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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    "Alt for Norge"

    Birthday wishes to the Kaiser
    King Haakon VII wishes a happy birthday to His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II, hoping that this year too he will undergo his popular Nordlandfahrt. The ancient and dramatic fjords of Norway await the Kaiser's visit yet again, as the port of Balestrand feels empty without the great Hohenzollern yacht anchored in it.

    The Kaiser on board of the Hohenzollern anchored in Balestrand

    Norway to participate in the Swedish summit

    The Kingdom of Norway will formally send a delegation to attend the summit held by Sweden. May the outcome of this summit be fruitful and beneficial to us all.

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    "Ik zal handhaven"

    The Netherlands wishes to attend the Swedish summit.

    The Netherlands and the Scandinavian nations share many economic and diplomatic interests, but most importantly, a strong Nordic cultural heritage. As such the government humbly requests to be invited to the Swedish summit. Regardless of if we are invited or not the Netherlands wishes all parties good luck and hopes the results of the summit are beneficial not only to the attending nations but Europe as a whole.

    The Netherlands sends its regards to the Kaiser.

    Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina & her husband Duke Henry, send their best wishes to His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II on his birthday and hopes the good fortunes and prosperity of the German nation continue.

    Pvt. William J. Sadowski

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    France wishes to send representatives to Scandinavian summit

    A hearty greeting is extended by the French Third Republic and especially from our Prime-Minister Gaston Doumergue to our northern neighbours of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. France would be most humbled if our representatives were welcomed into these meetings with your superb delegates. In a brief public meeting earlier today the President said "It would be a most honourable occasion."

    A Call to the Entente

    In other news. The President has sent urgent telegrams to both the British and Russian embassies in Paris today, in request of a speedy meeting between the three allies.
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    "Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter"

    The Austro-Hungarian delegation applauds the Scandinavian countries for pursuing cordial diplomatic missions in an effort to preserve peace in Europe. His Imperial Majesty Franz Joseph in a letter to his confidant expressed both optimism and respect for such noble intentions. Let us hope that all nations follow the example set forth by Scandinavia. In all sincerity, the Austro-Hungarian delegation shall watch events unfold with a keen eye in the hopes that the trials and tribulations of today will be put aside and the beginnings of a prosperous and peaceful Europe happen tomorrow.

    Meeting with the Entente
    In contrast to the diplomatic mission set by the Scandinavians, another and indeed some radicals within our government has suggested a more sinister mission has been initiated by France. Without pause or delay the French both request their presence at a meeting that is of insignificance to them (in a geographical and perhaps even political context) and call for an urgent meeting with the entente. Why, one must question the need for such haste and one must also question if the best intentions for Europe are being held when there is a serious lack of representation. To ratify this we suggest that Austro-Hungarian diplomats be invited to these talks to promote peace, pacify its radicals and increase representation. Such a major meeting suggests an urgent issue that is in need of settlement and consequently Austria-Hungary respectfully wishes to offer assistance in such a major settlement and be a part of this diplomatic mission.

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    "För Sverige – i tiden"

    Sweden welcomes the German Empire and the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Though unexpected, Sweden welcomes both nations to attend the summit

    A note to France and all other possible interested nations

    The great interest in our summit is overwhelming and to such an extend, something we can not host at the moment. If the great nation of France follows the glorious thought of diplomatic exchange, Sweden will happily send a delegation to your planned meeting with the UK and Russia.
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    "Foedere et Religione Tenemur"

    Entente Meeting

    The Kingdom of Italy expresses great interest into the meeting of the Entente. An Italian Advisor would like to represent the Kingdom of Italy to help further strengthen relations between both Nation and Alliance, and perhaps discuss friendships among europe. While the Austro-Hungarian response seems warranted, the Italian Government is not as sure what could be occuring, and is simply interested in how the organization plans on mediating the Balance that we as Europeans have created

    Scandinavian Delegations
    The Prince is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Scandinavian Summit, it does bring a tear to his eye to note that that halls are not big enough to house all nations that wish for attendance, but nevertheless the summit is sure to produce some interesting results in the coming future.

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    "Esta é a Ditosa Pátria Minha Amada"

    Entente Meeting

    The Portuguese Republic, as a 600 year old ally of the UK is very interested in sending a delegation to France for the upcoming Entente meeting. Such a meeting is very important to improve relations with our neighbours and preserve the peace of Europe. We would be very interested in discussing a friendship between Portugal and the member states of the Entente.

    Portugal Sends Regards to Scandinavian Summit

    Portugal sends its kind regards to the nations in the Scandinavian Summit and is very hopeful for positive results. In this modern age it is important to maintain the peace of Europe and to see other nations taking initiatives for peace is a sign for a hopeful future.
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    "Plus Ultra"

    Entente Meeting

    The King has decided to send a delegation to the upcoming Entente meeting in the hopes of improving relations with it's members and the rest of Europe.
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    United Kingdom - January #2

    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    Meeting with the Entente
    As a member of the Entente Alliance, the United Kingdom of Great Britain will send a delegation consisting of both political and military cabinet members of Parliament to the lovely and historic Paris. The United Kingdom also accepts the request for her oldest ally, Portugal, to join the meeting. Any talks involving the United Kingdom may involve her allies, and Portugal has much to offer in the political sphere.

    Russian Farming
    The United Kingdom of Great Britain has decided to send advisers from the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries to the Russian Empire to assist in modernizing Russian farming industry. This will include machinery training and operation, crop techniques such as crop rotation, the effects of over-harvesting due to the efficiency of modern machinery, etc. We are confident that the Empire of Russia shall prosper even further as a result of the assistance. The United Kingdom takes great pride in assisting the people of Russia, as stalwart allies, we want all of our peoples to prosper.

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    International Meeting Requests

    The foreign office has been taken aback by the interest in French affairs by the other nations of Europe. In a statement to the press the government said it would be more than willing to hold an international conference in the coming months for all those nations who have expressed their interest. The government requests that all those nations wishing to attend such a meeting make their intentions known to the foreign office as to allow for preparations to be made.

    Ministry of Agriculture to Offer Russia Aid

    As the United Kingdom leads the way to aid our most easterly neighbour, the ministry of agriculture is too sending representatives to aid his Imperial Majesty's most unfortunate position. It is well known that Russian agriculture has not advanced at the same pace as other industrial nations. We do not underestimate the perseverance of the noble Russian farmer, we do however aim to realize his true potential with the aid of the most modern of farming methods and equipment.
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