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Thread: How Do I Make a proper Regiment Thread?

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    How Do I Make a proper Regiment Thread?

    I've seen some of the tips for new regimental members and whatnot. But when I look at the actual pages they link as examples. I'm left wondering How they did what they did? Like How did they make a page look good? How Did they make the Fonts and what not. How did they make their images take up a larger space. Honestly I thought by reading through the tips. I'd also learn how to make my own posts look like that. But all it is is just "Just do what they do!" When I don't know how to "DO what they did." So How Do I make my regiment posts look good?

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    Same way you made this one, only select either CSA or USA company forum headers and put in your company info.

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    I know that ... I'm talking about making a post look PRESENTABLE. Like the other forums, i see on here.

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