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Thread: President of the United States of America

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    Exclamation President of the United States of America

    Hello All. I hereby announce that Cpt. Clink123 of the Twentieth Maine Volunteers, of Fubar's Legion, is hereby declared President of the United States of America. There is no Vice President or any one else in power, lets just say the President is more of an Emperor. Thank you. Goodnight.

    My official state title is: President of the USA Grand Emperor High Exalted Konig Czar Duke Lord Clink of West Antietamshire

    Good evening.

    In an effort to modernize this office, I have declared my Vice President, JerryRob53. We are benevolent leaders committed to the freedom of all regiments. If you want to defend this office against a coup, and maintain honor throughout the world, I ask for your support in my election. Thank you. THE COUP CONTINUES! THE VOTES HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO RECOUNT I CALL ON ALL TO HELP DEFEND THIS OFFICE!
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    Thats why secession began...
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    Lets do this right shall we, I Noah Mayer of the Kingdom of America do declare myself king of this country. With the full support of the Union Army now known as the Royal American Army and support of the Confederate Army which will be reorganized into the Royal American Guards Corps, we plan to end this war with a swift and efficient Monarchy and Senate for the people. Please apply below

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    I'm President!


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    Well if its on the forums it must be true.
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    Mr. President

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    Mr. President, fat kids have stolen our supplies!

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