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Thread: NCO rank selection not working for 6th PA (+ a couple small things)

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    NCO rank selection not working for 6th PA (+ a couple small things)

    With the latest patch, I realized I was unable to select which NCO rank I wanted for 6th PA Cavalry. I first noticed this in a Skirmish server, where I wanted to take Sgt Major to get a 100% chance of having a pistol. However, the rank selection did not show up at all. Upon investigation on a Drill Camp, it seems that this is a glitch with only the 6th PA Cavalry.

    Here are a couple other glitches I noticed with the recent patch;
    -USA drill camp regiment selection background is CSA drill camp
    -The heavy breathing glitch is back again. I hear my character breath heavily even after respawning, or leaving and joining another server.

    These are relatively minor but still worth mentioning.
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    Game likes to breath 0/10, unplayable.
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    6th PA NCO selection is still bugged as of November 30th, 2020 very unfortunate for my regiment which uses the 6th.

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