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Thread: Bug Fixes Are Needed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Barbosa View Post
    Any news on the bush and freeze issues?
    The artillery update includes a possible bush proxy fix.

    - Trusty

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordAlistair View Post
    Artillery is taking a long time so it would be nice if these bugs were fixed to make this game more enjoyable. If anyone else has bug fixes that aren't listed here, please post them below.

    General Bugs:
    -Random player freezes, at random moments throughout the game your player will freeze in place unable to move. The game does not freeze, you hear and can see everyone else like normal, but you are unable to move or look around. It's speculated this happens because too many people are talking at once, that's why it happens most often during a charge, but that's just a theory.

    Picket Patrol:
    -Scoreboard bugged, it does not show an accurate count of players on each team. Just recently, we had balancing issues because on the scoreboard it showed 51 to 48 but in reality one team was down by 20 players.
    -Restart bug, this happens every time we play Picket Patrol, after the end of a round there is a high chance the game will just keep restarting the round. Eventually after 4 or more restarts the game will go back to normal.
    -Bush Crash, two people in my regiment ran through the same bush on a picket patrol map and they both crashed at the same time. Don't know where this bush is, but you should look into that.

    -Counter-Attack Mechanic, if the defenders are on last stand and their entire team was wiped out except for a few stragglers, all they have to do is get their last 3-4 people on point and they will win, even if the attackers have their entire team on point about to finish the cap. CG says that since the attackers have more men on point they would win, but that is not the case.
    Possibly a new bug to report. Upon updating to the latest version of the game earlier today anytime I go to exit the game I must go to my task manager and end task for War of Rights. Never had this problem in close to a year of owning the game until today. Just wanted to report that.

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    So far the artillery update is really good, love the improvements to infantry gameplay. Found a few new bugs that come with it however.

    -Sometimes there is a reload bug where you have to reload 5 or so times before you are allowed to shoot.

    -The hit detection seems a little off, there are times where your aim is good and you can hit what you aim at, but randomly a shot that is easy like they're not moving and 5 feet away from you doesn't hit them.

    -If you go into third person and put on your bayonet your game will always crash.

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    Thanks for the great update!

    - 52nd Sergeant Major has still no rifle (it is a bug. trust me. i tried for 10 minutes please look into it )

    - after aiming with a gun the information you get when you press T are gone. istead of weapon and regiment it will show time of flight etc

    - It is Battery Wever not Weaver. In the description it is correct but not in the unit name  02

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