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Thread: Artillery Crew questions.

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    Artillery Crew questions.

    I know I know, another question about Artillery.

    Will the men of an Artillery Crew be interchangeable? I.E Everyone will spawn with a Sponge, or a Wad-Screw and thus be able to man every part of the Crew? Or will everyone spawn as a different Cannoner? I can see the advantages and disadvantages or doing it either way, just curious if we will need 7 men to man a single gun or if the actual number will be much lower.

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    I think it's all going to be interchangeable just you can press one or two and take out your sponge are worm I would suppose.all of them would be interchangeable besides just officer I would presume.

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    For the initial launch, every Crew member can do the same thing. Also officers are able to help to rotate the gun for example.

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