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Thread: My personal tips about leading a regiment and the game in general.

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    My personal tips about leading a regiment and the game in general.

    I have played war of rights since the beginning, and I really enjoy the community. I got to surrender in one small server, I got to sing songs in a small server, I gave the game on steam a positive review, and I am glad that I am now able to post on the war of rights official forums, I never thought I would be able to do this, it took one full year for I can well, start my own regiment, post on the forums, it feels long four years, I have been playing for little over four years now, a friend of mine and I and newer friends, I met recently, played for about four years, couple weeks, or even like me, never thought I could even lead a USA Union regiment. I posted it on USA Union companies hoping to get new possible looking for volunteers, recruits, privates, and new comers to the game and I am willing to take time out oy time to hep new comers learn the game, when I first played the game, it was 100% to and down to the point confusing.

    I team killed a lot of friendlies, I was even kicked from the server for a long couple to a lot of hours, accidents to happen, and I was new, now I am a veteran starting my own company, regiment, unit, or whatever you call it, anyways, have a great one, me company is 1st US sharpshooters. So, yeah, I am good at long distancing sniping, and good at close range combat as welll.

    I do not use discord in server channels, mine is full right now, feel free to add me on steam, and discord.


    Steam profile linked here,

    Have a great night and I hope to get a few views or a few replies, or a lot, have a great one and have a great night guys.

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    Have a great morning guys, my time zone is Eastern Standard Time, Its past midnight for me, so, I am heading off and getting some rest, have a great one.

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    Thank you for the great tips much appreciated!

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    Your welcome.

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