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Thread: How to make War of Rights Great Again

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    How to make War of Rights Great Again

    We had a discussion in 1st TX the other night, and, at the suggestion of Captain Basilov, thought it would be a good idea to canvas the community on a few questions concerning the current state of the game. This is something that could give active feedback to the devs in one place and air the opinions about how we feel regarding the game's progress.

    What I would ask is that all the community leaders go to the Units/Organizations and ask the members a few questions. The answers can be as in depth as they want, but refrain from outright bashing. Constructive criticism only, no rants. To save room and post length, try to group similar answers together and maybe list from most popular responses to least.

    Things it would be nice to know.

    What parts of the game have lived up to your expectations, and what hasn't?

    What would make you want to play the game more, or what would bring you back to the game if you've stopped playing?

    What do you think could improve the game?

    If there were one thing that could be added to the game tomorrow, what would you want it to be?

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    The drama and sheer chaos of the civil war is pretty well represented, as well as you can in a video game. The game looks pretty good, and even though I hesitate to mention it, I think lighting is the biggest think that makes it look not that great in some places rather than textures.

    What would make we want to play is something actually new. Picket patrol wasn't something new. Something that requires actual strategy like multiple points or some sort of complicating game mechanic, something to make it challenging. I think multiple points would add some of this difficulty, without adding full on historical battles which let's be real, we'll never have the player count to do.

    If there were one thing I would want added to the game tomorrow it would be multi-point maps.
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    All i can say is, that the developers need to look at how Hell Let Loose was handled, they had no enough people to work on the game to make progress, they were clearly passionate about their project and did not wanted it to die a slow death in Early Access, they teamed up with Team17 Digital that would publish the game but also help with development and it gave the game such a incredible boost in development speed and also quality and the averga review scores went from Positive to Overly Positive. It's not a bad thing to ask for help devs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbsmith7 View Post
    A slight saturation boost does a pretty amazing thing for of most screenshots...

    (1) Attachment 11863

    (2) Attachment 11864

    Agreed. Depending on how it is mapped, the Artillery Update will introduce a second point of interest to many maps, this being the forward spawn point for the battery.
    Though having artillery out will be good but i suspect that its not going to be the saving grace the game needs, artillery alone does not fix the underlying problem affecting not only war of rights, but other current line battle games. Repetition is the killer of this game, playing the same map over over with the same attack defense styles have gotten old and are turning people away from hopping on and playing. Artillery might spice it up some more but will not change the overall playablility of maps we currently have in game. I've expressed many times to have more maps than we have now, though even that will not fix the problems once those new maps have been played many times. A random map generator from my perspective was the the end all game mechanic that made Napoleonic Wars playable for so long. I fear if we dont get something like that, maps that are not similar to what we've been playing, the population is going to drop below redeemable numbers. Not only having randomly generated maps will be beneficial for the game, having multiple spawn points will too. This will change almost every map we have in game and make them fresh again to say the least.

    No cohesion makes public play unbearable in a game that is built and made to be played as a team. I honestly cant hop in alone and enjoy public play anymore, events are the only thing keeping me active in this game. Picket Patrol was suppose to alleviate this problem but after the first month of picket patrol, nobody get near it, either in public or events. Though I understand the tendencies of pubs to wander off from the main line, its exacerbated in a game that forces you to either work together or lose ever time.

    War of Rights will be fine if either most or all of the maps of Harpers Ferry were either reworked, removed, or re purposed for another gamemode. Harpers Ferry is barely touched now and it has left a bad taste in not only my mouth but others for what the devs did to us when they forced us to either play it or not play at all when the only map available was River Crossing(shit map to say the least). HF had so much lost potential and its honestly sad, tbh the whole game has potential that has been squandered.

    Infantry combat is the best thing war of rights has going for it, making flags a mobile spawn point made them not only usable but extremely important. If the other things i mentioned above can get fix, things can be turned around for this game but currently things look bleak for War of Rights.

    I've played almost 900 hours since 2016, made countless videos, and ran a successful unit in this game and I dont want to see it go down due to incompetence. But if the devs want the game to die due to their chasing of their vision, then so be it, it was a fun ride.
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    Harper’s ferry feels like a map that was made for multiple cap points and multiple spawns. Without this, almost every match is incredibly linear and predictable. At the start of every match, I know exactly where the defenders will be, and where the attackers will come from. It’s just the same old same old boring game play. And the river crossing map is awful- all the rebs can do is charge over and over, which isn’t fun for them, and the defenders get their eardrum's ruptured from the ridiculous artillery. You can barely talk to each other it’s so loud. and with the artillery pounding you non stop, its just completely enjoyable for both sides after the novelty of continuous charges wears off. If for example, Downtown, River Crossing and maybe something like high street were all combined into one map with multiple capture points, at least the games wouldn't be stupidly predictable, due to the multiple avenues of attack and defence.
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    Since at this point the clans make up 75%+ of active players who continue playing for more than a week I think it's fair things should be better catered towards their experience from here out. Chiefly more content would probably help relieve some of the boredom they're facing as it's discovered that closed events have limitations to replayability. Fortunately this is the direction the development is taking, albeit rather slowly. I can't wait to see some great video of noobs getting massacred in pre-planned kill zones by canister blasts.
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    More game modes would be interesting, I do like the idea of multiple cap points on certain maps. I really think arty and a new melee system would do a lot to keep the game more enjoyable hopefully that will come in the new update if or when it arrives.
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    I think WOR are great allready.

    What would make it even better are working out the bugs, to put it in a mild way. And I like the idea of more points, or maybe even the option to set the point where you want it to be. It would allso be nice to experience more than one month without drama in community. That would sure help on morale.

    In addition to that I would love to see many maps redone or expanded. Even though a big part of the reason for repetitive gameplay can be blamed on the players, not least in public play. There are still alot of lost potential in the way many maps are done on harpers ferry map series. Maybe join some of the city maps into bigger maps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dane Karlsen View Post
    I think WOR are great allready.
    In addition to that I would love to see many maps redone or expanded. Even though a big part of the reason for repetitive gameplay can be blamed on the players, not least in public play. There are still alot of lost potential in the way many maps are done on harpers ferry map series. Maybe join some of the city maps into bigger maps?
    +1 on "I would love to see many maps redone or expanded" :
    - Some maps are interesting to have some fine tuning.
    - Harpers has some great pottential but Union would like some attack maps
    - Some boundries could be looked into (approach, spawncamping, flanking ...)

    Repetitive gameplay ?

    On event co÷rdination usually the same maps (and theatre) get picked over and over again, on the premise these are 'balanced maps'.
    - In rare cases CSA & UNION pick a in the favour stacked map, but usually the outcome is pretty determined
    - Public gameplay & events are two different things, on public you will find a mix of everything .. in events it usually comes down to 'well trained and thought out strats'.
    - Players who have been playing for a few years get the fatigue more (some of us have been doing 4,5 events a week).
    - Grand campaign is different cause maps & sides are decided by dice ...
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    How to make War of Rights Great Again I think the title of the thread says it all, how to make a game great again & it's not even got out of alpha yet??? I never thought I'd stop playing WoR, but I did, and honestly I've seen nothing that would make me come back, and I really want to. The game modes are too shallow, I'd only consider a return for a Campaign. I have to agree with Mr O'Rourke....not enough Devs, not enough cash.

    It's not a lack of maps, it's the lack of options ON those maps.
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