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Thread: Who uses a own forum/webpage?

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    Who uses a own forum/webpage?

    Hello guys!

    In times of discord i am interested how many of you still operate a website with a forum. I am asking because someone asked me if i could invite him to our discord. After I told him that we use TS he asked me which platform we use to share text based information. I told him that we host a website with a forum he told me that would be oldschool ^^

    well, here i am and i am interested if it's just me who is "oldschool" ^^

    I would be interested in following questions:

    what is your main voice channel for your community? (TS/Discord etc.)

    what is your main channel for sharing text-based information? (Discord/Forum(which software?)/Steam Forum/ Steam Group (chat))

    why do you use them?

    looking forward to your replies.  02

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    Main voice channel: Discord, event leads are in a TS

    Main text channel: Discord

    Forums are old skool. We have a webpage which we just use as a discord re-direct versus the garble discord invite codes.

    Discord is very easy for mobile as well versus forums. This forum is not very visible while on my phone. Discord mobile app is great.

    Another plus for Discord, image/video uploads easy, links are easy, gif keyboards.

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