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Thread: directly shooting when at aiming

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    directly shooting when at aiming

    Hello guys,

    one of my members has a strange problem:

    since yesterday he had some problems:

    he wasnt able to sprint
    the mouse in the spawn menu moves always to the right upper corner
    and when he starts aiming he will shoot his weapon automatically without pressing LMB

    after reinstalling and deleting usersettings only the shooting bug is left.

    he deleted the latest windows updates but it didnt work. (there was an update for the .NET framework)
    there is no controller attached to the computer and we already used a different mouse.
    he said the windows updates are the only different thing between this weekend and last weekend.  02

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    As the first one to got hit by that Shooting Bug, i can confirm: yeah it really hurts.
    The Doctors in the Field Hospital told me that my back might never recover from that bullet
    and I never even got to see the enemy before i got hit.

    Andrew Walsh
    Private, 52ndNY Volunteers

    P.S. it's not a bug, it's a feature

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    Gonna give this one a push, sorry for that but our Member is short before repairing this with a sledge Hammer. Noone likes to come early, specially not in an infantry line!! Have a Heart and give this a look
    or two.

    Thanx and cheers.

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    Thanks for the report.

    We have no other reports of such a bug so I would strongly suspect it is related to something at the user's end of things. Be that faulty hardware drivers, special key binding setups, connected controllers, etc.

    It is not possible for me to debug the issue as I don't know what particular setup he is running.

    - Trusty

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