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    I feel like us gamers are better situated than the general population to survive in isolation.

    I was already a low-key germophobe so I already had good habits formed but I work in manufacturing so I'm still working though I sort of wish I wasn't.

    I'm feeling a little bit of a hit socially. There's nothing really to do outside of the house even if I wanted to. My relationship with my 75 year-old parents is also changed as I'm not spending as much time visiting them.

    Going grocery shopping feels like some sort of undercover North Korea documentary. There's plenty of stuff on the shelves but hardly anybody is out. The stores have already quickly adapted and put Plexiglas shields to make the cashiers feel better and have apocalyptic public service announcements about social distancing on repeat with. The post office has a hard plastic curtain in front of their desks. Pretty freaking weird.

    I was definitely looking forward to baseball season.

    I'm thinking about getting a cat.
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    I'm essential staff and my wife is a nurse, but thankfully with the birth of our first (a healthy baby boy) just three weeks ago, we were both already signed up for FMLA and I only had to go out into the germzone on campus twice and she isn't supposed to go back to the hospital until middle of May.

    Church adjustments have been very difficult. I was on track to be able to preach for our church this Summer but our preaching classes are on hiatus.

    Graduate school is least changed. Spring Break got extended but I'm still writing anyway.

    These are difficult times, I'm happy to pray with and for anyone. Feel free to DM me here or on Steam.
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    Congrats on the new parenthood.

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