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Thread: Coke's Battery: The Williamsburg Light Artillery

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    Coke's Battery: The Williamsburg Light Artillery

    Coke's Battery

    The Williamsburg Light Artillery

    Part of the 1st Regiment Virginia Artilliery

    Volunteers Wanted

    Proud members of I Corps

    Capt. Spud
    1st Lt. Sharpe
    2nd Lt. Harper

    Coke's battery has members from the EU, UK and North America

    Coke's Battery - The Williamsburg Light Artillery was formed in May, 1861, with men from James City County, VA. It served at Yorktown and was assigned to the 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery. The battery was active from Williamsburg to Sharpsburg, then in October, 1862, disbanded. Its members were transferred to other Virginia artillery companies. The unit was under the command of Captains John A. Coke and William R. Garrett.

    1st Virginia Artillery Regiment was organized in September, 1861 and was accepted into Confederate service with only six companies. Rarely did the regiment have the normal number (ten) of companies assigned to it, and on September 2, 1864, the unit was reduced to a battalion and its designation changed to the 1st Battalion Virginia Artillery. Nor did all the companies assigned serve together as a field organization.

    At Antietam Coke's battery formed part of the reserve artillery under Brig. Gen. WILLIAM N. PENDLETON as part of Brown's Battalion.

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    Coke's battery, The Williamsburg Light Artillery, 1st Virginia Artillery Regiment

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