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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    Economic Struggle

    The participation of Greece in the Balkan Wars albeit successful have lead to economic struggles.
    To combat this the Kingdom of Greece will be more open to foreign investments and focus it's economy on infrastructure.

    Historical Allies

    I Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos herby invite Greeces historical allies of Serbia & Montenegro to discuss the continuation of the Balkan League.
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    The Stockholm Agreement

    After hours of negotiation and debating, the summit hosted by Sweden in Stockholm concluded as an unprecedented success for Europe. Where certain countries in Europe prove resistant and unwilling to diplomacy, the participants of the Stockholm Conference proved that, in Europe, there is still an appetite for peaceful coexistence and cooperation among like-minded entities. As such, the German government is overjoyed to be able to present, on behalf of all five countries that took part in the summit, the agreement that was signed by the respective governments and heads of state last night.

    The Kaiser and his ministers declare that there shall reign an eternity of friendship between the German Empire and Scandinavia. For the betterment of our countries and Europe as a whole.

    The Transfer of Northern Schleswig

    According to the Stockholm Agreement, the German Empire will transfer control of Northern Schleswig to the Kingdom of Denmark. This was a compromise offered in good faith as an effort to overcome differences between the German and Danish people that still lingered from the Second Schleswig War. It must be stressed that this transfer does not represent an acknowledgement by the German government that the Second Schleswig War was unlawful or unjustified in any way. When the Danish kingdom violated the Treaty of London, Prussia honoured its obligation and enforced the terms of the treaty. This was the correct course of action and Germany stands by that view.

    However, while Southern Schleswig and Holstein are largely populated by Germans after fifty years under German governance, Northern Schleswig still boasts a primarily Danish population. While many efforts at Germanisation have been attempted, they have soundly been resisted. Therefore, there is little reason why the German government should have rejected such a compromise, given the benefits the Stockholm Agreement provides for all countries involved. It is important to His Imperial Majesty the Kaiser that the German people understand that they are under his divine protection and that no German must fear prosecution or oppression by a foreign people. As a pillar of support for the small number of Germans that do indeed live in Northern Schleswig, the Interior Ministry has established a grant to provide financial means and aid to Germans in the territory that wish to move from Northern Schleswig to other German territories in light of the transfer.

    Die Kaiserliche Marine - Expansion of the Fleet

    As a colonial power, the German Empire must ensure that it has the ability to protect its holdings overseas and the people living in Germany's place in the sun. Over the last years, the Navy has expanded greatly under His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II's guidance, evolving into the best equipped, most technologically advanced navy the world has ever laid eyes upon. While much has been achieved, the German people must not and will not rest on their laurels. As other countries strive to challenge German naval supremacy, the Imperial German Navy must ensure to keep its edge and continually expand. With several dreadnoughts already under construction and multiple ships scheduled for commissioning this year, the government has announced that it will accelerate and intensify naval construction efforts even further.

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