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    Map Images

    Is there a way to get images of the map overviews other than taking screenshots?

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    Hear hear, would be neat!
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    We made this folder available a while back:

    - Trusty

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    We made this folder available a while back:

    - Trusty
    Going to release the SM maps? We've been waiting for those as well.

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    People will be cheating enough with artillery though to the point I'm sure it'll darn near be firing indirect. You'll already learn the ranges from given locations to given places with experience. You don't need to make it any easier.
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    Thanks! My interest is in just getting a consistent set of points of reference.

    A group of officers and NCOs that say "go to the West woods fence" or "we are at the East field rocks" and all know what that means from map recon would have a leg up on the groups that say "go to the fence" and "we are at the rocks".

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