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Thread: Dear Developers, We` d like to talk. A community initiative

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    Dear Developers, We` d like to talk. A community initiative

    Dear Campfire Games Development Team,

    As dedicated War of Rights players who have been accompanying the development of your project for several years, we together have experienced both highs and lows in gameplay and development progress. Yet, throughout this process, we remained at your side when it came to advertising the game and expanding its community, much of which was only possible through the dedicated passion of the players and the efforts of the various companies that constitute the backbone of the War of Rights Community. We believe that this attitude of players and community has not changed to this day. We desire more than ever before to see War of Rights as the unrivalled pioneer in Civil War Video Games with all its unique and amazing features, the development teams dedication to the historical authenticity and the stunning graphics which truly enable us to experience the Civil War like no other product has managed it before.

    We have written this letter as an expression of our worries and anxieties which have accumulated over the last couple of years and have been the topic of many discussions and heated debate within the games community and player base. We enjoy playing War of Rights, yet within the last couple of months it has become more and more difficult to truly enjoy the experience and commit to the game as a community, a sentiment which is heartbreaking for us as we had placed so much hope on the project. For many players, their motivation to play War of Rights is at an all-time low due to the constant interference of major technical issues which have driven many dedicated veterans away from the game and its community. This process will first be noticed within the companies as more and more players shun the weekly events with the reason of technical problems preventing them from enjoying their time with the product. Although the loss of veteran players and long time fans and supporters of the project might be undetectable on a short term basis, for the long haul it will impact the games community greatly. As such, we fear that the ongoing technical issues could potentially cause a decline within the consistent player base of the game, hence endangering organized community events and the longevity of the game's lifespan overall.

    Desyncs, screen freezes, complete failure of the in-game voice chat, glitched passwords which can ruin entire events, high ping issues, invisible players, frequent crashes to the desktop, rubberbanding. The list is nigh endless and constitutes the true killers of this unique game.

    Announced and advertised game features, some of which players desperately cling to for the hope of breaking up the monotony of the current gameplay experience, are nowhere to be seen. Similarly, solutions to the aforementioned issues which plague the game to this day are wanted yet not provided, leaving us with a shallow taste in our mouth after almost every event. At the same time, the limited communication paths the community has available to address these concerns with the developers (e.g. Steam and the War of Rights forum) are filled to the brim with ideas, concepts and reasonable proposals which would help War of Rights become the game that its community wants, the game which was initially promised to us during the Kickstarter campaign. Additionally, the forums are filled with smaller ideas and features which would enhance the player experience on a short term basis. Yet no significant changes are being made or it takes months to get basic changes implemented into the game. Why all of this takes an immense amount of time is a mystery to the community. Sure, there might be good reasons, yet on further inquiry into this matter, one tends to run into a wall of silence. The community has come to expect zero communication of the development progress from Campfire Games, yet it fosters insecurity and anxiety about the longevity of the game that we pour our heart and soul into every weekend and breeds rumours and mistrust towards the development team among the players. An open developer-community communication has been a long-lasting wish within the community which to this day has remained unanswered.

    Now, what do we intend to achieve with this letter? We would like to cordially invite the developers to sit down with members of the community to discuss the needs and concerns of the player base. With this discussion in person via discord/TS etc. and not the official forum we intend to work on bridging the gap between elements of the community and the development team as trust between these entities has been brittle throughout the last couple of years. We would like to work on repairing the damaged relations between the developers and the War of Rights community that we represent in this letter by showing the developers that both sides can benefit from each other through respectful and constructive discussion, communication and dialogue with one another. For this purpose and to show that the issues we see with the game and the developer- community relationship are not believes held by just a few individuals, we have written this letter as part of a community petition supported by some of the largest organized communities within the War of Rights community, all of which have cooperated with us and lend their support to our petition. In total, 30 Units/Communities with roughly 3600 players have joined our undertaking and eagerly await the developer's response to our plea. The following Units/Communities have graciously lent their support to our cause:

    We hope for understanding among the development team for our letter and hope that together we can approach each other with respect and mutual appreciation in the future.

    Your Community.

    Supported by the following communities:

    • 18th North Carolina Infantry Co.A (100)
    • 52nd New York Infantry Co.A (129)
    • 8th Alabama Infantry Co.G (144)
    • 20th New York Infantry Co.E (228)
    • 95th New York Infantry 1st Battalion (28)
    • FA-7th West Virginia Infantry Co.F (50)
    • CA-21st North Carolina Infantry Co.A (91)
    • 8th Florida Infantry Co.A/C (83)
    • 39th New York Infantry Co.A (31)
    • 69th North Carolina Infantry (460)
    • CA-14th Louisiana Infantry (57)
    • FA-3rd United States Infantry (100)
    • JOEHOVA (War of Rights Youtube Channel)
    • Pixelated Apollo (War of Rights Youtube Channel)
    • IX-9th New York Infantry (180)
    • 1st Texas Infantry (254)
    • CA-1st North Carolina Cavalry Co.E (72)
    • 1st Main Volunteer Cavalry (200)
    • II-18th Mississippi Infantry (60)
    • II-13th Georgia Infantry(150)
    • II-6th Louisiana Tigers 3rd French Battalion (30)
    • IX-51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment(28)
    • MV-33rd Virginia Infantry Co.G (50)
    • FA-4th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry (157)
    • 2nd United States Sharpshooters Co.C (11)
    • FU-1st Georgia Infantry Co.B (649)
    • II-5th Virginia Infantry (40)
    • 1st Virginia Cavalry Co.A (9)
    • 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry (59)
    • 51st New York Infantry(150)

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    7th WVA fully support!

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    I hope that the developers take the request for more open communication to heart, that's all I really want <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUWAROW View Post
    7th WVA fully support!
    Aye, so do we !!

    Brothers in Arms

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATOMBaneblade View Post
    I hope that the developers take the request for more open communication to heart, that's all I really want <3
    Wholeheartedly agree.
    Right lads...
    if we cannae dawdle in the rear,
    we may as well dawdle in the front !!!

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    It would be great to have another question time like thing were people from the community can get into a voice call or something and Jut ask questions and try and iron out some of the point that we want the dev team to hear. 95thNY is fully on board with this !

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    If you can't fix some of these issues, you're going to lose, badly, to Battle Cry of Freedom who are actively hosting tests, actually playing and testing the game with their community, talking with the testers, making speedy progress, and did 180 in work ethic in probably four or so months.

    I'd like to see both games exist because I think that they are both different stylistically, but, I don't see that happening as of right now. It speaks volumes that just to have community communication considered we have to make a grand letter and unite the entire community to force it.

    Fuck are you guys doing? Why is this so hard? Why should we stick around? You give us no reason to. Normally in-progress games are eager to share their progress such as; new team members, a breakthrough, a fix, something. Go look at Holdfast, Battle Cry of Freedom, Post Scriptum, Squad, all of those people they all do it.

    At this point just tell us, can you all even do this anymore? It seems to have gotten to the point the engine is so incapable of doing this that without massive amounts of resources barely anything can be done. Who knows! That's part of the fun of the guessing game here.
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    The chances are by the time you have finished typing a long response to my post, I have changed half of the original post.

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    The 8th Florida infantry would like to give our full support to this initiative. We believe that the game needs significant levels of optimization and polish before moving on to other stages of development. For example, poor server performance, incomplete infantry mechanics etc. We believe that a full development focus on infantry is warranted before development moves on to other areas such as cavalry/artillery. We are worried that due to the current state of the game, adding artillery/cavalry at this point may multiply the problems already encountered, leading to a lengthy wait before any further progress can be made. Infantry will always be at the core of the game experience and we would be more interested in seeing issues such as poor melee system, animations etc to be solved before adding more features to the game.

    We are looking forward to hearing the responses from the developers and hope to see the game realise its amazing potential.

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    I probably shouldn't be doing so, but for once I'm going to chip in on this initiative and sign my name beneath it. I've been here long enough...

    I have espoused the virtues of War of Rights for the longest time to any one who would bother listening, and I (politely) suggested to my own gaming group of some twenty folk that they chip in during Early Access, all of whom did so. We haven't actively played as Company 'H' of the 8th Virginia for over a year now; largely because of the glacial development pace and a clear signal that roadmaps and communications moving forwards were to diminish in to oblivion. It's an utter shame really as War of Rights has all the potential to fulfill our weekly itch as a large-scale co-operative shooter, in an environment and period that we generally can all enjoy, and at a pace that is agreeable to players of all skills. Post Scriptum is the benchmark, we feel, for small-team developments and is currently blasting it's way through a flurry of updates at a regular pace. Unfortunately not all in our group can get a grip with the combat, and it is sometimes a frustrating session to play.

    I trust, and hope, that something can be made tangible out of this effort. I feel that this may be the last 'hurrah' and peace-offering from an exhausted community of enthusiasts and supporters - myself included.

    Warmest regards, ever and always.

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    The Spanish Company 1st of Cavalry North Carolina Co. E FULLY SUPPORT this initiative

    As Crowdfunders and recruiters of hundreds of gamers for War of Rights we hope no less than that, giving special attention to all that was promised by developers from the beginning!

    1st. Cav North Carolina E
    Major James T. Appensate

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