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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    The TSAR declares:

    We are greatly concerned by the uncalled for aggression of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Instead of conducting an investigation and due process, Austria-Hungary seems to have forgotten the very basics of a just State.
    By its rash and unnecessary actions, Austria-Hungary brought War upon itself and the entire Balkans, a region that is already plagued with conflicts.

    I, the Tsar, truly hope that Austria-Hungarys allies will see the stupidity in its action and decide to not bring the harsh reality of war upon themselves only to aid an obviously unfit ally.
    This is also a call to the minorities living in Austria-Hungary: Do you really think a state that throws your lifes away in such unnecessary wars is truly one you want to live in? Russia pledges its support to the minorities living in Austria-Hungary!

    Make it clear, that the Great Russian Empire will move with its combined power of the people against anyone who attacks its very integrity. May our Enemies shudder in fear!

    A letter to the people:

    The Tsar declares, that the recent events changed his opinion on a lot of things. He finally realized, that change in the Russian Empire is necessary. if we want to compete internationally, not only does our economy has to become more modern, but our state does to. We are to empower and reform the Duma, taking the Ideas of the German state and implementing them in our statute.
    This system will ensure that the common Russian Person has a say in its politics, while ensuring that we still have a strong leadership by his mighty, godchosen Tsar in these troubling Times.

    Март на!

    - The Russian State reforms its Government

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    Italian March #1

    Foedere et Religione Tenemur

    Non-Aggression with France
    The King of Italy, does not see the Balkan War as his fight and believes this is just a fight between the Austro-Hungarians and The Balkans. To show the French Government that it does intend on fighting, The King would like to extend the offer of Non-Aggression to the French Republic. These Wars in the Balkans will not get us our Italian Lands back, and there is no reason for Involvement.

    Desperate Plea's to Other Powers
    A Time of war is upon our Great Continent, but this does not mean we must embroil the Continent in war, We should see to it that this fight remains simply a fight between two major countries and the minors that side with each.

    Condolences to Austria-Hungary
    The King is saddened to see General Von Hotzendorf go and in such an archaic fashion. The Emporer has my deepest sympathies
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    Reichskanzlei, Berlin

    Allgemeine Mobilmachung - Partial Mobilisation enacted

    His Imperial Majesty The Kaiser has enacted a state of partial mobilisation.

    All conscripts of the years 1893 and 1894 and prior years, provided no final decision about their service has been made by the authorities, as well as all one-year volunteers are to report to their town hall within three days.

    1. The first day of mobilisation is 2nd March
    The second day of mobilisation is 3rd March
    The third day of mobilisation is 4th March
    The fourth day of mobilisation is 5th March
    And so on

    2. All commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel including replacement reservists are to report at the location and at the time specified by the martial provision; those without such a provision are to remain at home while awaiting their deployment order

    3. All enlisted personnel not yet registered with their local Feldwebel are to report to their respective army district headquarter unless specifically exempted from deployment in case of mobilisation

    4. Those who do not follow these orders are subject to strict penalisation according to martial law

    5. In order to reach their deployment area, all mobilised personnel are entitled to free railway usage without a ticket and without prior consultation of rail personnel. Presentation of this provision or other military papers to rail personnel is sufficient

    6. The red martial provisions are in effect, yellow is void

    Simultaneously, His Majesty The Kaiser has declared a state of war for the Empire on the basis of Article 68 of the constitution. For Bavaria, the same provision is enacted.

    Herein, the executive power is transferred to the governor or commander of each respective army district. Civil and community authorities retain their functions. However, they are now to adhere to the directives and provisions enacted by the governor or the commander.

    The Kaiser issues a blank cheque to Austria-Hungary

    The German government is shocked by the despicable murder of the Austro-Hungarian Army Chief of Staff Conrad von Hötzendorf in Vienna. The Serbians are known for their deep-seated hatred against Austria-Hungary and all the beautiful things the Empire stands for, but such a brutal crime seemingly orchestrated by radical organisations with close ties to the Serbian government transcended all expectations. The anger the Kaiser experiences at this news is only superseded by the grief over the loss of a great man like Hötzendorf and the sympathy the Kaiser and his government have for their Austro-Hungarian counterparts. It will be difficult to find a successor to live up to the high standards that Hötzendorf set within the K.u.K Armee.

    While this is a sobering event, pressing issues require immediate action and committed focus. Now that the Serbian beast has finally shown its true colours, decisive action must be taken, as Vienna has already begun to do. There can be no doubt that the Serbian government is linked to this tragedy; it is well-known that they are undermined by nationalist organisations that are hell-bent on causing chaos within Austria-Hungary. Consequently, the Serbian state must take responsibility and bear the consequences for its actions. By allying with such a radical and aggressive government, the members of the Balkan League willingly and knowingly supported such brutish behaviour and must share in this responsibility. Their alliance with the Russian Empire, which has repeatedly made hostile overtures towards Austria-Hungary, including claiming rightfully Austro-Hungarian land, evidently served no purpose but to insure themselves a free hand in their operations. There are grounds to suspect a wider conspiracy within the Balkan League, given a rapid mobilisation by Russian forces that should not have been possible in that fashion. This is highly suspicious and suggests an orchestrated and planned operation.

    The German government fully supports the actions taken by His Majesty Kaiser Franz Joseph and his cabinet. Various events over the course of the last days reinforce this point of view. While there is outcry at the swift and wide-reaching legitimate response by the Austro-Hungarian government, they acted in a lawful and orderly manner. Romania and Russia, however, have not. Both nations have broken international law when they attacked an innocent and uninvolved third party. The ambush of the Bulgarian Navy was a war crime and must be persecuted accordingly, for international regulation must be followed to the point. In support of Austria-Hungary’s quest to enforce justice and restore order in the region, His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II issues a blank cheque to Austria-Hungary, pledging full German support in this crisis. Nevertheless, the German government is still hopeful for a peaceful resolution of this conflict. The Balkan League is urged to submit and cease hostilities immediately so that a diplomatic solution in spirit with international law may be found to the current situation. Should Petersburg and Bucharest refuse to cooperate, trade sanctions will be enacted in response to their blatant violation of international law.

    Trade Conflict with the United Kingdom

    The snap election and the resulting conservative victory is welcomed by the Imperial Foreign Office. While domestic party politics of a foreign power are usually of no concern to Germany, in this case, it is apparent that the preceding cabinet was lacking the necessary qualifications for guiding a country, let alone an Empire, as their actions undermined the economic and political stability of their nation and that of others. The decision to reopen waterways to members of the Stockholm Agreement is agreeable, but trade sanctions on the United Kingdom by the Stockholm Agreement will remain in place until all remaining embargos by Great Britain are lifted. The Foreign Secretary is open for further negotiations on this issue, but until a solution is found, measures taken last month will remain in place.

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    "С вером у Бога, за Краља и Отаџбину"

    To the Austro-Hungarian government
    The assumption that it was the result of Serbian foreign meddling is absurd. Where is your sense of justice? To be judge, jury, and executioner in the same breath shows an awfully strong desire to have war by any means necessary. Is it not just as plausible to kill a dissenter in your own government and clumsily blame it on a group that, while it does indeed have Serb ties, acts ENTIRELY of its own behest? This appears to be an arrow shot and a target painted around it. Seasons greetings- Serbia

    To the German government
    In this moment, you deserve to know the truth. That truth is simple: the Kingdom of Serbia is the victim of a dreamed up charge of assassination by the Austro-Hungarians. Was their a thorough investigation? No! Were countries barely related to the disagreement in question attacked without having earned such malice? Yes! As to your request that we cease hostilities, how would you propose that we do so? Let the Austro-Hungarians further into our land? Let them subjugate more slavs? Meekly submit to a small dog with an even smaller temper? You have an opportunity to do what's right, and it is highly recommended that you take it. Fare thee well- The Serbian government

    Declarations of War
    The Kingdom of Serbia declares itself at war with Bulgaria, not out of genuine ill will, but out of necessity. It is a signatory of an treaty that directly threatens a kindred nation and that is the price of such a signature. To the Austro-Hungarians, we do not declare war. We declare annihilation. Any troops that venture into Serb territory will be as if they never existed. The plants and animals of our land have asked me to thank you for providing corpses of your young men as sustenance.
    2nd Lieutenant Eoghan O'Cobhtaigh

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    German Response
    If the German Kaiser truly wanted peace he would request that Austrian-Hungarian troops immediately evacuate the Balkan Leagues lands. Then we can have peace! Then we can negotiate! When it comes to Bulgaria due to the anti-Romanian treaty signed by Bulgaria & Austria-Hungary the Balkan League very much believe that a preemptive strike was more then justified.

    War on Bulgaria!
    The Hellenic Republic formally declares war on the Tsardom of Bulgaria.
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    March Post #1

    "Min Gud, mit land, min ære"

    War in the Balkans

    The Kingdom of Denmark is shocked to see Europe once again engaged in a terrible and bloody war, abrupting unexpectedly in the Balkans in such a quick fashion. The nations fears that the war will spiral out of control and draw the other great powers of the world into open conflict and cause a massive war of destruction and brutality. Nevertheless the Kingdom of Denmark will continue to honor its pact with its fellow Scandinavian Nations, and its newfound ally, the German Empire.

    Condolences to Vienna

    Christian X is grieved to have been notified of the death of Conrad von Hötzendorf. He therefore sent condolences to Vienna on behalf of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is in the opinion that Austria-Hungary has the right to exact revenge on the perpetrators, The Kingdom of Serbia, and those nations aligned alongside them. Following the wrongful assasination of a well known and famed man in Austrian High Command. Many of which are constantly striving to dismantle the nation of Austria- Hungary and spread chaos to the Balkans.

    Danish Royal Navy

    The Danish Royal Navy has now been put on high alert to enforce the trade embargo now pushed on Britain, and the new war that has engulfed the Balkans once again. The navy will patrol the coast of the Danish Nation and ensure the stipulations brought upon Britain are enforced to a high standard.
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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    Ultimatum to Austria-Hungary
    The Government was outraged upon hearing the news of the Austro-Hungarian illegitimate invasion of the Balkan League nations, especially that of Russia a close ally of France and a member of the Entente. Our government sympathises with the assassination of the renowned Conrad von Hötzendorf however this is no basis on which to commit such an egregious act without any form of valid evidence connecting this so called terrorist group to the government of Serbia. Henceforth our government issues an ultimatum to the Austro-Hungarian government.

    1. All forces of Austria-Hungary are to cease further action against all members of the Balkan League.

    2. Austro-Hungarian troops are to withdraw from all captured territory.

    3. The above two demands must be met within one week or a state of war shall exist between our two nations.

    France Mobilises
    With the disturbing events having unfurled over this last month the government, after a long period of debate, has deemed it necessary to enact the mobilisation of our land and naval based forces. Earlier the President gave a statement quote "It is unfortunate that, we as a nation, must commit to these actions but we do however feel it is necessary with the current climate of Europe. We can only hope that we do not have waist that lives of our brave men in such a petty affair."

    France Accepts Italian Non-Aggression
    The government is delighted to accept this request, from his Italian majesty, for non aggression between our great nations and hopes it leads to a glorious new era of friendship between our peoples. The president is jubilant for this opportunity to meet with his Italian majesty after the unfortunate cancellation of Carnevale and to formally sign this pact of non aggression.

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    "Ik zal handhaven"

    The Netherlands Mobilises.

    Although we would greatly prefer for events in Europe to not play out in this manner, with the delivery of the French Republic's ultimatum to Austro-Hungary it is becoming all but inevitable that a general European war is on the horizon. Thusly the government has begun to call up all its reserve forces and has begun preparations to deploy them if need be. The Koninklijke Marine has been put on high alert and is prepared to make sail at a moment's notice. The Luchtvaartafdeeling has begun patrolling Dutch airspace. The Koninklijke Marechaussee has been granted emergency powers to help keep the peace and protect the Netherlands' national security. A government ministry has been created to buy and stockpile war material and basic supplies. The Netherlands would like to make it very clear that it is prepared to honor its alliance with Germany and the Scandinavian nations if anyone is foolish or childish enough to make war upon them. The Netherlands also wishes to send it's condolences to Vienna regarding the tragic slaying of Feldmarschall von Hötzendorf.

    The Netherlands calls up all it's reserve forces.
    The Netherlands military and police are placed on high alert.
    The Netherlands begins stockpiling supplies.
    The Netherlands reassures the Stockholm Agreement of its support.
    The Netherlands sends it's condolences to The Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    Pvt. William J. Sadowski

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    "För Sverige – i tiden"

    Sweden Issues Extended Mobilization

    With the situation escalating in Europe. Sweden issues Extended mobilization of its armed forces and prepared itself to defend our fatherland and our noble allies

    Condolences to Vienna

    The shocking event in Vienna was a true and disgusting act of terrorism. The Swedish government hopes that every criminal involved gets the deserved punishment

    The Svenska marinen enters war readiness

    Naval high command issues war readiness for the Swedish Royal Navy. The royal waters and coasts of our nation, will be secured by the brave sailors.

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    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    "By Order of the King"
    The recent Balkan Crisis has seen Europe's nations escalate tensions between each other and increasingly mobilize men for war. Indeed, the recent invasions by the Austro-Hungarian Empire have seen many men already killed and large tracts of land occupied. With the recent mobilizations of the German Empire and, especially, the Kingdoms of the Netherlands and Sweden and the naval mobilization of Denmark, the United Kingdom cannot afford to be inactive and unprepared. Actions must be taken to protect the home islands, Britain's colonial interests, and her trade. It has become clear that the only thing that can keep foreign aggression at bay is strength and decisive action.

    By order of his Majesty, King George V, the United Kingdom shall fully mobilize the army and navy reserves of its professional and grand military for the defense of the Empire and her interests. Naval vessels and fleets shall be placed on High Alert and maintain a constant state of readiness. Reserves shall be organized into their active units.

    The Royal Navy, in conjunction with the Army, is a force that stands for the defense of the Empire and her interests. We recognize that this act of mobilization is drastic, however it has become self-evident that this is what must be done and is the final measure to stop and prevent further aggression. We urge both Kaisers to reconsider their actions in the Balkans. Your two empires are the only ones with the capabilities of putting a stop to escalating tensions. Your decisions and actions immediately following this news will be proof of your intentions and determine the destiny that befalls all Europe.

    The "Wards of Britain" Treaty
    In addition to the mobilization of the armed forces, His Majesty, King George V, has signed treaties with the Kingdoms of Serbia, Romania, and Montenegro. These treaties, informally titled together as the "Wards of Britain" treaty, all share the same terms and common goal:

    • The United Kingdom guarantees the sovereignty of the Kingdoms of Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro.
    • The United Kingdom guarantees the territorial integrity of the Kingdoms of Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro.
    • The United Kingdom guarantees the independence of the Kingdoms of Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro.
    • The United Kingdom shall take action to achieve and advocate for the three aforementioned terms should any of the Kingdoms of Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro come under occupation or be annexed by military force.

    The United Kingdom also unilaterally declares its guarantee of the aforementioned terms in regards to the new Hellenic Republic.

    This is the first and final act Britain will take to stop Austro-Hungarian aggression against the Balkan states. Let it be known that the United Kingdom supports the existence of the Balkan states and that Austria-Hungary is threatening that existence. Further action against the Balkan states will not be tolerated. A line has been firmly drawn in the sand. It is up to the Austrian Kaiser to determine whether he chooses to cross it.

    "Free Trade"

    The mobilizations of the Dutch, Danish, and Swedish navies has alarmed many in the Empire. It is unknown whether, in this time of escalating tensions, the rights of free passage of trade and business will remain respected. Indeed, restrictions in British controlled straits and waterways have been lifted in order to prove the Empire's commitment to peace and prosperity. However the reluctance to negotiate a relaxation and end of embargo, despite having taken the first steps towards easing tensions, by the German Empire and the Stockholm Agreement nations causes many in the United Kingdom to fear for trade.

    At this moment, naval patrols to protect sea lanes and ensure free passage shall be increased. Armed escorts shall also be created and attached to merchant vessels to prevent harassment. Specifically, an armed escort fleet shall attach itself to a grain-bearing merchant fleet destined for St. Petersburg via the Baltic Sea. We expect both the merchant fleet and attached armed escort of 4 Protected Cruisers to pass through international waters unharmed and without harassment.

    Let the German Empire and, in particular, the Kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark, be reminded of the Copenhagen Convention. It is our sovereign right to pass without harassment freely into and out of the Baltic Sea. Our armed escort serves only to guarantee the safety and free movement of the merchant ships. Actions taken against the merchant ships will be seen as action taken against the military vessels, and actions taken against military vessels are seen as actions against the Empire.

    God Save the Empire, and God Save King George!

    - The United Kingdom signs the "Wards of Britain" treaty & unilaterally guarantees the Hellenic Republic.
    - The United Kingdom issues a Full Mobilization.
    - An armed escort sails towards the Baltic Sea to ensure the safety and movement of merchant ships.

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