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Thread: 28th Massachusetts company B (NEW)

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    28th Massachusetts company B (NEW)

    Faugh A Ballagh
    Are you willing to pick up arms for the Union?
    The 28th Massachusetts is searching men like you to fill up her ranks!
    Strong and proud Irish Volunteers willing to give hell to the rebels.
    Charging into battle with the green flag of Erin flying right next to the Stars and Stripes!

    History of the 28th Massachusetts
    The 28th was raised in Boston and received its initial training at Camp Cameron in Cambridge and Somerville. The unit underwent additional training at Fort Columbus in New York Harbor before being dispatched in early 1862 for its first active duty assignment.
    The regiment came under heavy musket and artillery fire during the Second Battle of Bull Run.

    Known for their distinctive Tiffany-embroidered green flag and Gaelic war cry, "Faugh a Ballagh" (Clear the Way), the Irishmen of the 28th Massachusetts saw action in most of the Union Army's major eastern theatre engagements – Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Overland Campaign, and the siege of Petersburg – and were present for Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House.

    Upon completion of their original three-year term of service, many of the 28th's veteran soldiers elected to return to Massachusetts. But a sufficient number re-enlisted by January 1, 1864, to justify the continuation of the regiment as a five-company battalion of "veteran volunteers" until the end of the war.

    During the Second Battle of Bull Run, Lt. Col. George W. Cartwright was severely wounded, placing Captain Andrew P. Caraher, commander of Company A, in command of the regiment during the Maryland Campaign. Following the Battle of Antietam, however, command of the 28th Massachusetts was given on October 18 to Col. Richard Byrnes, who although himself Irish, had been a regular officer and a 1st lieutenant in the 5th U.S. Cavalry. Although resented and protested by the other officers of the regiment, Byrnes served with distinction and was wounded on June 3, 1864, while leading the Irish Brigade at the Battle of Cold Harbor. He died nine days later.

    At Fredericksburg, the regiment was put in the middle of the Irish Brigade and led the charge, as they were the only regiment of the brigade that had the distinctive green flag, and since their commander wanted to make it clear to the confederates that they were facing the Irish Brigade, the 28th was planted in the middle.

    Current Roster (9)

    Head Command
    -Captain Richard Byrnes

    1st Platoon (no officer)

    More information below
    Steam Group:
    Cpt Byrnes' Steam:
    Company tool:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Good luck lads!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRaider View Post
    Good luck lads!
    Thank you!

    Really going to try and get this company to work. I had to wait years before I could play the game.
    28th Massachusetts Company B Captain Richard Byrnes

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    I now started a Instagram page for War of Rights, an unofficial fanpage!
    Feel free to send pictures and you will get a shout out in the story!
    28th Massachusetts Company B Captain Richard Byrnes

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    Ah another Irish Unit, good to see. I trust you'll raise the harp of Erin nice and high. Welcome and good luck.
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    Updated roster
    28th Massachusetts Company B Captain Richard Byrnes

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    We almost have enough men to participate in events we just need a couple more!
    28th Massachusetts Company B Captain Richard Byrnes

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    Sucks to update this
    28th Massachusetts Company B Captain Richard Byrnes

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    good luck

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