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    Teamkilling auto ban

    So I recently downloaded the game and joined a server with 100+ people on it and was enjoying my time learning the keybinds and uniforms again.
    The first match I jumped into on that server was about half way through and I was actually having alot of fun, then the second match started and about 20 minutes into it I managed to shoot a few enemies and melee kill about 5 people, I was definitely enjoying my time since the last time I played. out of no where my screen turns black and then forces me into the main menu where I can still hear people talking in game I was very confused and re logged. After I relogged I tried to join the same server but it wouldn't let me join for some reason. Right when I was about to give up someone added me from the previous game and tried to recruit me and I asked him what happened and he said I was banned for team killing. I remember shooting someone I thought was part of the opposite faction but was not and then after that I was in a melee battle with a few of my teammates and its very buggy but we managed to kill all of them but I accidentally wounded my own teammate. then after that I shot another friendly about 5 minutes later ( i didn't even realize it was a friendly at all, he was standing next to a group of enemies ) and that proceeded to happen.

    In my very short experience I think it is not very smart to ban someone for 6 hours because they did a certain amount of team damage, maybe a certain amount of team damage in a short succession? but the team killing auto ban bot thing is just stupid because of the amount of bugs with melee and new players sometimes have difficulty telling the uniforms apart, just a thought.

    I understand there're trolls in the game and what not but isn't that what admins are for? also there could be a vote kick option? or maybe change it from a timer to just till the end of the round? 6 hours is pretty harsh.

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    You have to be careful and learn from your experience rapidly. You are never, ever, ever going to spawn in a position to come up BEHIND the enemy yet it's astounding the number of first-timers who start shooting at the rear of their own guys the first time they see them. I have yet to be autobanned in this game a single time, I received an automatic warning once. If you aren't sure, don't shoot. Stick with friendlies. Shoot in the correct direction. Melee is stupid, avoid it.

    If there is a serious problem in the area of friendly fire fairness it's because there's a single server of public gameplay at all times and no more as the game continues to degrade into an event-based community with occasional token public events.

    If and when the autoban duration becomes a server-side variable, I'm absolutely going to make it a week on my server. Perhaps not for first-timers, if they ever get that system as it was conceived to punish multiple-offenders more. A lot of the autobans I see are intentional exits to a server with the full knowledge that they can come back again the next day. Same as the last game I hosted. Complimentary upgrades to permanent bans in the cases where it's caught. Having psychopaths and careless assholes loose on your server has a negative effect no matter how small your community is.
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    Thank you for the feedback.

    You suggest it to be based on team damage caused in a limited amount of time - it already is this (the cooldown rate is but a handful of minutes (I won’t give the exact number as that can be exploited)). There is also a big screen popup warning you to take care when you are close to the amount of damage allowed.

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