.

    France Welcomes Her Ally
    The government rejoiced once more this month upon hearing the news of our nations grand ally the United Kingdom declaration of war upon our enemies of Germany and Austria-Hungary. "A leap closer to victory" the President was quoted as saying during a meeting earlier today. Let us all hope as a nation that this news signals the end for the Germanic tyrants who attempts to subjugate this glorious continent.

    Hero of France
    It cannot go unmentioned for the bravery and quick thinking of one heroic officer in our grand army that of Camille Bedin who, one could say with his cool mind, saved an entire army from disaster last month. With these actions noted by even he President himself it has been decided that Camille Bedin is to be awarded the highest honour France bestow a medal of the Légion d'honneur. May all men of France look to Camille Bedin as a prime example of soldierly duty.

    Military Reform
    The army is to go through minor reforms to ensure further cohesion and effectiveness with in the ranks and officer corps to allow us to bring further and greater victories home to our glorious republic.

    Vive la France, Vive la République

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    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and King Carol of Romania, during a short meeting at Constanta

    "A United Front"
    Following further diplomatic developments, delegates from Greece, Montenegro, and Romania have expanded the list of nations signed onto the No Separate Peace agreement. Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania himself was the delegate putting his country forward to the agreement. All 3 nations are now fully signed into the agreement and with them comes the formation of a truly united front against Germanic aggression!

    God Save the Empire, and God Save King George!

    - The Republic of Greece and the Kingdoms of Montenegro and Romania all sign into the No Separate Peace agreement

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    KoI April Post #2

    "Foedere et Religione Tenemur"

    Italian Alliance to Montenegro
    The King of Italy and Princess Elena of Montenegro have been married for some time, leading the King to throw his support for his Father in-laws country. To bring the two nations together even further, the King would request an Alliance to be formed between these two nations. This Alliance would also Guarantee the Independence of the small Balkan nation to exist in the future and secure an long-lasting bond between the two Adriatic Nations.

    Ultimatum to the Empire of Austria-Hungary
    The Kingdom of Italy demands that all Austro-Hungarian forces withdraw from the Montenegroan borders and cease hostilities with the Balkan Nation. The Kingdom of Italy also demands the handing over of all Italian Majority provinces held within the Empire, too long has the Italian Minority suffered without equal representation within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now it is time for them to unite with their brethren once and for all. If these conditions are met the Austro-Hungarian, as well as German, Diplomats, and Emissaries, along with documents seized, shall be released to go home.

    Austria-Hungary is to
    -Cease Hostilities with Montenegro
    -Hand over South Tyrol and Istria
    In return
    -Austro-Hungarian and German Diplomats and Emissaries will be released.

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    دولت ابد مدت
    "The Eternal State"

    Outrage over Italian behaviour and Condemmnation of the same

    The outrageous behaviour shown by the Kingdom of Italy in arresting forreign diplomats and confiscating documents, thus violating diplomatic immunity, is unlawfull and unacceptable. Using the rotten fruits of these unvbelievable actions as a tool, instead of apologizing for them, or not conducting them in the first place, further shows how the italian Government either misunderstands neutrality or misuses it.
    The Ottoman Empire condems these actions and the behaviour of the Italian State shown to the Allies of the Ottoman Empire and urges to reconsider and apologize. It views this behaviour as insulting to the entire Alliance and will act accordingly.

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    "Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter"

    The Kaiser addresses the people
    In a direct address and appeal to the people of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kaiser Franz Josef I expressed remorse and yet delivered the speech with both a fiery and iron will befitting that of the strength and courage shown by our soldiers. On that brisk morning of the 28th the Kaiser announced that through sheer strength of will and determination "We have been able to bring the fight to those criminals who have threatened your peace through illegal warfare. It is my duty to inform you my people that despite our best efforts in gaining a favourable peace with those who have no real business fighting this war, they have mostly been met with refusals. Though it is with great sadness that we must bury our sons, fathers and brothers, the fight is not yet over and we will bring justice with all the might and righteousness of the sword to where that of the pen has failed.".

    The Entente Address
    Let there be no confusion, our Empire was unjustly and most brutally attacked by terrorists of a foreign nation. This nation belonging to another string of treacherous thugs that so ruthlessly and with malice of forethought did attack a neutral country with no declaration of war until a month after that horrific act was concluded. Can any nation here contemplate such evil without horror? This path of action that we have most justly embarked upon has been decided. Its foundations are laid and cornerstone rests upon the morale principle that International Laws and the Rights of man may not be trampled on by nations that believe themselves to be above such laws that they themselves signed all those years ago. Any nation that denies this truth and the customs that have binded us for centuries do so, thus they make themselves an enemy of God, the nations that abide by these sacred laws and humanity at large. These very same nations have set themselves against legitimate authority and are the heirs to nothing but the spirit of anarchy and mayhem The Entente,all other powers and people should think on this fact before taking another step towards chaos. The prevailing ideas and narrative entertained by the Balkan League and Entente is that we and actions made by our allies are in violation of the laws between European countries. This is fundamentally wrong and the great truth is that we represent is in fact the upstanding and enforcement of the correct legislation that was agreed upon by European powers at the Hague.

    Military awards and congratulations to the Landstreitkräfte and support to allies
    Several military awards will be issued for operations that were conducted last month. Hauptmann Otto Jindra will receive the Military Merit Cross for his success in the Balkans. His bravery should be made an example of and should be encouraged amongst all our fighting men in the sky and on the ground. Through gallant actions across all fronts we have found ourselves once more thoroughly in command of the field thanks to the brave efforts of Austro-Hungarian soldiers. Our men have truly been tested in battle and are ready to receive whatever challenge, come what may. We would also like to draw attention to the immense bravery shown by our allies in the field of battle. Bulgaria against all odds has managed to repulse many attacks from all sides and yet still retains her sovereignty, such bravery is to be commended and respected. They have secured their place in the annals of history among great armies like that of Ancient Sparta. Likewise to our brothers in the North showed great strength when trying to beat the Russian bear, it is fair that such a coalition of criminals have united against our just and powerful forces.

    Hauptmann Otto Jindra will be awarded the Bronze military merit cross for his actions against the enemy. Born on March 18th, 1886, this brave young man has done what honour and valour in warfare require. He is a great credit to his family, Kaiser and Fatherland.

    Morning prayers before Austro-Hungarian troops march further into Russia. This particular unit is the 3. Kompanie Reichsgrenadier Regiment 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister' and served with great distinction on the battlefield. They have spearheaded a number of successful assaults under the capable leadership of Oberst Freiherr von Holzhausen. Hopefully the regiment will go on to add lustre to the reputation they already enjoy and will win many honours in the name of the Fatherland. Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser

    Italy's dishonourable actions
    Italy professes great promises of neutrality when on several occasions have broken their word. When they announced that they had withdrawn from the Triple alliance publicly in truth they had already broken their alliance in their non aggression pact with France. The terms that binded Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy were effectively torn apart in Italy's actions and their claims of neutrality should be as valid as that torn up piece of paper. With their right hand they would tell us all that they are a neutral country and with their left hand they would kidnap our diplomats and steal our property. They are nothing short of wolves in sheep clothing and any interaction with them will be met with the highest of contempt for their dishonourable actions. Let it be known that an Italian's word is the same value as that of a common con man.

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    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    The House of Windsor
    His Majesty The King, in order to fully focus the Empire's efforts against the Germanic menace, has decided to break ties with their German titles under the German crown and issued a proclamation adopting the name of Windsor for His Royal House. In a proclamation read to Parliament, King George V declares:

    "Now, therefore, We, out of Our Royal Will and Authority, do hereby declare and announce that as from the date of this Our Royal Proclamation Our House and Family shall be styled and known as the House and Family of Windsor, and that all the descendants in the male line of Our said Grandmother Queen Victoria who are subjects of these Realms, other than female descendants who may marry or may have married, shall bear the said Name of Windsor...."

    The King has also stripped foreign German princes of their British titles and styles, formally severing their ties to the Royal Household and reducing them to the status of foreigners.

    "A New Hope"
    In this time of great chaos and bloodshed, Britannia calls upon all of her sons and daughters to come forth to her defense. Many proud citizens of the Empire have already answered the call, and one volunteer in particular has been approved by King George himself. A particularly stalwart Atlantic Puffin, "Big Willy" of Wales, has been selected and inducted into the Royal Navy! He will serve his King and Country proudly as Midshipman aboard the HMS Iron Duke under Admiral John Jellicoe. There is a new hope for the Empire!

    Look out Kaiser Wilhelm! Big Willy prowls the waves!

    God Save the Empire, and God Save King George!

    - The House of Windsor becomes the Royal House of the British Empire
    - "Big Willy" is inducted as Midshipman aboard the HMS Iron Duke!

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    "С вером у Бога, за Краља и Отаџбину"

    The Kingdom of Serbia Awards Its Military Heroes
    The Serbian government received the news of the Austro-Hungarian military handing out wheelbarrowfuls of awards for the capture of barely any territory at the cost of tens of thousands of men with great laughter. The Kingdom of Serbia, not to be outdone by its Austro-Hungarian opponent, has decided to award its generals for achievements of the same magnitude as the enemy’s generals. Commander Petar Bojovic was given a medal for getting 8 hours sleep the previous evening. Stepa Stepanovic was awarded national recognition for his ability to brew himself tea. Lastly, Milos Bosanovic was given a laurel wreath for showing up to a meeting on time. These men surely have given their opponents a run for their money in effectiveness.
    2nd Lieutenant Eoghan O'Cobhtaigh

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    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    War on Germany's Allies
    Prime Minister Balfour, with the support of His Majesty The King and the Royal Family, has declared that, as a result of their alliance with Imperial Germany and attacks on Russia, a state of war now exists between the British Empire and the Kingdoms of the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Furthermore, the embassies of the aforementioned countries and now Imperial Germany will be cleared out immediately under military supervision and ambassadors with staff sent to Belgium for repatriation to their home countries.

    We call upon our faithful ally, the Kingdom of Portugal, to join us as well.

    "The Great Blockade"
    In addition to the declarations of war, Secretary of State for War Kitchener has declared effective immediately a large scale naval blockade against Germany and the aforementioned countries. The blockade adheres to previously agreed upon rules for blockades, the conduct of commerce raiders, and Cruiser Rules. Furthermore, the North Sea War Zone is extended to include Norwegian and Icelandic waters.

    The declaration's full text, as it was proclaimed by The Earl Kitchener to Parliament.

    God Save the Empire, and God Save King George!

    - The United Kingdom declares war on the Kingdoms of the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway
    - The United Kingdom expels German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian diplomats to Belgium and closes their embassies
    - The Great Blockade is declared and immediately put into effect

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    "Esta é a Ditosa Pátria Minha Amada"

    War Expanded!

    As allies of the German Empire the other countries of the Stockholm Agreement have shown themselves as enemies of not only the people of Portugal but to our close allies as well. As such a state of war will now exist between the Republic of Portugal and Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. The embassies of these nations will be occupied by police forces and all staff will have 72 hours to safely leave the country, all documents will be siezed.

    The Gibraltar Blockade

    Any shipping from hostile nations passing through the Strait of Gibraltar is subject to inspections and cargo seizures. Shipping from neutral nations is subject to inspection, if they are found to be carrying goods to a hostile nation their cargo is to be labeled as contraband and destroyed. Crews from hostile shipping will be towed to Portugal or Gibraltar for internment. Enemy ships being used as troop transports and military ships from hostile nations will be fired upon immediately.

    Portugal Aids the Great Blockade

    The Portuguese navy is working closely with British officials to aid in the blockade along the North Sea, Norwegian Waters, and Icelandic Waters. The Portuguese navy will follow the same guidelines put in place by the British government. Any cargo siezed or crew in tow will be taken to British ports.

    -War declared against Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Embassies from these nations cleared.
    -Strait of Gibraltar blockaded against hostile shipping.
    -Portugal aids the British in the Great Blockade.
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