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Thread: **1st Texas flag needs correction missing battle honors**

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    **1st Texas flag needs correction missing battle honors**

    The 1st Texas Flag is missing battle honors

    1st Texas Infantry, Hood's Brigade, Lone Star Flag

    This is a Lone Star flag inscribed with the battle honors, "Seven Pines/Gaines Farm" in the blue canton, and "Elthams Landing/Malvern Hill" in the field. This very important flag was made by Lula Wigfall, daughter of the regiment's first colonel, Louis T. Wigfall, and was presented to the 1st Texas in the summer of 1861.​As the battle honors attest, the 1st Texas fought under this flag throughout the Peninsula Campaign. The Texans carried it through the Second Manassas fight in August 1862 and into Maryland during Lee's first invasion of the North. During the desperate Battle of Antietam, in Miller's cornfield on Lee's northern flank, the 1st Texas suffered 82.3 percent casualties -- the highest endured by any unit North or South during the entire war. In the course of the battle, nine brave Texas standard bearers fell carrying this flag. When the ninth was killed, the flag was lost -- picked up from among the dead bodies by a Pennsylvania private
    At the moment it only has battle honors, "Seven Pines/Gaines Farm"
    it needs"Elthams Landing/Malvern Hill"

    Original 1st TX flag


    Painting done by Don Troiani 1st texas showing the flag with the missing battle honors "Elthams Landing/Malvern Hill" In a golden color

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    Yep I agree.
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    Texas all the way! I agree as well.
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    I agree
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    conservation report of 1st TX flag

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    I agree as well.

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