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Thread: Public Game Feels More Chaotic Than Ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    You can press T to see the markers of your NCO's provided they are in formation and use that as a reference point in order to locate your line again.

    - Trusty

    That’s like an improvisation or work-around though, and doesn’t address the real issue. It’s not game-breaking by any means but it is frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy-Jim-Bob-Jr View Post
    It seems random sometimes. One match they play well, the next not...
    Yes its random, but way too often it is chaotic.

    I think WoR is at the point where we should acknowledge we have two distinctive game types - the private server Game comprised of regiments who can navigate a lot of the game limitations due to better communication because they’re all on Discord and train together, and the Public game which IMO is still very rudimentary and lacking in direction.

    There’s so many features, tools and QOL things that could and should be added to enhance public gameplay. Done properly they wouldn’t detract from it’s authentic feel.

    I get the vibe CG see the core foundations of the game as in place and the public game will always be a bit of a basket case and will have to do the best it can - understandable I guess since most of the backers are into the private regiment scene.

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    I'm not quite sure what you're expecting, it's par for the course that public servers (I can't think of one good example) are shody at best, in general. As already stated, WoR lacks even the rudimentary features to get organized so here, more so than usual, chaos often ensues. I've said before I've always thought that CG made a big mistake locking this game into first person because it's a game that depends heavily on being organized....line formations would be so much easier in third person. Like Quaker says, until tools are added to make getting organized easier I really can't see public play improving.
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    Generally it is why I joined a regiment due to the structure and organization. The public servers can be fun but there is a reason they are public as anyone can join. I have had good games and some not so great games
    . Artillery will wear off after a while.

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