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Thread: Do something with the Company Tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fancy Sweetroll View Post
    On the Company Tool, Javascript is pretty much only used for those spinning soldiers when a page is loading. But its a combination of .NET, C# HTML, CSS and Javascript.

    If everything goes well, i am done with my current project at work in march and maybe I could find some time to take a look at it, if you guys need some help. (Better if you guys keep focused on the game :P )  02

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    Your suggestion with the log in period Fancy is a step in the right direction in helping clear it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fancy Sweetroll View Post

    As we are currently busy with other things and have been for a very long time, there is unfortunately often very little time to work on the Company Tool. I do have few ideas though that wouldnt take too long to implement and would also prevent doing a full wipe on the Company Tool which we really dont want to do.

    We could make it so that if a person hasnt logged in to the Company Tool for 3 months or some period. The person will then automatically leave the company. If this happens enough, this company will eventually drop below 5 members, making the company available for others to claim.

    If the company owner hasnt logged in to the Company Tool for 1 month or something like that, then the company gets disbanded entirely.

    We would of course send out a couple of emails to people who are in danger of automatically leaving their company due to inactivity.

    If we decide to do this, for people who havent logged in for years, they would probably also have a 2-4 week period after this gets rolled out, to log in to the Company Tool and save their company.
    I like the sound of fixing but that Idea is not very good, people often forget to log back in and the tool currently doesn't provide anything useful for the regular pvt to log back in for. That then puts added pressure on officers to keep making sure people log in which us monotonous.

    Thanks for trying to fix this though you guys are doing great.

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    An alternative could also be to only require the company owner to log in. Or perhaps any one member with a rank higher than or equal to the minimum rank required for being part of the staff the company.

    So if a company has 5 staff members. 4 of them are mostly afk. Then its all good if just one staff member on a regular basis logs back in. If no staff member has logged in within a month. The company gets disbanded.

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    An ideal solution, even if not feasible, would be:

    1) Link steam and the CT so that only people who own the game can start and join companies.

    2) People who don't own the game, can still view the company tool, even send messages to the company commanders, but cant join the company unless they buy a copy of the game.

    3) This way if people do want to squat and occupy all companies in a regiment, they would at the very least have to buy multiple copies of the game, which is a win win for Campfire games.

    4) To prevent people from making an account, buying the game, then refunding after joining the CT, you could have a feedback system in place wherein the CT checks if the person still owns the game or not by requiring people to log in every so often.

    But in all fairness I know little about programming and how all these programs function or if they even work together. But if they could then I think the solution above might be a very good one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Friendbeard View Post
    An ideal solution, even if not feasible, would be:

    1) Link steam and the CT so that only people who own the game can start and join companies.
    This would help a great deal. Require them to authenticate their Steam account.

    This might also be used as a preliminary step for displaying in-game ranks at a later date.

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    I think the best thing can do is just do it so inactive company leaders companies get disbanded as that would be a huge help but apart from that they should have the game as their prime focus.
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    Linking steam for authentication sounds like it could be interesting (if it is possible with the way the code is set up).
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    Doing some authentication with Steam would be much more work than what we are willing to put into the Company Tool right now. In the probably far future, we plan on using a different kind of database that is more suitable for games to talk to, though it of course also works fine for websites. The plan is to switch the Company Tool over to using this database system instead of the type of database we are currently using. This will allow the game to directly communicate with the Company Tool, allowing us to store various ingame stats which can then be seen on the Company Tool and also in the game itself. It will probably also make it much easier for the Company Tool to verify if somebody actually own the game. It will however require the entire backend of the Company Tool that communicates with the database to be reworked into the syntax the new database system uses. This is also one of the reasons why we hesitate to add more functionality to the Company Tool as the more stuff we add, the harder it will be to eventually transition to the database system the game can talk to.

    On another note,

    During the weekend I have been working on getting the new automatic disbanding of companies working. Currently it seems like its nearly fully working, though I will have to look through it again tommorow and do some more tests as we really dont want active companies to be disbanded by accident

    The way the code is currently set up to behave is like this. (I will be referring to the "Company Staff" multiple times in the following. Here's an explanation of what "Company Staff" is. If you are an admin for your company in the Company Tool, there is a setting where you can specify which minimum rank gets admin rights, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant and so on.. Any member of the company at this rank or above is identified as part of the company staff. You are also part of the company staff if you are designated as the "owner" of the company.)

    When we launch the automatic disbandment system. For all companies where none of their staff has signed in for the last 30 days, their staff will receive an email notifying them that if none of the companys staff sign in during the next 60 days, their company will automatically get disbanded.

    If 30 days pass and there is still no staff member that has signed in, then the company staff gets a second email saying they now have 30 days to sign in or their company will get disbanded.

    If 55 days pass and there is still no staff member that has signed in, then the company staff gets a third email saying they now have 5 days to sign in or their company will get disbanded.

    If 59 days pass and there is still no staff member that has signed in, then the company staff gets a fourth email saying they now have 1 day to sign in or their company will get disbanded.

    If one of the staff members signs in during this 60 day period, an email is sent to the entire company staff, notifying them that their company is no longer at risk of being disbanded for the time being. The email will also state which staff member was the one who logged in and saved the company (future promotion incoming ).

    If no staff member logs in during the 60 day period, then the company gets disbanded and each member of the company will receive an email stating that the company has been disbanded due to an inactive staff.

    This will then cycle again and again for the time to come, the only difference is that it wont tell you that you have 60 days to sign in but instead, when somebody signs in, you are good for 30 days. Then when these 30 days have passed and if no staff member has signed in, the staff will get an email stating you have 30 days to sign, so still 60 days in total from the last staff sign in until the company is disbanded.

    It is also important to mention that for the time being, this effect will be active an ALL companies, mustering companies and formed companies.

    You are all free to comment on these rules and the timings of emails and time it takes to get disbanded. We dont want to be too harsh on the timings, in case all staff members were on a long holiday or whatever and missed the emails, but we also want the cleanup of the Company Tool to happen relatively soon.

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    That will surely help 'liberating' the non active companies
    Will the remaining members get a notification when their company is disbanded ? (some might want to reform)

    On the other hand one of the issues was the possible usage of 'ALT' of 'FAKE' accounts that was worry some.
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