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Thread: Antietam Burial Map Rediscovered

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    Antietam Burial Map Rediscovered

    This is pretty cool, just came out today.

    It gives you an idea of where fatalities were taken. Although just like the map done by the same guys at Gettysburg, it isn't infallible. Many times I know they summarized graves in an area with long rows at Gettysburg when they were more scattered or put inexplicable huge numbers of graves somewhere.

    The article has it mostly wrong that the maps were made a year or more later after Gettysburg, at least. That's incorrect, Gettysburg's was made within a few months of the battle of Gettysburg. The Union dead were fully repatriated to the national cemetery within 15 months

    Download it in higher res in the 2nd link.
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    Great Find!

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