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Thread: Technical issues: The platform system explained

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les View Post
    Any news on these fixes? Since a month or two ago I have the problem where I'm stuck on establishing context.
    I reached out twice with a bug report to the devs, but no answer.
    We're very close to be able to begin the test phase.

    - Trusty

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    I've never actually made a forum account to post anything on any game but I bit the bullet simply because I love this game so much with only 4.5 hours clocked in (despite the numerous crashes and seemingly fundamental aspects of the game not working).
    I am reluctant to ask this but alas. I know it's only been 3 weeks since the last update you, TrustyJam, have blessed us with but I was wondering if there were any new developments. Specifically in regards to the stuck on 'establishing context' bug.
    I was able to play only for a short while before I am met with neverending establishing of context for every game in any server.
    I almost wish it hadn't worked from the get go. Its as if I was teased and now taunted.
    Yes you guys are an indie company with little manpower but the game is on steam for $35.
    I was going to see about a refund once I saw how long this game has been in development but was swayed when I saw how timely and informative your updates on this issue have been. I love that. You guys do care. This coupled with the truly marvelous masterpiece you guys have created ( when it works) is why I'm writing here.

    Keep up the good work! Maybe hire some backup ( not to put Phillip down but it's a big endeavour. Bit of more than one can chew? I can only guess the size of Phillips cojones)

    Any news is appreciated.

    A passionate maybe over zealous fan
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    Excited to see this release! Looking forward to watching this game grow.

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