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Thread: BoP: Europe 1914 - II

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    دولت ابد مدت
    "The Eternal State"

    Declarations of War and an unlawfull Blockade
    The news of foreign agression have reached Constantinople and an emergency meeting has been held. "The Kingdom of Italy seems to have no regard for International Law as demonstrated again by its announcement of a Blockade in the Adriatic Sea" one Ottoman politician comments afterwards. The declaration of War by the British and their Ally the Portugese Republic also do not come as a surprise. The repeated attempts by the British to spark false romance have begun to slightly annoy Ottoman Diplomats, their use as a lure and scanning device beeing quite obvious and inelegant. Diplomatic staff in London will leave immediatly for Belgium.

    As a result of the developments, the Ottoman Empire in the aforementioned meeting has decided to take action and declared Martial Law. Also it will take steps to limit threats to the Ottoman Empire. "In these times" says Sultan Mehmed V. and Minister of War Enver Pasha in a speech in Constantinople "we call on the Skill, Bravery and the fierce Determination of the soldiers and the population of the Ottoman Empire, as now they are the only thing standing between Ottoman society and British colonial cruelty. The Ottoman Empire will, together with its Allies, fight off these British and Portugese Agressors!"

    - British, Portugese and Russian Nationals in the Ottoman Empire will be called to a check by authorities and if suspicions of espionage, sabotage, agitation etc. arise, they will be put under further investigation.

    - Diplomats and diplomatic staff of hostile nations still on Ottoman territory will be arrested.

    - Ships of British, Portugese or Russian origin will be ceased along with their cargo, their crews will be arrested. Italian vessels will be blocked from leaving port, crews will be arrested. Vessels of Allies of any hostile nation will be blocked from leaving port and their crews have to leave their ship. If orders of port authorities or the Ottoman Armed Forces are not followed, force will be applied.

    Enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy
    The Ottoman Empire will enforce the Terms agreed upon by the Kingdom of Italy in the Treaty of Ouchy with immediate effect. It therefore asks the Kingdom of Italy to honor the Treaty and peacefully hand over controll of the Dodecanese Islands to its rightfull owners, the Ottoman Empire. This handover will be assisted by members of the Ottoman Armed Forces.

    -Declaration of Martial Law
    -Announcemetn of Actions to ensure Ottoman internal security
    -Enforcement of the Treaty of Ouchy

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    "С вером у Бога, за Краља и Отаџбину"

    To the Austro-Hungarian Leadership
    You have no leg to stand on in the argument that the way Bulgaria was treated was somehow worse than the way that our land was invaded. Bulgaria was not warned in much the same way that our Kingdom wasn't. To continue as such is the pot calling the kettle black. The Italian dignitary was correct in stating that making such easily debunked claims is simply the whining of a morally bankrupt empire not getting its way and shall be treated as such. Maybe a relaxing walk in the mountains will clear your head and calm your turbulent emotions. That is, of course, if you can take them from me.

    To the Bulgarian Leadership
    It is unfortunate that you must reap what your allies sowed. In light of this, Serbian diplomats stand at the ready. Should you wish to come to an amiable solution to the current conflict, please consider reaching out to them.
    2nd Lieutenant Eoghan O'Cobhtaigh

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    "Съ нами Богъ!"

    The St. Petersburg Uprising

    The Brave Soldiers who demolished the futile uprising of the Grand Duke are to be met with the greatest thanks by the Tsar. He shall personally visit them to thank them for ensuring a future for the fresh, but strong new Russian Spirit covering the Country. The Grand Duke is now imprisoned and shall await a fair and just trial in a remote location.

    The Austrian Question

    The Russian Ambassadors find it amusing that a country that argues that it is essentially fighting a defensive War against Serbian Aggression, now has to define War Goals to justify its uncalled aggression against the Slavic People. The Russian Empire shall not look away as its brethren and friends are attacked and threatened by the Austrian Monster.
    Instead, we shall free the oppressed people who are currently suffering under the Austrian Rule. They are systematically held back, because the Austrians fear what a united Slavic Empire can accomplish for Europe!
    They shall get what they deserve!

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    "Liberté, égalité, fraternité"

    France Recalls Diplomats from Istanbul
    With the Ottomans outrageous and uncivilised internment of British foreign diplomats, the government hereby closes it's embassy to the Ottoman Empire and recalls it's diplomats from Istanbul before they too are unjustly interned and subjected to goodness know what sort of cruelty and conditions . The government also whished to extend their sympathies to those British civilians who have been interned and will pray for their safety and demands the return these poor souls to their motherlands.

    Run Fishy Run!
    It must be acknowledged that the combined flotilla of the Scandinavians and Germans successfully accomplished an astounding feet over the Royal navy during the passing month and this of course is something that will shake the world if somewhat briefly. However the real question that is upon the worlds lips now is "What now?" Yes it is an admirable feet to dupe the rulers of the wave and claim victory but what did this really prove, that a bunch of substandard naval powers relying on German technology and cowardly deceit managed to sink a few old cruisers before scampering off into the mists of the Atlantic Ocean and removing a vital piece of structure from the Germany's naval command. What do you hope to accomplish now, to buy goods from the United States or resources from South America? Well we're sure that will do all of your currently failing economies a world of good when it is set ambling about the oceans aimlessly with no hope of returning to home waters, that is if those brave ships and sailors of yours do not become fast friends with the sea floor beforehand.

    -Police station officers around Ottoman embassy
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    "Dieu Et Mon Droit"

    "The Turk Reveals His Treachery"
    The Turkish Sultan in Constantinople has fully revealed his hostile and treacherous nature. Despite multiple peaceful overtures, and amicable measures taken by His Majesty's government in their declaration of war, the Turk has imprisoned His Majesty's ambassadors and immediately begun encroaching on the sovereign rights of unrelated countries, notably Italy. Within a short period of time, the Turk has proclaimed anti-trade measures, denied waterway access to merchants, proclaimed an irredentist claim on the Italian Dodecanese Islands, and even declared a state of Martial Law. It has become clear and obvious that His Majesty, King George V, and the Prime Minister were absolutely correct in their judgement that the Turk was hostile and is to be considered an outright enemy. It has also become clear that the Turk's ways are medieval and backwards, and only force can bring Him to heel. We started this war to protect our interests and our protectorates, but now we proclaim our aim of total defeat of the Turkish Sultan and the end of Turkish hegemony in Arabia. His Majesty's government believes, in due time, fortune will reveal that God favors the Sultan no longer. The fact that our empire has more Moslems than the Turk has subjects only further proves that providence is on our side. We call upon all good Europeans to see the Turk for what he is: a medieval and treacherous cripple that must finally be put down!

    "Birds of a Feather"
    The action and death of one of our esteem Admirals is regrettable. All true Britons know that the man died only with love for his country and courage in his heart. Through this misfortune, however, a new beacon of hope has emerged. Our esteemed Portuguese ally has proven to the world that it must be respected on the high seas. We congratulate the Portuguese Navy for its performance near Iceland, and officially present and gift to it a mascot to pair with our own: a clever Pink Flamingo named "Herculano"! We look forward to further service and actions with our noble ally. Together we shall rule the waves!

    We also officially present and gift to the French Navy their own mascot: behold "Cyrille", the Gallic Cock! Fiery and without fear, he shall be the perfect embodiment of good French values and a symbol of French courage and fearlessness, no matter how threatening the Teutonic Hawk may seem!

    God Save the Empire, and God Save King George!

    - The United Kingdom urges Europeans to see the Ottomans as Hostile
    - The United Kingdom gifts mascot birds to Portugal and France
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