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Thread: Why so much hate?

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    Unfortunately there will always be people like this. I'm sorry that people are so rude just because of your language. We're not all like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeFuret View Post
    I like this game and its community, but I hate the fact that I can't greet a french speaking friend in french without being asked to shut up or being called names. Things like saying " Salut comment a va ?" (Hello how are you?" or "a fait longtemps! " (long time no see!) are enough to trigger a lot of guys.

    It's like we can't even talk. What if it was the other way around?

    "YeAH BuT It'S aN AcW GaMe So ShUt Up", answers the dense guy.

    I understand that a large majority of players don't speak nor understand french, but please, just get over it. French speaking players make the effort to understand and speak your language. They also bolster your ranks.

    It's not like we are talking shit about you in french. We'd rather say it in english.

    bon entendeur, salut.

    Yeah, dont worry. As in every group of people there are idiots as well, as german players we experienced the same thing, but we tend to focus on the bad guys rather the good ones or the ones just walking by while you speak. Unfortunately the dumbest ones of our kind are the loudest, so I would recommend you to join a french speaking community, the public server tend to be unplayable, especially for new players.

    There is an example of a french speaking community, feel free to contact them


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    why cant i make a new post anywhere? all i can do is reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayne184 View Post
    why cant i make a new post anywhere? all i can do is reply
    You require a minimum number of posts.

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    No hate here. I'm happy to know so many different folks are enjoying the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLH101 View Post
    No hate here. I'm happy to know so many different folks are enjoying the game.
    Sadly some others arent that happy for this experience.. But i see it the same way as you. It's always great to fight alongside so many guys of different nations

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    I play Confederacy and I will agree the level of such racist remarks has grown and got worse,
    Playing a public match I just mute voice chat or you could use other methods such as

    In England and Wales it can be an offence to stir up hatred on the grounds of:
    Sexual Orientation.

    This last email has been proven to win court cases over internet abuse

    I would also like to point out that this game is a European game that is BOUND TO THE LAWS OF THE EEC & EEA.

    hope this help's but like I said -- just mute voice chat like I do AS I DON'T believe Dev's will address this situation.
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    It definitely has become worse, just look at this thread, people defending the racist comments:

    This is why the game barely can get one server full every day and people are disgusted by the shit people say without repercussions. I have tried friends to play the game but they really dislike the community (and i'm not talking about the regiments, but the one we see in public games).

    This is just some of the stuff i find in reviews:

    Toxic Players. Everything from team killers to outright hate speech. Most of the time i mute all chat to avoid all the banjos and monkey noises. occasionally some pubescent punk screaming nonsensical orders through the chat at people just trying to enjoy some gaming.
    alot of racist people
    Warning to parents - the servers are not moderated. My young son who loves history enjoyed this game but stopped playing after being constantly insulted by other players.
    The game is fun and everything, but this is a case of the community ruining a game. The players, and especially organzied regiments, are toxic as ♥♥♥♥. They will tk and bully you out of a server if you have regiment tags they dont like, take over public lobbies and kill anyone who joins their unit, ♥♥♥♥ like that. I wish the devs could fix it, but you cant fix a community.
    This game at its core will be good. but its community is toxic so much so it with cast you out for knowing someones name. i played almost 100 hours in this game and beyond the random fights there is a core of toxic self centered childish players.
    Sometimes you have a fun time with your team and win or suffer a close loss in all good fun, but coming across the people who don't want you to have fun and they just want to win the game makes the game itself substantially less enjoyable. You could say that about any other game sure, but in this one you must work with your team in order to win, and when your team is cruel and aggressive its hard to play or have fun. Maybe my review choice will change in the future as the game is further developed, but right now I cant tell others that they will confidently have fun without being bullied and abused by toxic regiment recruiters, overly racist confederates (which isn't all of them btw just some people who think playing the confederate side gives them an excuse to call Union players N***** loving F***ots), and team mates who wont stop harassing you until you follow their orders (even if your an officer). If you are looking to buy the game, all i can say is, you better want to join a regiment, or have a high tolerance to toxic players.
    This is a problem in public matches on the official servers. You will hear and read racist ♥♥♥♥ very often. The only time I've seen a developer touch on this he said we should 'just mute them'. There's no report function and you can get away with it.
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    It is disgusting, and more so there are folk who would readily defend such vile assaults.
    I generally do not agree with word censors on the internet, but there are instances where it should be applicable if found desirable and in lieu of functional (flexible!) administration tools. I do not think it would be a poor decision to permanently filter racial slurs within the game, it would only be beneficial in the long run.

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    A simple chat filter would already help a bit with all the edgy kids, of course we can mute them, but i noticed in the test we did last week, that after muting their voice, it no longer muted their chat, don't know if this was intended this way, but a chat filter, would indeed be a good addition.

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