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Thread: Public Test: Artillery - Now Open!

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    There's two major things that need to be dealt with. One is the sliding issue with cannons, they are still barely moving after you let go and if you grab them again they bounce everywhere. Same thing with limbers, I literally had a limber sling me back 10 feet when i walked up to it to grab a round, no one on it and it wasn't moving.

    Second, the UI at the rear of the gun in a pain in the ass. Trying to pick prime or elevate requires you to almost have to look out of the corner of your eye at what you want and if you move a fraction of an inch you still select the wrong one. Same thing on ammo, I've looked at a shell round, barely touched my mouse and grabbed case.

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    I've definitely been in a situation where it was important to be able to quickly prime the gun and fire, but accidentally went to the elevation screw instead.

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    We just released another update for the artillery test. One of the changes in this update is that artillery rounds should be much easier to grab from the limber.

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    Can we have a way to drop or put rounds we selected back?
    The chances are by the time you have finished typing a long response to my post, I have changed half of the original post.

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