I have four $20 steam gift cards up for grabs if you think you've got a voice which people want to hear read interesting things in a documentary-style video and your microphone isn't horrendous. You can only win one.

To win you have to deliver an audio file of some voice-acting good enough for me to actually use. I can't guarantee you anything if it can't be used but if I do use it, I'll PM you the code for the steam gift card. Please apply it to your account right away so it doesn't go to waste.

You can use windows voice recorder, or some other app like Audacity. You don't have to clean up the audio sound of white noise, I'll do that if I can when I'm editing.


- Pick a script/character you think you can narrate, download it.
- Talk to me first about it, if you want. If you have a voice I can use for the script, I'll coach you as best I can. I'd recommend talking with me first. https://discord.gg/MjxfZ5n
- Eliminate background noise where you're recording (turn off the A/C, fan, mute your phone).
- Record ~15 seconds of silence on your microphone - this can be used by me as a baseline to eliminate white noise from the background.
- Record the entire script (all the words between the " "s). You do not have to record it perfectly straight through. You can repeat sentences or re-read them if you muck up and leave it in the file. As long as the sentence structure of the narration is complete then those can be strung together.
- Deliver it to me, not to exceed 5:00 minutes of audio (most should be a lot less). You should get an answer within a day or three.
- Make any revisions needed