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Thread: A very small but very important suggestion.

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    A very small but very important suggestion.

    War of rights should have two mouse sensitivity adjustment sliders in the options menu. One for aiming and one for everything else. Currently there is only one slider that governs sensitivity in game as far as I know. Since it controls both aiming and regular sensitivity you either have to set it very low to shoot effectively at long range, but you turn with the speed and urgency of a hammered snail in every other situation. Or set it high so movement in melee and marching feels responsive, but when aiming your avatar jumps and shakes around like a noodle-armed cocaine addict with Parkinson's.

    Even if the above issue wasn't present having separate sliders would be a welcome quality of life feature so players could customize in-game movement to their liking.

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    Agreed, there doesn't have to be a myriad of sliders for this. But just these two mentioned by crazychester1247 would make a big difference to whether you get stabbed in the back in melee or not, when your sensitivity is set for ranged.
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