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Thread: 18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Companies A, B, C, F

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    18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Companies A, B, C, F

    It is with great joy to announce the birth of a new regiment, one forged in the bonds of brotherhood and friendship. Today marks the day the 18th Georgia rises, and the battered flag of the 15th Georgia cased, to be saved for the future.

    I, Lieutenant Colonel Penance, do hereby announce my acceptance of this posting within Longstreets I Corps. Altogether with my executive officer Major Polock, we field four companies of line infantry:
    Company A "Acworth Infantry" commanded by 1st Lieutenant Bobby
    Company B "Newton Rifles" commanded by the regimental Adjutant, Captain Bruins
    Company C "Jackson County Volunteers" commanded by Captain Benelli
    Company F "Davis Guards" commanded by 1st Lieutenant Zombo

    As a final note from me, during my time as the commander of the 15thGA, I have often used this quote;
    "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." (-Unknown).

    This regiment of Georgia, whether it be the 15th or 18th, personifies that quote. In our time in I Corps, we have built this regiment together, and we have come far. By sheer determination we have carried ourselves month after month through many challenges. Challenges that have killed many regiments, and yet... we prevail. No commander could be prouder. I am proud of all of you, for you have helped me. So the glory goes to you, my members, my friends. There are still many challenges to overcome, some known, some unknown. However I believe that we can overcome. Our spirit shall carry the flags over the horizon, and into victory. Long live, the 18th Georgia.

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    Howdy, 18th! Wishin' ya the best of luck. Enjoy fighting alongside you guys.

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    Welcome to the CSA!

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    Always happy, ready to get bayonets wet with Polack. Fun guys and great shots.

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    Mint group. Great dudes. Yeeyee!

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