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    Kaiser Wilhem II celebrates his 55th Birthday

    France calls for an international conference in Paris

    Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway & Denmark sign the Stockholm Agreement

    Germany transfers Northern Schleswig to Denmark.

    Prime Minister H. H. Asquith loses no confidence vote

    German national arrested in Verdun

    Spain became a military dictatorship in a bloodless coup.

    The Paris Conference ends with no results.

    Norwegian “spies” caught in Britain!

    Athens and London clash over meeting of the Balkan nations

    Conferences and a War of Words

    1914 opened with a bright hope for the easing of tensions from the past decade. Kaiser Wilhelm’s birthday was marked by a large outpouring of international birthday wishes. It was to be in Stockholm though that this hope was to be dashed. What was planned to simply be a meeting between Denmark and Sweden was made into something more when Norway elected to address the meeting as a “summit”. This sparked a rush of great powers attempting to gain entry in the hopes of getting a strong footing with the Nordic nations. To a great deal of protests from the French ambassador to Sweden, delegates from Germany and the Netherlands were the only two outside nations permitted to join in the proceedings. The document signed at that meeting on the 12th January has sparked a massive shift in the balance of power in Europe. The Stockholm Agreement, also known as the Scandivania Pack, has created a massive military block between the Nordic nations, the Dutch, and most alarmingly the Germans. Already vast amounts of arms and materials have begun to move between the five nations. This new block has place Russia and France is a very tight spot. Though protests were made through abassadors, many feel that Sweden's choice to permit entry to only Germany was an act of malace against France. The Swedish Embassy in Paris has found itself under seige. Protests pelt any going in an out of the building and the Police have done little to stop them. Only the embassy gaurds stand between the violent protestors and the embassy itself.

    One part of the agreement though that has sparked vastly different reactions was the return of Northern Schleswig to Denmark. In Copenhagen, the news was met with wild celebrations. All across Denmark people took to the streets of their local communities and celebrated. In Northern Schleswig itself, Danish forces were welcomed by jubilant crowds. In Germany however, the mood has been different. Many more radical newspapers published headlines speaking of a betrayal to Bismark and those that united Germany. Though none dare to directly critique the Kaiser, many outspoken members of the Reichstag have gone after Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg. Though the situation is stable and discontent kept mostly to more radical channels, such a move should not be repeated again by German.

    Other events unrest has occurred in two nations this month. In Westminster, Prime Minister Asquith has found himself out of office following the failing of the woman’s rights bill to pass through the House of Lords. Clashes occurred between the suffragette movements and those opposed to the vote. With massive strikes threatened nationwide, the Liberal Party put to motion a vote of no confidence. Asquith lost with only 2 votes in his favour. Now, David Lloyd Geroge has stepped up as Prime Minister on the 17th. In Spain, a bloodless Coup has placed all power of state into the hands of Miguel Primo de Rivera. With the blessing of the King, Spain has now become a military dictatorship.

    Not long following the conference in Stockholm, delegates began to rush to Paris. With Stckholm fresh on their mind, French delegates went after the Austro-Hungraian representatives with a vengeance. Postering between Serbia and Austria-Hungary had kicked off again prior to the conference and France capatised it. Austria-Hungary was swift to counter France’s accusations to their postering the medaling in the Balkans, but soon the disagreement became too much. Austria-Hungary outraged at Britain’s attempts to get involved in what they felt was their sphere of influence and France’s refusal to recognise their rights to defend themselves against possible Serbian backed insulation, left the conference in a storm. Aside from this, nothing of note was achieved at the conference and delegates left feeling deflated and their time wasted.

    Also of note this month, the naval arms race has begun to seep into other nations beyond the Major powers. Naval dockyards across Europe have begun massive efforts to begin to build up the navies of their respective nations. Could this lead to war of the seas at a level never seen before? Only time will tell. London and Athens have also found themselves at odds. Both nations wish to host a meeting of Balkan nations, with Athens arguing that as a Balkan nation they should host whilst London argues that as a Major power it should be them. Febuary will see if this issue is resolved.

    What we do in the Shadows

    In Verdun, a small incident occurred when French police arrested a German holiday maker at a cafe. They had been tipped off to a man matching his description who had been regularly visiting the area around the local forts as well as other border forts. The man, who’s name has not been disclosed, was released from holding on the 25th January following two days of questioning. Police found that though his actions had indeed drawn suspicion to him, the bird watching books and notes as well as the man’s story, led them to release him on the German side of the border much lighter of his bird watching materials. It would seem that tensions are high in the border regions and police on both sides of the wire have stepped up to a higher level.

    Norway though has faced a massive scandal this month. Royal Military Police (RMP) have announced that they have arrested two Norwigen men for attempting to draw state secrets from British Officers over drinks. The two men, posing as officers of the Norwigan Army, had managed to gain access to the gentlemen’s clubs frequented by members of Horse Guards. RMP Officers were alerted to the two men when General Sir James Birch became aware of them spiking the drink of a fellow officer before asking a number of highly sensitive questions. Officers of the RMP present at the time jumped the two men. Now being held for questioning one broke and confessed to being sent to find out information for a party within Norway whilst the other maintained that they were acting independently. As of the end of the month, both men are still being held in custody.

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    Italy Feb #1

    Foedere et Religione Tenemur

    The Great Festival and Cultural Tradition of Italy, CARNEVALE, will be celebrated this month, as is with tradition to start this festive holiday 40 days before the Easter holiday. The King personally invites the Leaders of both the Central Powers and the Entente to attend. As well as traditionally the Albanian King as they celebrate the same tradition going back as far as when Venetian Rulers owned the land. While Hostilities remain quite open, especially after the Waste of time the Paris Summit turned out to be, The King himself has allowed those who feel they may be in danger a small escort of their own selected bodyguards, to ensure they feel safe, if one must. Should any other nations wish to attend, all you need do is ask.

    Military Wargaming
    As is another Tradition of old is taking place in an Annual Wargame. This interaction is however private, to Italian Military High Command. The wargames will take place during the next couple weeks(with a break for Carnevale), And the Corp and Division Commanders in Attendance will take any new knowledge and military tactics to their subordinates to help strengthen our chain of command's ability to lead in a variety of situations that may arise.

    More Economic Reforms
    The Italian government would like to also help move the agricultural sector to flourish as quickly as possible and is giving subsidies to all residents of Italians Cities to move out and start farms, as well as current farmers who have begun to increase crop cultivation to allow for greater yields and a dependence on local crops rather than foreign-made crops. The Building up of our infrastructure from newly made reforms made last month will hopefully lend in aiding people to move into more countryside or urban areas, as well as provide materials quicker to help our local farmers.

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    Kingdom of Denmark Feb. post #1

    "Min Gud, mit land, min ære"

    Celebrations in the Kingdom

    With the return of Northern Schleswig to the Kingdom of Denmark, the people of the nation are in open celebration for this momentous and joyous occasion. At the heart of the planned celebrations is at the town of Sønderburg, one of the largest population centers in Northern Schleswig. Where the king himself Christian X and the Danish representatives who helped return the territory gave speeches to a crowd of thousands. After the king finished his inspirational speech, the crowd burst into song, singing the Danish National anthem, “Der er et yndigt land.” Following the statements, a parade was put on by the 1st and 2nd Division Kavaleri of the Royal Danish Army. They marched across the streets of Sønderburg on their mounts to the happy crowds of the city. The Kingdom of Denmark would like to graciously thank the Kaiser for agreeing to the terms laid out in the Stockholm Agreement; Denmark is proud to be an ally and cordial friend of the German Empire.

    Incorporation of Northern Schleswig

    With the territory of Northern Schleswig once again under Danish control. The process of incorporating the region back in the Kingdom is well underway. The funds to fully include Northern Schleswig back into Denmark are now being collected. The population of over 100,000 inhabitants, many of them Danes, will once again be reunited with their country of origin. Registration for citizenship is now open within the territory, and elections for local government bodies are being planned.

    War Games

    A portion of the Danish Royal Army will be conducting war games during the months of February and March. The Danish Army will take part in training exercises, along with Divisional and command staff. Where they will debate as one in an attempt to create new tactics and different ways to effectively run large groups of soldiers. This will allow commanders to better communicate and support each other in large scale operations. By promoting cohesion and discipline of the chain of command under the strain and confusion of war. The Danish Royal Army is open to nearby nations that would be interested in creating joint training exercises.

    Interest in Carnevale

    Christian X and members of the royal household have showcased an interest in visiting and experiencing the historical and traditional Carnevale celebrations in Italy. The King hopes that the invitation can be extended to himself and his family to attend the event.

    Swedish Embassy Under Siege

    The Kingdom of Denmark would also like to urgently request that the French Government to protect the Swedish Embassy from angry crowds. To prevent any incident that might occur from the current situation. Regardless of political affiliations and relations to any country, it is the duty of nations to protect institutions of diplomatic and peaceful nature, and an embassy is one of them.
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    "Nihil Sine Deo"

    War Games
    Taking note of the other countries the Romanian Armed Forces are gonna be staging their own war games, with hopes that each branch will be able to work in cohesion together, and find new strategies to not only defend themselves but if the need ever rises potential attack a well dug in enemy. King Carol also hopes that with the war games the fear of war will decrease within the Armed Forces.

    King Carol would personally like to ask permission from King Victor Emmanuel II in hopes to form a bond between both nations

    Balkans Conference
    The Kingdom of Romania would like to let the Kingdom of Greece know that they will be sending dignitaries to the conference with the rest of the Balkan nations

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    Balkan Conference
    Montenegro will send dignitaries to Athens and London.

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    President Accepts Italian Invitation
    The President, Raymond Poincaré, accepts his Italian majesty's invitation to the Carnevale festivities as a much anticipated opportunity to experience the wonders of Italian culture and tradition. The President has declared that, along with his family, he shall be accompanied only by the necessary entourage of security and clerks that are needed for any such visit to another nation, entrusting that the Italian police force and security present for such an event should be more than enough reassurance for any political leader.

    Government Denounces Norwegian Actions
    Since its inception last month the Stockholm Agreement has caused great concern for France with its inclusion of military alliances with Germany and the subsequent escalation of its naval arms race with the United Kingdom. Our concerns have been proven correct as of this month with the capture of Norwegian spies within Britain attempting to gain information through officers which they had drugged. Upon hearing this news the government was outraged and has officially denounced and condemned the actions of the Norwegian government calling them foolish and dangerous for attempting such subversive actions especially in these most treacherous of times. The government calls for the other nations of their pact to condemn the actions of Norway.

    The Bird Watcher From Germany
    The terrible news does not cease with just Norway as it appears that Germany too has been conducting its own espionage attempts, this time on our own nation of France. As many nations are aware of the bizarre incident with the arrest of a so called German avian enthusiast. It now appears the birds were not the only thing this German enthused about, as from careful examination of the notes taken by this gentleman it has been revealed that he also took a particular interest in the local border forts and their surrounding areas. We look forward to the excuse Germany has in line to deny this illegal act towards our Nation our government and to the people of France. The government once again thanks the vigilance of our citizens and the fast action of our police force in the apprehension of this foreign agent.

    Initiative de la Grande Route
    In some slightly more positive the government has publicly announced its new highways initiative. This initiative has been undertaken to help better connect the communities of France and with the use automobiles ever rising among our populace it only seem fitting to provide them with suitable roads to travel on.

    Swedish Embassy Protests
    The Foreign office reassures the Swedish embassy staff that they are in no immediate threat of danger from these protesters. The police shall be moved in to install a cordon around the front of the Swedish embassy building, moving the protesters to the other side of the street. The foreign office has also stated, it is within the best interests of everyone that this protest be allowed to die out naturally as any attempts to forcefully disperse it may worsen the situation. The police have recommended that staff and visitors, to the embassy, use the rear entrance to the building to avoid the main mass of protesters.
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    "Съ нами Богъ!"

    Lessons of War
    The Great Tsar demands of his Generals and Troops only the best of Performances. A few years back, the Great Russo-Japanese War showed that something had to change in the Empire.In the following month, the Great Russian Military will conduct War Games in Big Cities and Plains alike, to learn from our Mistakes and improve the Way in which our Military will allow us to better defend the Russian Way and the general Slavic World. We invite all our Allies, and the Nations that want to become our Ally!
    For the Empire!

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    "С вером у Бога, за Краља и Отаџбину"

    Serbia will be attending Carnevale
    Peter I will be going with his family to celebrate carnevale in Italy. He expresses his gratitude at the invitation and will bring a security entourage large enough to keep him and his family safe, but not enough for it to be misunderstood as a show of power.

    Serbia will join Russia’s wargames
    The Kingdom of Serbia has recently fought in the first and second Balkans Wars. Its troops are experienced and the Kingdom wishes to keep them that way, for dull grows the sword left unsharpened. The Serbian government thanks Russia for its gracious invitation.

    Railway reform
    As a result of the anticipated increase in trade as a result of the upcoming balkan conferences, the Serbian government has begun a program to overhaul railways where they currently exist, and add them where they do not. Particular emphasis will be placed on adding railway paths through the mountains for the faster transit of goods across country.

    Balkan talks
    The Kingdom of Serbia understands Greece’s annoyance at the British calling for their own balkan talks whilst they were already being planned by Greece. However, in the interest of a stronger defense plan in times of rising tension, it will be sending dignitaries to both meetings.
    2nd Lieutenant Eoghan O'Cobhtaigh

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    "Alt for Norge"

    Strengthening roots and honoring the ancestors
    His Majesty King Haakon VII announced earlier today that the Norwegian Kingdom will invest into cultural assets that remind the Norwegian people who they are and who their ancestors were, for the Norwegian history is a rich and powerful one, as well as announcing military and naval exercises.
    "We must not forget that today we live in a Norway which King Harald Fairhair dreamed of achieving: stable, with a promising economic future, but more importantly, free. In times such as these however, where Europe has its shield raised and its sword drawn, these dreams can be taken away very easily, forcing us to wake up and find ourselves in complete chaos. We must not allow this to happen. Therefore, as a means to protect our country, we must train ourselves in order to be prepared for the worst. We must train to defend ourselves. Therefore, the Norwegian military and the Royal Norwegian Navy will be conducting trainings in the Oslo Fjord starting the 5th of February."

    HNoMS Norge

    Applauding the Danish and German efforts
    The Kingdom of Norway would like to applaud the efforts made by both German and Danish diplomats in the return of Northern Slesvig to its homeland. While unexpected, we are sure that this action will ensure stability in both nations and will encourage friendly sentiments towards each other for decades to come.

    Improving infrastructure
    As Norway is blessed by its breath-taking and dramatic scenery, it is also cursed and makes travelling through the country a true nightmare. Efforts to improve the infrastructure will be made, in order to ease the passage through the mountains.

    Response to France
    France seems to forget that she is not the only multi-party system in Europe. The spies caught in Britain, at least one of them, has confessed to have been sent on behalf of one particular party. The Norwegian institutes are working hard in finding the responsible party and will prosecute them accordingly. In the meantime, we suggest that instead of aimlessly pointing fingers and trying to accuse entire nations of wrong doings, France steps up its efforts in protecting the Swedish embassy, something which it is responsible of directly.
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