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    Archers Brigade Now Recruiting!!!

    Archers Brigade

    HISTORY of Archers Brigade
    When the American Civil War began in 1861, Archer was stationed in Fort Walla Walla in the Washington Territory. He resigned his commission on May 14, traveled to the South, and joined the Confederate Army as a captain in the Provisional Army. He soon was named colonel of the 5th Texas Infantry Regiment, serving in the brigade organized by former Texas Senator Louis T. Wigfall. After Brig. Gen. John Bell Hood assumed command, the Texas Brigade fought in the Peninsula Campaign in Virginia. Archer led his regiment at Eltham's Landing. At Seven Pines, the Texas Brigade was held in reserve and Archer did not see any action. He was not especially popular with the soldiers in the 5th Texas, who considered him a martinet.
    He was promoted to brigadier general on June 3, 1862, and initially given command of three regiments from Tennessee, after the brigade commander, Robert H. Hatton, had been killed at Seven Pines. Later in June, Archer's brigade joined five others to form the "Light Division" under Maj. Gen. A.P. Hill. Soon, two more regiments were added to Archer's brigade, which fought well in the Seven Days Battles, at Cedar Mountain, and at Second Bull Run, where his horse was killed under him. His men dubbed him "The Little Gamecock" for his slight build and fierce attitude in combat.
    During the Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Archer was suffering from an illness that forced him to direct his brigade from an ambulance, being too sick to ride his horse. His men made a forced march from Harpers Ferry and arrived in Sharpsburg on the left flank of the Union IX Corps. Archer's brigade helped drive back the Union IX Corps, but Archer himself was unable to participate in the battle due to illness and a colonel commanded the brigade instead. Three days later at the Battle of Shepherdstown, Archer and Brig. Gen. William Dorsey Pender led an attack that drove a Union pursuit force back across the Potomac River, enabling Lee's army to slip away into Virginia. Despite his continued ill health, Archer's leadership contributed to victories at the battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

    About US
    We are an experienced, dedicated brigade that can offer well run, regular skirmish and training events every week courtesy of our company staff of Archers Brigade. We are an ambitious group always searching out and creating experienced staff, and willing to mentor new players. We are inclusive to Europeans as well, running several events a week especially catered to those timezones. This is a brigade for people who are willing to put their time in and experience growth, and for the more determined player, an opportunity to be shown a path to leadership. We also take pride in preserving the southern cause, spending our free time engaging in games other than War of Rights and overall becoming a tight-knit group. Our members look out for each other vigilantly, so if you are a team player, please apply today! We require all members to have a working mic.


    Monday: Regiment Planning All day/Off Day
    Tuesday: Drill Night 8:00 PM EST
    Wednesday: Off Day
    Thursday: Drill Night 8:00 PM EST
    Friday: Friday Night Event 8pm EST
    Saturday: Saturday Night Event 8pm EST
    Sunday: Archers Brigade Meeting 7:00 EST

    Archers Brigade Regiment Commanders

    7th Tennessee Infantry:AB-[7thTN.A]Cpt.Dimebag
    14th Tennessee Infantry:AB-[14thTN(K)] Cpt MacRaith

    Archers Brigade Company Staff:
    AB-[14thTN(K)] 2Lt Hyde
    AB-[14thTN(K)] 2Lt Waffen
    AB-[14thTN(K)] Sgt MacChruiter

    If you’re interested in joining up with the Brigade, join our discord and contact Dimebag#5697/Kommissar
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