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    Prone has been talked about before with the idea of being implemented into the game. I would like to reinitiate the discussion about adding such a viable tactic to the game, especially since artillery has been fully released. Prone is the tactic of lying on your stomach to get as low as possible so there would be less likely of a chance of being hit by incoming bullet or shells. Historically, prone has been used by gun wielding armies to avoid shots from all calibers without having to fall back from their current position. Prone was use extensively in the Civil War and at Antietam by both sides. Given the relevancy of the tactic and its usefulness. I do not see much reasons why we would not have it implemented into the game. The most likely reason why prone has not even been considered to be implemented is because it will turn War of Rights, a historically authentic game, into a run and gun game such as COD or Battlefield. Even with that, with some hard line mechanics, I still believe prone can work with War of Rights.

    How to prevent Prone from being exploited:

    Only be usable In Formation and with officer/flag, both cannot go prone, if a person goes into skirmishing or out of line, the game will the force person back to crouching or standing.

    Possible new formation that is linked with prone, with harsher penalties when dying.

    Unable to fire when in Prone, to prevent this from being the main choice for most players and only to be used tactically.

    Unable to reload in prone, same explanation above ^^

    A timer, given the extreme ability to get lower than crouching, I would not be against having a timer for when somebody goes into prone so they couldnt stay in that position for long amounts of time.

    Unable to melee, same as crouching
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    Being unable to re-load & fire your weapon would be all the 'prevention' you'd need. Harsher penelties for dying when prone just makes it pointless having the position in the first place. I agree, that with the implementation of Artillery, it does make sense as there are many accounts of troops lying down while under artillery fire - however: One problem I can forsee is when prone starts being used in infantry combat, and it will get used, because it will bring about more charging/melee. It would 100% be exploited in 'last stand' or when tickets get low, leaving an enemy with no choice but to use melee. Imagine Confederate troops just going prone in the Sunken Road for example, how would the Union solve that problem?
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