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Thread: Suggestions for an Admin Panel 2.0

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    Suggestions for an Admin Panel 2.0

    I've compiled a list of features that I would like to see be included to increase the usefulness of the Admin panel. These are just the one I've thought about I encourage others to throw their ideas into the mix.

    • Ability to disable dynamic weather
    • Option to display a motd announcement (The message would be displayed a frequency set by the server admin)
    • Need a proper interface that offers drop down menus for things like map selection that actually list maps by name
    • The option to set the number of available Officer and NCOs slots on the server (Useful when running events)
    • Drop down menu option to disable autobalance
    • New weather selection UI that allows you in plain English to control level of the rain, wind, snow
    • Option for Admins to change how long a round lasts. (Useful for giving prep time during events or allowing for longer rounds if the server owner wants that.)
    • The ability to change who is attacking or defending
    • Ability to disable the cap point
    • Would be nice to also be able to set the Regiments that are available for each map
    • Ability to remove someone from Officer position without kicking them from the server.

    I'm sure we can think of many more but these are the ones that came to mind.
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    I would just take an expanded menu at the moment.

    Having buttons too close to one another has caused a many headaches with wrong button pushes.

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