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Thread: Arty Ranging

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    Arty Ranging

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or on purpose, but when sighting the arty the range will jump in number depending on the slopes of the terrain. So in the the Union Drill Camp, the range number will go up to around 30-40 yards.. then jump to around 120-140 yards. Then at 230, jumps to 440. It gets stuck around 570 yards, then pops to 1100.

    Each cannon has a different jump point that also depends on what target you're aiming at. Swinging the cannon around to some flat ground allows a smoother, more accurate range number. So it seems it comes from the hills and dips.

    Is this on purpose to put some maths in there, or just a bug from raytracing and whatnot?

    Also, not a bug, but will the gunner's sight (rear pendulum sight) be added to the game?

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    Hi there!

    Please check this little demonstration video out. It should highlight to you why it might jump in range:

    - Trusty

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    Ah perfect. Thanks for the link. So math is involved with the ranging. I was thinking as much, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't off base. Thanks again!

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    Ah, this explains a lot, we were on the range the other night messing around and saw the jumping of the range as described.
    I do wonder will there be a "fine tune" button for the elevation screw at all? it alters very quickly?

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