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Thread: Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry - Company D - "Sumpter Mounted Guards"

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    Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry - Company D - "Sumpter Mounted Guards"

    The Jefferson Davis Legion Cavalry

    The Jeff Davis Legion D Company is a full member of Longstreet's I Corps
    together with the 5th Texas, 15th Georgia, 4th Texas, 6th Alabama, Holcombe's Legion, 23rd Virginia Skirmishers, Palmetto Sharpshooters, 1st Tennessee Skirmishers, Rowan's Artillery, Richmond Howitzers, and Coke's Artillery.

    Jeff. Davis Cavalry Legion was organized in January, 1862, using the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. At that time the unit contained two Alabama, one Georgia, and three Mississippi companies. On July 11, 1864, the 4th Alabama Cavalry and Company D of Mullen's Georgia Cavalry were assigned to the legion. However, by the end of July the 4th Alabama Battalion was transferred to the Phillips Georgia Cavalry Legion. The unit served under Generals Hampton, Butler, and P.M.B. Young. The unit participated in the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from Williamsburg to Cold Harbor, then was active north and south of the James River. In April, 1862, it contained 171 effectives. It lost 4 wounded at Brandy Station, and had 4 killed and 10 wounded of the 246 at Gettysburg. En route from Pennsylvania, it had 2 killed and 12 wounded, and 3 were wounded during the Bristoe Campaign. In 1865 the unit was assigned to General Logan's Brigade and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Its field officers were Colonel William T. Martin, Lieutenant Colonels William G. Conner and J. Fred. Waring, and Major Ivey F. Lewis and W.M. Stone.


    The Regiment currently runs events with the rest of I Corps on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
    EU Events are held every Friday and Sunday at 3pm Eastern Time / 8pm GMT
    US Events are held every Saturday and Sunday Events at 8pm Eastern Time

    Longstreet's I Corps

    Corps Commander: Major General Drax

    1st Brigade Commander: Colonel Penance
    2nd Brigade Commander: Colonel James
    3rd Brigade Commander: Colonel Nonce_Nuggets

    4th Texas Infantry Regiment: LTC Nile Jefferson
    5th Texas Infantry Regiment: COL James
    15th Georgia Infantry Regiment: COL Penance
    6th Alabama Infantry Regiment: COL Nonce
    Holcombe's Legion: CPT Sams
    23rd Virginia Skirmishers: CPT Sheep
    Palmetto Sharps Company E: CPT Turansky
    1st Tennessee Company F Skirmishers: CPT Wallis
    Rowan's Artillery (North Carolina): CPT Dab
    Richmond (Virginia): CPT George/1LT Dutch
    Coke's (Virginia): CPT Spud
    Jeff Davis Legion Company D: CPT Broos

    Company Organization

    Company CO: Captain Broos
    Company XO: 1stSgt. B_Ball
    1st Platoon:
    Cpl. Survivor
    Pvt. Reddogg
    2nd Platoon:
    Cpl. Blondie
    Pvt. Lemoyne

    If you’re interested in joining up with the cavalry, join our discord and contact Broos or B_Ball.
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    Welcome aboard to the one and only veteran cavalry unit in I Corps! Highly commendable unit for serious skirm/cav players, only the best.
    Longstreet's I Corps Staff Team

    15th Georgia Infantry XO

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    I wish II corps had cav

    This unit looks badass good luck guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost30 View Post
    I wish II corps had cav

    This unit looks badass good luck guys!
    just flip a union cav unit lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saris View Post
    just flip a union cav unit lol
    That's one ssssspicy comment!

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    don't start talking crazy haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saris View Post
    just flip a union cav unit lol
    ^^^Hahahaha great comment! Hmmmm…..there is a 4th PA Cav out there right? Juuust kidding! No need to flip units when you animals push them into my lap, all units that are part of II Corps have **REQUESTED** to be part, not the other way around......just think for a minute, why do all these units that certain groups try to court to their faction willingly come to mine without provocation?.....yall make things too easy for me. Try being stand up guys in the community and cut the drama and politics and you would be amazed what you could accomplish.
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